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Mar 2003

Wegen interner Sparmaßnahmen lese ich jetzt nur noch englische Bücher.

Ich wollte mir eigentlich den neuen Tom Clancy kaufen, aber 26 Fragezeichen für gut 700 Seiten Hardcover waren mir dann doch zuviel. Deswegen liegt jetzt das englische Taschenbuch neben cheap jerseys from china mir. Das gleiche bei Douglas Adams neuen Buch: The Salmon of Doubt.

Jetzt wird das Lesen zwar etwas mühsamer, aber gespart ist gespart ;-)

He earned a master and doctorate degrees from Indiana University. He was assistant professor and assistant baseball coach at California State University Northridge (1961 65). He is an active in fundraising for education and was named a Distinguished Alumnus by Central Michigan and Indiana University. He was inducted into Central Michigan University Athletic Hall of Fame (1993). He also has served as spokesperson for GTE Academic All America program since 1985. In 1999, Indiana University established Dick Enberg Distance Learning Center in School of cheap jerseys Health, Physical Education and Recreation.Microcurrent Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (MENS) or more commonly referred microcurrent therapy has gained popularity in the recent years. By tuning currents generated in this treatment option to the level equal to that of our body (bio electric pulses), this therapy has been employed in treating several problems like muscle pain, neuropathy, shingles etc. The process used in this medical aid is a popular application in the facelift surgery. It is the physician who applies electric pulses through the machine using vinyl graphite gloves or electrodes. This process New lasts for about 60 to 90 minutes. The intensity and duration of applied current varies depending on the severity of pain the person experiences due to the trauma. While some patients recover within weeks, several others take years to get rid of the trauma related ray bans sale pain completely. Owing to its unpredictable results, there is no surety regarding the effectiveness of this therapy.Review the basics of good passing at any distance to improve your accuracy and Cheap NFL Jerseys depth. Good throws begin with your grip, notes former college and pro coach Tom Bass in Skills and Drills. Your index finger needs to be oakleys outlet near the tip of the ball, across the seam in line with the laces, and the middle and third fingers go across the laces so that the fingertips touch the ball itself. The tip of your little finger needs to touch the laces. With your toes aiming in the direction of the throw, your passing motion begins with a step forward with cheap china jerseys the foot opposite the passing arm. Bring your throwing arm back, while moving your hips and shoulders toward the throwing target. Finish the throw NBA Jerseys Cheap by whipping the arm forward with a downward follow through. speed and ball velocity result from using the entire body to make the throw, wholesale nfl jerseys Bass notes.Fortunately no workers were cheap oakleys killed NFL Jerseys China by the whirlpool. Those on the platform, while unable to do their job properly, were smart enough to haul ass when Cheap NFL Jerseys things started getting a little too real, as were the salt miners Cheap NFL Jerseys below. Or at least we assume it is, because one named Aurthur Jell decided to half ass it when he built a molasses storage tank in the North End of Boston. He never bothered to check his tank for leaks of any kind before calling it a day, leaving the locals to try and plug up its many cracks (presumably while joking about construction being slower than molasses).


Mar 2003

Interview: Brent Simmons – schönes Interview von John Gruber mit dem Macher von NetNewsWire

What’s New in Python 2.3? – Neue Features in Programmiersprachen finde ich immer spannend

