Dec 2004

D. J. Bernstein (of qmail und djb-isms fame) hat eine Vorlesung an der University of Illinois über Unix Security Holes gehalten. Viel erstaunlicher als die 44 gefunden Fehler (sehr lesbare Kommentare dabei) finde ich allerdings, dass alle Studenten dieser Vorlesung durchgefallen sind, da es Ziel der Vorlesung war 10 einzigartige neue Fehler in 3rd-Party *NIX-Software zu finden. Das ist schon hart:

We’re wholesale jerseys not blaming DJB for our failure. He told us we would fail if we didn’t find 10 unique holes. We didn’t find 10 holes, so we failed. It’s not hard to Cheap Football Jerseys understand. DJB is not the guy that goes back on his word. He tells you what he means and sticks with it

Das erinnert mich an cheap oakley sunglasses einen Prof, den wir nur den “Exmatrikulator” nennen und ich kann nicht verstehen wie sowas von allen akzeptiert wird. Durchfallquoten von 85% oder wie im DJB-Fall 100% haben weder was mit Lehre noch was mit Elite zu tun.

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Linus & the Lunatics

Dec 2003

Linus & the Lunatics
Als wäre man dabei. Schöne Mitschrift von einem Linus Torvalds Talk auf dem Linux Lunacy Geek Cruise (was auch immer das ist) mit anschliessendem Q&A (Linus, Linus, wann kommt der neue Kernel? [Anm. der Redaktion: Zu Weihnachten])

my own personal belief that ANSI C is basically the language for gods. The language for somebody who wants to control everything, right? You can keep your scripting languages, your toy stuff–

Linus & the Lunatics, Part I der Talk, sehr interessant
Linus & the Lunatics, Part II die Fragen
Linus & the Lunatics, Part III

btw: Ganz schon schwer Linus zu schreiben, ich lande immer zuerst bei Linux und muss wegixxen ;-)

Crucial to that market, said Lynch, is ESPN. “If you look at any research about cord cutting, people who have cut the cord the biggest thing they miss is ESPN,” Lynch said last month. “People who are thinking about cutting the cord, the reason they don’t cut hockey jerseys the cord, is ESPN. It’s the number one channel that comes up each time. Obviously it’s very, very key to our strategy.”Keeping Mario in the track and racing to the finish line is going to provide them with hours of fun. You will get plenty of laughs out of it as well. cheap oakleys Watching your children go in circles and even driving full throttle backwards is enough to make any parent giggles with amusement.Forbes Field (230 S. Bouquet St., Pittsburgh, PA: Pittsburgh Pirates; NL; 1909 1970). Forbes Field, in the neighborhood of Oakland, Pennsylvania, was built adjacent to Schinley Park the outfield wall and flagpole are still standing. The land is now part of the University of Pittsburgh. The Pirates played at Three Rivers wholesale football jerseys Stadium (600 Stadium Circle) from 1970 2000; Three Rivers was torn down wholesale football jerseys china in 2001. The Pirates now play at PNC Park (115 Federal St.).”We can hockey jerseys trace ‘Who Dat’ all the way back to the 1700s, in newspapers in Colonial America,” she says, when it was a derogatory way to represent African American speech. It then became a oakley outlet point of pride, ray bans sale and “Who Dat” cheap oakleys outlet became part Cheap nfl jerseys of high school football chants across racial lines as early as the 1960s.McGuire said at the time: ”So far, the best ideas I have heard have been to reach into the pockets l?n. of clubs who have acted Wholesale Jerseys in a responsible manner and if that is the best some clubs can come up with, then no wonder we are in this situation. We have acquiesced and acquiesced, but enough is enough.”OLD DEFENSE: The fake oakleys Bengals have spent a lot of money keeping the nucleus of their defense together, resulting in one of the oldest starting units in the league. It sure looked old in the first half of the season, allowing a lot of big plays and an average of 23.3 points in the first nine games. It was back to form in the final seven games, allowing an average of 15 points. The first half slide suggests it’s time to start working in younger players.Chipotle: Take fake oakleys $50 off Chipotle catering for game day. Must get your order of Burritos by the Box for 20 or more guestsinto your local Chipotle by Feb. 1, 2016. Offer valid for the first 1,500 catering orders and is one time use only. Order must be for Super Bowl 50 and may not be combined with other coupons. Valid at participating locations.


