Rich Morin :: tchotchkes: Multiple sets of Terminal windows in Mac OS X – wow, das ist praktisch

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May 2006

Ich bin von morgen bis Sonntag in Kopenhagen. Kleiner Städtetrip und reboot8-Konferenz. Wenn einer der werten Leser auch dort ist, könnte man sich ja mal unaufällig zuwinken ;-)

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May 2006

Wow, das Admin-Interface läuft ja noch einwandfrei, das hat mich jetzt doch etwas überrascht.

Muss aber reichen für heute ;-)

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Heute abend: Shaolin Soccer

May 2006

Heute abend auf Arte um 20:55 Uhr: Shaolin Soccer (Trailer). Surprisingly funny

Den kann man zur WM-Vorbereitung zählen.

And if you have a goggle that you can’t adjust the nose strap you’re in big trouble. So with these goggles it has just a piece of rubber that you can probably have the nose adjustability. Some goggles come with different sizes of nose pieces and then there are others that will not adjust at all. Variety of companies that showed an interest in goal line technology in soccer ranged from cheap football jerseys somebody inventing things in his garden shed to large multinational companies who have spun out from military technology, from ballistics replica oakleys tracking systems, said Dr. Andy Harland, director of the Sports Technology Institute at Loughborough University in Great Britain, who counseled some of the companies that wholesale jerseys china submitted proposals.FATSIS: Yeah. Thursday’s not the change though. The NFL’s been opening on Thursdays oakley outlet since 2002 with one exception in 2012. Tonight’s game is on NBC, but the next seven Thursday night games are going to be on CBS and that is new. The NFL has shown these games on its own cable network for years. But now it’s going for the bigger reach of broadcast TV and a pile of money a reported $275 million just for the season.The bottom line is, there are plenty of folks out there willing to do anything to get their hands on new market fresh organs Cheap Jerseys even if the people who own them aren’t quite done using them yet. So yes, sometimes spam email isn’t completely full of shit don’t get your hopes up about getting back the five grand you sent to that Nigerian Prince though.Although the aristocratic form of government as described by Plato expressly forbids the king from owning cheap nfl jerseys property (his needs are satisfied by the voluntary contributions of his people) the kings in a timocracy and oligarchy are allowed to do so. They accumulate wealth and spend it, often in excess, leading to a dependence on monetary policy and increase in the demand of wealth in the general population. The laws are therefore changed to enable only the ruling class to hold great wealth, thereby guaranteeing their supremacy over the worker class. This is how a timocracy turns into an oligarchy, where riches are concentrated in the hands of a few.Yet if you’re like me and want to try and immerse yourself in the American football experience, then the full match mode is just as exciting. The most realistic simulation yet means that you genuinely feel like the action if taking place in some of the finest stadiums in cheap nhl jerseys the world, and EA have introduced a new player control system that gives you that personal touch on every individual player on your roster.