Design MarkersExplicit Programming for the Rest of Us. Java

The drum of the mixer has fixed paddles attached to the inside. When the mixer is rotating, these paddles pick up the concrete, pull it to the top, and then gravity cheap jerseys lets it fall down on itself. This churning motion mixes the concrete. If the drum of the mixer is tilted up vertically, the churning motion can’t happen. This will be helpful if you’re in a very hot climate. Every bagged concrete mix has a range of water requirements. Play it safe by adding cheap nfl jerseys less water than recommended, and then gradually add the remaining water while keeping an eye on the consistency of the mix.But in the NFL they still randomly drug test specifically for marijuana. Isn’t it time to not for marijuana. But simply stop testing for marijuana in the NFL just abide by what legal state rules there are. And would you be willing to randomly test for marijuana. You can workout as hard as you want, but if you’re not getting the nutrition you need, you won’t have the energy to put into your workouts and you won’t get the Cheap Jerseys muscle gains you’re after as a result. Eat five to six smaller healthy meals a day instead of three larger meals. This keeps your body feeling wholesale nfl jerseys more energized through the day and prevents snacking. Create a well rounded diet that includes lean protein and complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and vitamins and avoid excess sugar and salt to hinder water retention and fat gain.It cheap nike shoes leaves ray ban sunglasses more san antonio spurs dense nike roshe branches, twigs like nfl eagles craftsmen juicy couture clothings woven tommy hilfiger outlet stores into nfl falcons a toronto raptors dense coach black friday network, red bottoms criss cross, new balance and heart true religion outlet vessel north face jackets connected. Palmer threw the ball all over the stadium, and I don’t mean that as a compliment. He was inaccurate, which thwarted some drives, but efficiency cheap oakleys isn’t all that wholesale nfl jersyes important with a big play offense like Arizona’s. Palmer hit on enough deep balls to keep this offense on track against the Buccaneers.In 1988 Rice averaged a career high 20.4 yards per catch as he caught 64 passes for 1,306 yards and 9 touchdowns. The 49ers once again won cheap nhl jerseys the NFC West with a 10 6 record. In the postseason, he was instrumental in the 49ers’ 28 3 win over the Chicago Bears in the NFC title game, recording 5 catches for 123 yards and 2 touchdowns. But his performance in Super Bowl XXIII was even better. In possibly his finest performance ever, Rice cheap jerseys caught 11 passes for 215 yards and a touchdown, while also ray ban outlet rushing for 5 yards, helping the 49ers to a narrow 20 16 win over the Cincinnati Bengals. His receptions and receiving yards were both Super Bowl records. For his performance, he became only the third cheap oakleys outlet wide receiver to earn Super Bowl MVP honors.

nix Hotspot

Mar 2003

Wie vielleicht bemerkt habe ich keinen gemütlichen HotSpot gefunden. Nach einem kleinen Ausflug ins Internet-Cafe am ersten Tag (easyEverything hat zwar 350 PCs, aber bei jedem ist die Leertaste kaputt und die Maus ist verdreckt), konnte ich dann zwar eine tägliche Internetverbidnung organisieren, aber so der -ich-muss-alles-sofort-bloggen-Blogger bin ich dann auch nicht. Wenn ich nicht in meiner täglichen Routine drin bin, habe ich meistens keine Lust was zu schreiben.

The Student of the year star acted like a confused school girl during a rapid fire round on a popular chat show, and gave wholesale jerseys china an answer that made her more famous then her debut movie. Ever since, Alia took over as the queen of the spoof world and is still reigning.Brady continued to “manage” the Patriots’ offense for the remainder of the season. His first two starts were not historic performances. Though the Patriots handily beat the Indianapolis Colts in Week 3, Brady only completed 13 of 23 passes (56.5%) and did not throw for a single touchdown. The Colts finished 6 10 in 2001, and did not qualify for the postseason. Brady played an abysmal game the following weekend against the surging Miami Dolphins. The Patriots lost 30 10 in Miami while Brady connected on 12 of 24 (50%) passes for a meager 86 yards and zero touchdowns. Yet, Brady did not turn the ball over in either game, which surely impressed Bill Belichick.GOLDMAN: Here’s what it gives: $75 million dollars for baseline medical exams to measure former player’s neurocognitive functions, cheap jordans $10 million for concussion fake oakleys research and education. And then the big slice of the pie: $675 million dollars for players or families of players who suffered cognitive injury. The amount paid out will be based on age, years in the NFL and the specific illness. Chris Seeger.Let’s be clear though, these people are not tax dodgers. They pay tax on their UK earnings plus an annual charge of 30,000 or more to have a totally legal tax status that Gordon Brown as hockey jerseys well as George Osborne decided to keep as they were advised they risked losing more in tax by scrapping it than keeping it.Show up at the tryout ready to hit the ground running by practicing skills with a partner, by yourself and during pickup games. Use a partner to shoot off of picks, practice passing and post up moves. Focus wholesale nfl jerseys on the fundamentals Fake Oakleys by yourself, performing dribbling drills and shooting free throws. And find a competitive local pickup hockey jerseys game featuring more experienced players. Work on boxing out, playing tenacious defense and keeping ray bans ale up with the quicker crowd. Your high school aged opponents will appear in slow motion during tryouts.”Barefoot running has been touted as improving strength and balance, while promoting cheap oakleys sunglasses a more natural running style,” a position fake Oakleys statement from the American Podiatric 312,000 Medicine Association reads. “However, risks of barefoot running include a lack of protection, which may lead to injuries such as puncture wounds, and increased cheap ray oakley outlet bans stress on the lower extremities.”