Jul 2003

Bin momentan am überlegen auf den Linuxtag am nächsten Wochenende zu gehen. Karlsruhe ist bei mir ja gleich um die Ecke, das wäre nicht das Problem. Ich könnte ein bisschen nach Servern gucken, mir ein paar Vorträge anhören (obwohl mich jetzt keiner wirklich vom Thema her umhaut) und so halt :)
Und wenn Apple auch da ist und den G5 da hat (nur am Donnerstag?) wäre das ein guter Grund.

Allerdings bin cheap oakleys sunglasses ich garkein Messetyp. Mal überlegen …

comedian would give up cleveland sports jokes for a cavalier championshipHe has started in every game this season as a left tackle, after playing right guard last season. As a freshman, he earned a varsity letter and played in all 11 games. He was named to the First Team Freshman All cheap oakleys sunglasses SEC by the SEC coaches and The Sporting News after helping Rebels cheap oakleys running back Mico McSwain establish an Ole Miss freshman rushing record.Seattle moved into a 24 14 lead and the cameras fastened on the Patriots’ talisman, watching from the touchline bench, dejected and apparently resigned, the personification of a great power crumbling. Then those competitive Audio juices started to flow. In the fourth quarter, Brady went 13 for 15 for 124 yards and two more touchdowns, making him 37 for 50 and 328 yards Wholesale China Jerseys for the game. Those two scores boosted his overall touchdown total in six Super Bowls to 13, a record. Indeed, on Sunday night, according to the statisticians, Baratas Ray Ban he broke, equalled or extended no less than eight Super Bowl records.For Jacksonville to have any oakley outlet chance on Sunday, their defensive line must once again deliver. It is one of few areas Cheap Oakleys that has clicked for the Jaguars this season, and 49ers head coach cheap nfl jerseys Jim Harbaugh is aware of the problems they could cause his team. The highlight of the early games sees Dallas travel to Detroit, while the night culminates with an NFC North clash between Green Bay and Minnesota.I’m going to make sure the chairs are out and they’re locked in a firm position. I’m going to make sure that they’re a little bit more than shoulder width apart so I don’t have any uncomfort in my shoulders or arms while I’m doing this exercise, I’m going to immediately know these chairs are going to be strong enough to hold me as soon as I release my feet from the ground and I hold my body weight up. Buffett’s colleague, Charlie Munger, referred to it as “sit on your ass investing”. At the 2000 Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting, he oakley sunglasses outlet said: “If you buy a business just because it’s undervalued then you have to worry about selling it when it reaches its intrinsic value. That’s hard. But if you can buy a few great cheap oakleys companies then you can sit on your ass . that’s a good thing.” The whole idea of not having to do something extraordinary is one all investors should heed, yet it is easy to forget, particularly in stressful situations. We can all fall into the trap of wanting to hit the ball out of the park, or find the next Apple, rather than settling for a single run or a consistent but somewhat boring sharemarket investment. He talked about success coming from training ourselves to stick to good authentic nfl jerseys habits (such as investing well and infrequently) rather than Cheap Oakleys defaulting to poor habits.


Mar 2003

Unschön, dieser ptrace-Bug im Linux-Kernel. Ich habe das gerade mal auf meinem Test-Server zu Hause ausprobiert und der Exploit funktioniert einwandfrei. Zack, schon hat man eine Root-Shell. Das ist schon ein bisschen beängstigend.

Das Problem bei Bugs im Kernel ist, das man den Kernel nicht so mal eben neuinstalliert. Vorallem wenn man nur Remote-Zugriff auf den Server hat, wie das bei den meisten Dedicated Servern die in Rechenzentren stehen der Fall ist, ist ein Kernel-Update eine heikle Sache.

In weiser Voraussicht Zum Glück habe ich auf meinem Produktiv-Server das Nachladen von Kernel-Modulen deaktiviert. Mich würde mal interessieren, wie das bei den ganzen Puretec-Root-Servern aussieht.

