“Don’t take short cuts,” he says. “And do you know what? Even if the short cut works, it’s not as good. Acting for a living’s already a fucking short cut. It’s already embarrassing enough. To be an actor, earning thousands of times the money of someone working down a fucking mine, or a nurse, or someone who risks his life going to war, the least you can do is do the absolute best you can to try and sleep at night.” Ricky Gervais im Portrait (0)
Berkun blog » The victimization ratio – part of his criteria for chosing a job is how much power he would have to solve problems that impact him. (0)
How I Work: Bill Gates (via) – Drei Bildschirme sind also der Schlüssel zum Erfolg … (0)
Wann ist der Interviewer mit seiner Kunst am Ende?
Am Spielfeldrand und im Wahlkampf. Man sollte weder Spielern direkt nach einem Fußballspiel Fragen stellen noch wahlkämpfenden Politikern. Dabei kann nichts rauskommen. Sandra Maischberger im Interview (0)