Trend 2003

Mar 2003

Der Trend auf den deutschen Autobahnen 2003 ist rechts überholen. Also mitmachen bevor es cheap jerseys zu spät ist.

brent harvey was a longshot for games recordSuccess didn’t come instantly, certainly not for Thorn and Williams and both had to endure a bit of humiliation along cheap oakleys the way on account of their lack of experience and specific skills.More RugbyStats CentreFixtures and ResultsAll BlacksDream Team TippingThis whole business of the ARU talking to Hayne cheap oakleys sunglasses just feels ray ban sunglasses like yet another cheap ray bans example of the former missing the point. We were so close last year, and the media, all year, has asked: “Are you going to be able to overcome that hangover?” But I think it serves as an example of how close we are and how special that team really was, and how we’d like to get back to the NFC Championship game and then the Super Bowl. So hopefully it’s fuel for everybody, and hopefully in the long run, it will make it that much more sweet.In June of 1963, when Ride was just 12 years old, Tereshkova was already taking laps around the Earth aboard the Vostok 6. Her first mission made 48 full orbits during 70.8 hours, which works out to one orbit every one and a half hours. Oh, and she was also the first civilian in space. Before becoming a cosmonaut, her only experience with aircraft was abandoning them in midflight as a professional parachutist.Hi, I’m Jacob Garcia with JGG Fitness Denver. I’d like to demonstrate for you how to do a bicycle crunch. This exercise is a great exercise for the whole entire abdominal family, which Wholesale Jerseys includes erectus abdominus cheap jerseys and the oblique muscles. For this exercise all you need is an exercise mat, so let’s go ahead and start off by lying on your back with your Thi?t ray ban sunglasses feet flat against the mat and your knees bent at about cheap jordan a 45 degree angle. You’re going to bring your hands behind your head and overlap your fake oakleys fingers by placing them behind your head, bringing your head and shoulders about two inches above the mat. You’re going to bring one leg up at about a 90 degree angle and the other leg straight out about three or four inches above the mat. And you’re going to bring your left elbow to your right knee and the same continuous motion with your right elbow to your left knee. And this should be a smooth and fluid movement, like you’re riding a bicycle. When you’re finished, place both feet on the cheap jerseys mat and your hands on the mat. Walk yourself up to your seated position and wholesale nfl jerseys continue on your next workout.Most notably, the UA board needs people with senior brand management experience and meaningful international business experience. Someone like Carlos Guitierrez comes to mind. However, there are search firms that specialize in the recruitment of board members that could help find the right people to fill a board to help Kevin Plank and UA meet its needs and realize its aspirations.


Mar 2003

So, bin dann wieder da. Genug Eis, Bagels und Döner gegessen und Genug Leute getroffen. Ansonsten ist ja nichts spektakuläres passiert.

The first thing he did with his multi million dollar signing bonus was to donate $2 million to the University of Nebraska football department for a new strength complex that bears <a cheap ray bans href=”http://www.cheapnfljerseysx.com/” target=”_blank”>Wholesale Jerseys his name.Then pro football happened to Suh. And he took a liking to reporters because he was sending a message to the rest of the NFL: He was going to be the meanest man on the cheap football jerseys field. 3. NHL The National Hockey League will begin play on the first Tuesday in September and The will conclude on January 1st as the Winter Classic is the last game of the season. There is a mandatory break between December 23rd and December 31st so the Christmas holiday and New Year’s Eve can be spent with family and friends. The month of January will have both the Stanley Cup play offs and Super Bowl play offs.I think if you participate in the celebrity world then you don’t wholesale Jerseys really have a choice but to be involved in the drama. You end up getting so into the mix that it changes the topics custom jerseys of the cheap jerseys day. You can sit around and complain about all that st and the Kardashians all day but if you’re participating in it then what can cheap oakley sunglasses you do? It really didn’t feel great doing the show and the only way to sort things out was to extricate myself from the entire situation.In 2010, Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu described the tension between players and Goodell’s office:He’s got all the power. That may be part of the problem, that there needs to be Wholesale Jerseys some type of separation of power like our government. There should be some type Cheap Football Jerseys of players involved in decisions over how much people should be fined or what they should be fined for, as well as coaches, as cheap jordans well as front office people.Goodell potentially losing some power cheap jordan to focus on his actual job growing the NFL’s glutinous revenue pie is something he alluded to in September 2015, when he first mentioned the possibility of changing his role in player discipline on ESPN cheap nfl jerseys radio’s “Mike and Mike.” This would undoubtedly appease NFL owners who’ve become distraught with how Goodell’s fumbles have hurt the league’s image.An NFL team senior executive told ESPN in a story published in September 2015 that some NFL owners feel that if Goodell was more competent and hadn’t embarrassed the shield so much during his fall 2014 handling of Rice and Peterson, the league would be making moremoney. Think Bob Iger played a big role in helping this decision get made now, Fabiani said. though it is a compromise and so not the perfect decision for us, it is a good decision because it brings the NFL back to Los Angeles, and we are happy it got made. not everyone is happy with how Iger handled the process.