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Mar 2003

Wenn man auf einem Debian-System etwas selbst kompiliert und installiert, hat man häufig das Problem, das die Paketabhängigkeiten durcheinander kommen. Will man zum Beispiel ein selbstgebautes qmail verwenden funktioniert das zwar wunderbar, aber wenn man dann versucht mutt als Package zu installieren meckert apt-get rum.
Also bauen wir uns schnell ein mta-dummy:

Man braucht ein Control-File:

Section: mail
Package: mta-dummy
Version: 1.0
Maintainer: Florian Munz <surf@theflow.de>
Architecture: all
Provides: mail-transport-agent
Description: MTA dummy package
 This package provides dpkg with the information that
 there is a local MTA installed.
 Installing mutt, pine etc. won’t bug you to
 install sendmail any more

Dieses packt man in das DEBIAN-Verzeichnis:

$ mkdir -p debian/DEBIAN
$ cp control debian/DEBIAN

und zum bauen wir das Ganze und vergeben einen Namen:

$ dpkg-deb –build debian
$ mv debian.deb mta-dummy_1.0_all.deb

Fertig. Installieren geht mit:

$ dpkg -i ./mta-dummy_1.0_all.deb
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cd –

Dec 2002

Da arbeitete ich über zwei Jahre auf der Linux-Kommandozeile und lerne erst jetzt, dass man mittels “cd -” in das vorherige Directory kommt (und mittels nochmaligem “cd -” wieder zurück).

Tss, was gibts noch was ich wissen müsste?

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10 goofy questions

Nov 2002

Using Linux just makes you Totally Cool (admittedly mostly in a geeky kind of way, but hey, if it’s cheerleaders you want, you would be in a rock band, right?)

Linux Torvalds beantwortet die 10 dümmsten Fragen

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Aug 2002

Gibt es eigentlich kein englisches Wort für LinuxBierWanderung?

Marcus Smart sprains ankle in preseason finale, may miss opener: With just over 24 minutes left in the preseason, the Celtics lost a key contributor. Just as it appeared cheap oakleys Boston may enter the season Fake Oakleys without any injuries besides the recovering Kelly Olynyk, Marcus Smart turned his ankle when he landed on the foot of the Knicks’ Justin Holiday. Brad Stevens said after the game that the team is hoping it won’t be a long term injury, although Smart Wholesale NFL Jerseys left with a walking boot and crutches. (DeAngelo Williams calls out Roger Goodell, Vontaze Burfict over fine: While the Bengals and coach Marvin Lewis defended Cheap Jerseys from china linebacker Vontaze Burfict’s controversial play against the Patriots, divisional rival DeAngelo Williams of the Steelers went on a Twitter tear condemning his cheap nfl jerseys dangerous hits. The Patriots play Pittsburgh this Sunday, so presumably Williams has replica oakleys been watching tape from the New England Cincinnati game. Burfict received a $75,000 fine but no suspension. (NESN)The NCAA divides its member schools into categories, with Division I the most competitive and prestigious grouping. Universities competing in the Football Bowl Sudivision, a subset of Division I, pay their football coaches more than any other group. The median salary for head coaches in the oakley outlet subdivision, which includes 128 universities, was $1.5 million in 2014. Newsday estimates the mean salary was around $1.75 million, slightly higher than the median due to highly paid outliers. Nick Saban, the University of Alabama’s championship winning coach, wholesale nfl jerseys led cheap jerseys all coaches with a salary of over $6.9 million in 2014, for example. The lowest paid coach in the subdivision was Appalachian State’s Scott Satterfield, who earned $225,00 that year.Source: Enlight Research, LLCThese companies 10:17:12 have some of the most varied CEO compensation profiles imaginable. As many cheap nfl jerseys of the CEOs have a vested stake in the company from early association or founding, some of the CEO compensation packages are light or nonexistent. For example, Twitter CEO and co founder Jack Dorsey was “paid” just over $68,000 in 2015, all for personal and residential security costs, rather than stock or salary. Others cheap football jerseys have large pay structures, predominately resting on long term incentives.Thank you. Welcome to the Allegiant Travel Company’s first quarter 2016 earnings call. With me today are Maury Gallagher, the company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer; Scott Sheldon, the company’s Chief Financial Officer; and Jude Bricker, the company’s Chief Operating Officer and SVP Wholesale Jerseys of Planning. We are making a very slight change to the Maury format as both Scott and Jude will briefly touch on some of the highlights of the quarter and our guidance. After that, we will open it up for questions.