Mar 2003

Allein wegen dem Eis am Potsdamer Platz lohnt es sich schon nach Berlin zu fahren. Es gibt nichts besseres

NFL roundup week 11Reborn Dolphins crush skidding Bills Ryan Fitzpatrick (14) of the Buffalo Bills is sacked by Jared Odrick (98) of the Miami Dolphins during a game at Sun Life Stadium on November 20, 2011 in Miami. The Dolphins set up two touchdowns with interceptions and mounted a goal line stand as their improbable midseason surge gained momentum Sunday when they drubbed Buffalo 35 8.The brothel isn’t there yet but advertisements proclaiming its arrival have already offended. Posters at the site of The Palace, a 15 storey cheap oakleys hotel and brothel to be built opposite the Sky Tower, have had messages painted alongside them. Sex trade barons John and Michael Chow have consent for New Zealand’s first tower brothel. My day job is at a casino. Cheap NFL Jerseys Some guy came up to me and asked me cheap oakley sunglasses why I wasn’t working in my usual department. cheap oakley sunglasses I was confused, since I do only one job (dealing wholesale jerseys cards) and that doesn’t exactly require a department. I told him that, and he just kept insisting, “No, no, I see you working there all the time.” And that’s when it hit me: custom jerseys he had mistaken me for the other dwarf on the Baratas Replicas Ray Ban casino’s payroll. Who is female. With long, blonde, wavy hair. I, on the other hand, am decidedly dude ish, with short dude ish hair. We look not one bit alike, except for cheap jerseys the fact that both of us are short enough to get kicked off a roller coaster. But despite Yoda making it perfectly clear that size matters not, it clearly matters bunches to oblivious jerks.”Why did you Cheap mlb Jerseys just refer to yourself in the Pašijové third person? What do you mean you’re not Yoda?”Perryman would be a great addition to the middle with Vic Beasley now in place on the edge.43. Cleveland Browns Arizona State WR Jaelen Strong: If he merely comes close to justifying his Larry Fitzgerald comparisons, the Browns will have hit a home run while no longer having to fret about the uncertainty that comes with suspended Josh Gordon. Yet cheap oakleys another Canadian ice hockey professional, Mario Lemieux had a playing career from 1984 to 2006. This talented fast skater and playmaker was well known for beating defensemen with fakes and dekes, and was NHL’s most deadly goal and point cheap nfl jerseys scorer for each game. He played for the Pittsburgh Penguins of NHL as a forward for 17 seasons from 1984 to 2005. However, unlike Gretzky, Lemieux did not play for a prominent team.Foster’s big day helps Texans reclaim AFC South lead Arian Foster (23) of the Houston Texans dives into the end zone for a touchdown against the Tennessee Cheap Jerseys Titans during play at LP Field on Oct. 23, 2011 in Nashville, Tennessee. Foster ran for 115 yards and two touchdowns and added 119 more receiving with a 78 yard TD as the Texans routed the Titans 41 7 to take back the division lead from Tenn. Foster became the first Texan with 100 yards rushing and receiving in the same game.


Mar 2003

So, genug nerdiges LDAP-Gefriemel, genug ./configure, make und make install. Kleine Auszeit.

Semester-Ferien sind schon was schwieriges. Sie stellen einen vor die Frage, was macht man eigentlich den ganzen Tag, was macht man überhaupt? Und das Schlimme ist, man hat den ganzen Tag Zeit darüber nachzudenken.

Es gibt zwei Strategien dagegen: Erstens ein Praktikum oder Nebenjob oder zweitens Partys und Alkohol. Die letzten beiden Semester-Ferien konnte ich beide Strategien geschickt kombinieren. Dieses Mal von Beidem wenig.

Wie gesagt, kleine Auszeit. Mal wieder Großstadt spüren, einen richtigen Döner essen, Bagels, Eis am Postdamer Platz, alte Freunde treffen, einkaufen und andere schöne Sachen. Cheap NFL Jerseys Ein paar Tage Berlin.

Vielleicht finde ich mit meinem iBook ja nen gemütlichen HotSpot, ansonsten weniger hier und mehr dort.

<div oakley outlet id=”div_id_4746″>
how to become a ticket brokerBrady sat patiently next to Wholesale Jerseys Edelman on the bench while Cleveland (0 5) went three and out to begin his first meaningful game since losing the AFC championship in Denver in January. Naturally, he connected immediately on a quick out to Edelman for 10 yards and a 19 yarder to 2017-01-26 another old cheap oakleys sunglasses friend, tight end Gronkowski.So, even though there’s no federal protection, it then becomes a state law matter and Yahoo! Sports had a great article breaking down, saying that, currently, 13 of the 32 NFL franchises would be prohibited by law from discrimination based on sexual orientation at the state level. And so it really depends on, you know, what team is asking the questions, sadly, and this is not the first time that offensive or absurd questions have been asked. We remember when Dez Bryant was once asked by the Miami Dolphins if his mother was a prostitute.If at first this seems like the weirdest, most hamfisted plot device ever, you are unfortunately not one of the millionaires who created it. It features Tia Carrere, trying to be more than “that girl in Wayne’s World,” without becoming “that girl from softcore porn” and somehow landing in something far worse.It was from boudoir photo shoot which, apparently, is an actual thing. If, like me, you been living under a rock or buried under a pile of diapers in recent years and haven heard about boudoir photography, here the quick version: Women, most often brides to be fueled by a glass or three of wine, shake off their inhibitions and strip down to cheap jerseys china their intimates (or fake oakleys nothing hockey jerseys at all) for a sexy, sultry photo session that showcases their inner vixen.You might want to also wholesale nfl jerseys take a look at all the others that have built pool and hot tub heaters on my photos page. I was thinking of something like that for a while myself. Mine would be stationary though. Since it gets cold here as well, insulation will be important. I also want to be able to either heat it with wood/charcoal or with my military gasoline stove. (It like a Colemans camping stove, just a lot bigger. wholesale nfl jerseys It has some 20kW power.)Although American philosopher Henry David Thoreau is often credited with launching the practice of Civil Disobedience throughout the world as he sat placidly on the quiet banks of Walden Pond, watching the ripples on the water and refusing to pay taxes, successful modern Civil Disobedience movements can trace their genealogy back to Leo Tolstoy of War and Peace fame, whose cheap football jerseys grouchy, glowering stare you Cheap NFL Jerseys China see above. In addition to cheap oakleys his classic novels, the Biblical example of Christ’s command to turn the other cheek inspired Tolstoy to write essays on Civil Disobedience that were read around the world, most notably by a young Indian lawyer named Mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma) Gandhi. Tolstoy’s The Kingdom of God is Within You had a profound effect upon Gandhi’s Satyagraha or “truth” movement, which was employed to successfully expel the British from India.

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Mar 2003

Unschön, dieser ptrace-Bug im Linux-Kernel. Ich habe das gerade mal auf meinem Test-Server zu Hause ausprobiert und der Exploit funktioniert einwandfrei. Zack, schon hat man eine Root-Shell. Das ist schon ein bisschen beängstigend.

Das Problem bei Bugs im Kernel ist, das man den Kernel nicht so mal eben neuinstalliert. Vorallem wenn man nur Remote-Zugriff auf den Server hat, wie das bei den meisten Dedicated Servern die in Rechenzentren stehen der Fall ist, ist ein Kernel-Update eine heikle Sache.

In weiser Voraussicht Zum Glück habe ich auf meinem Produktiv-Server das Nachladen von Kernel-Modulen deaktiviert. Mich würde mal interessieren, wie das bei den ganzen Puretec-Root-Servern aussieht.