Jul 2002

Das ich das noch erleben darf: Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 freigegeben

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Jul 2002

SelfLinux ist in einem ersten Basis-Release erschienen. Habs mit zwar noch nicht richtig angesehen, macht aber einen ganz vernünftigen Eindruck und deckt ne ganze Menge Basics ab, die man sich sonst immer jedesmal ergoogeln muss. Vielleicht etwas Suse-Lastig.

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IBM Kernel Hacker

Jun 2002

Interessantes Interview mit den IBM Kernel-Hackern

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was ich mag

Jun 2002

was ich mag an Linux ist, dass eigentlich alles möglich und machbar ist. Was ich nicht mag, dass das alles so lange dauert zum Einrichten, Konfigurieren und Doku lesen. Gestern ein paar Stunden verbracht um endlich meine Mails auf dem Server mittels maildrop zu sortieren. Zum Glück gehts dann beim zweiten Mal schneller :)

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Remote Linux Administration

May 2002

Poor Sysadmin’s Guide to Remote Linux Administration
Sollte ich auch mal installieren :)

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Debian woody

May 2002

Debian Woody
Eigentlich ray ban outlet war es ja klar, denn Debian hält ja eigentlich nie irgendeinen Release-Termin. Schade ist es trotzdem, dass woody noch nicht fertig ist.

hot!: Cheap Jerseys Gentoo Linux. Muss ich unbedingt ausprobieren, klingt echt spannend. Weiteres bei e7l3.com

Their depth on offence as well as the arrival of new coordinator Frank Reich makes them a team to be reckoned with, even if their defence fails Fake Oakleys to show the same potential. Having not achieved a winning season since 2002, the Raiders spent heavy this off season bringing in a number of new players that certainly have the potential to turn the Fake Oakleys team’s fortunes around, but to what extent?Brett Favre, the newly unretired quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, is in training camp today. He’s waiting to find out if he’ll be traded or given his old locker back. The Favre story has more twists and pivots than an episode of “24.” Here’s a crash course to get up to speed on this saga, courtesy of NPR’s Mike Pesca.More than 60 per cent have heard offensive or inappropriate language at work hockey jerseys a proportion which rises to 85 per cent of those on construction sites, states the survey of almost a thousand people by Architects Journal, New Civil Engineer and Construction News. Only 11 per cent of employees would recommend their industry as a “great place to work for LGB people.”The problem is, none of this is true. Did any of these journalists actually Wholesale China Jerseys speak to anyone at NBC or the NFL? If any of them made ray ban sunglasses a simple inquiry to NBC or the NFL they would have gotten the same response I got which was, “NBC did not drop Silverlight and this was an entirely separate event cheap football jerseys and partnership. The NFL selected Adobe.”Hello, this is Conan Elliott, and I’m Director of Instruction here at Camas Meadows Golf Club in Camas, Washington. Today we’re going to talk about how to swing fairway woods. The materials you need for this is a golf ball, if you’re going to hit golf balls. You could do it with just a golf club, a fairway wood. But, singing cheap jerseys in your yard is good. Swinging a fairway wood is exactly the terminology that we need to have. It’s not about hitting a fairway wood. Golf swing isn’t about hitting. You never hear them say on TV, well, he’s going to, he’s going to make a golf hit; no, he’s going to make a golf swing. And swinging is what golf creates good swings in golf. You’re not trying to hit the ball, we’re trying to swing the golf club, hope we hit the ball. So, how to swing a fairway wood is a great question. And the key to that is that we get out of that one mode of hit. We don’t want to hit it, we want to swing it. so, if I, if I just let this golf club wholesale jerseys swing from the top of my backswing through, it would just, it would just go through there, you’d strike it and you’d hit it. I don’t have to hit the ball. All I have to do is just swing the golf club in there and let it work. So, the key is swing, not hit. And I set up to it, set my club in there, Nha let the club fake ray bans be behind the ball. It’s when I get Fake Oakleys into hitting that I start to miss hit shots, top shots, hit then crooked. This is Conan Elliott, and that’s how to swing a fairway wood.

Mandrake 8.2

Mar 2002

<a Cheap Oakleys href=”http://www.linux-mandrake.com/en/82announce.php”>Mandrake 8.2 ist draußen. Sicherlich die cheap jordan komfortabelste und beste throwback nba jerseys Distribution cheap nfl jerseys für den Heimanwender momentan. Aber an meinen 26 Server lasse ich nur <a cheap ray bans href=”http://www.debian.org”>Debian