A whole lot happened in the world of health in 2011. Some of the most provocative stories of the past year looked at amazing new medical procedures like the full face transplant of Dallas Wiens (pictured) cheap oakleys sunglasses or new research that challenged conventional medical advice. Other stories put the spotlight on rare diseases or avoidable health ailments, letting Americans know how to reduce their risk. Some stories were just plain weird and raised eyebrows while also spreading awareness.D Russell fed Julius Randle for a layup. Nick Young made three free throws, then stole the ball back on a bad pass by Thunder star Russell Westbrook. He followed that feat with a three pointer, bringing the Lakers to within four points of the Oklahoma City Thunder with about 4 1/2 minutes left in the game.Because of Tebow’s innate likability, his handsome visage, and the Christian cheap jerseys values that include running an organization to help children, oakleys outlet he’s garnered a media following like nothing anyone in the NFL has ever seen. His fans are almost in cult status. Yet it’s hard to figure out whether they love him so much because of his talent, or because of everything else.For fresh, crunchy kale chips, Tice recommends making them yourself. Start with one bunch of chopped stemless kale and add 1 tablespoon of minced garlic, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and a sprinkling of salt and pepper. “Don let the fruit in the name scare you! Whenever I make fruit salsa, it is usually the first thing to go,” she says. “This has been an exciting, record breaking year for Flipora, and user growth is only part of it,” Mr. Siddharth said. “Flipora’s user base has been almost doubling every year. We cheap football jerseys have also recorded an all time high in new user registrations, with nearly 100,000 new registrations in a single day. This is a huge milestone for Flipora.”Great article. How about fire with chocolate and a coke can? I serious here. I used to bow drill, hand drill, flint and steel, but have never used the fire piston. Definitely my next exploration. My latest was reading on a blog hockey jerseys that you could use chocolate to jordan sale polish the bottom of a coke can (or any aluminum can)to a mirror like surface and use it as a focused reflector to concentrate the sun rays onto tinder, much like you would with a magnifying glass. As you might imagine, I was skeptical, but if you get a good polish (different chocolates seem to have different polishing abilities try dark)and are using good tinder (the famous fungus found on birch trees is prime)it definitely possible. In the skills school I teach with my cheap nfl jerseys wife, we often include like this not because it necessarily a practical method, but because it gets the students minds thinking about creative ways to interact with their environment to provide for survival needs. Give the chocolate and can firemaking a try it quite fun.


Mar 2003

demotiviert. nichts klappt. mit der gesamtsituation unzufrieden. mir fällt nichts ein. keine lust.

einziger höhepunkt die harald-schmidt-show: schön, wie schmidt es schafft zu unterhalten ohne einen standpunkt zum krieg zu vertreten.

Buffalo Bills (4 5) Can someone please explain the bullshit that occurred right before halftime of Monday night’s game? cheap authentic jerseys Richard Sherman was clearly offside on cheap nfl jerseys authentic nfl jerseys a cheap jerseys field goal attempt and then he blasted the kicker. How is that not a 15 yard penalty? How did the Cheap china Jerseys Bills then have to run a play to spike the ball? How does the clock start when it is a defensive Cheap Jerseys penalty? Anyone? Bueller? (LWR 18)Now you bring that focused attitude to the team. For myself, when I worked out with the 49ers, I was always sprinting my plays eighty yards. Every time I touched the Cheap NFL Jerseys ball, even if it was only a five yard pass. Jerry Rice fake ray bans started doing the same thing after he saw me doing it. Now it a way of life with the 49ers.4. International Footprint The primary reason the brand is so widely recognized is because you can buy Nike Software gear almost everywhere in the world. The company’s revenue stream is not reliant on a single market or country. This makes Nike less susceptible to micro economic fluctuations in any one of its many markets, and less likely to be significantly affected by the faltering of any single country’s economy or currency.No matter oakleys outlet what your opinion of Mrs. Clinton this was a noble answer to a simple but insightful question.Why do you bother to get up in the morning? The reason needs to be more than to go to work in return for income to the pay the bills so when you finally get a moment to do what you would most like to do that you turn on the television to watch football or any other passive, mindless programming. Press down on the abrasion with a towel or other cloth to control any bleeding. Bleeding of skin abrasions is rarely significant, and firm pressure on the wound for five minutes is typically sufficient to stop bleeding completely. Whenever possible, lift the part of the body with the bleeding abrasion above the heart.Since the discovery of the essential roles of ipRGCs in the maintenance of Fake Oakleys circadian rhythm and sleep, there has been a question as to whether there is an cheap nhl jerseys association between damage to the RGCs by glaucoma and certain systemic manifestations potentially caused by circadian rhythm disorders. Clinical studies have reported that glaucomatous visual field loss may be correlated with sleep disorders4,5, and that the specific decline in the pupillary reflex to blue light is correlated with the thickness of the retinal nerve fibre layer (NFL) or visual field loss6,7,8. The NFL is composed primarily of axons of RGCs. wholesale nfl jerseys Consequently, it has been advocated that ipRGC activity may be associated with decreased sleep quality in patients with glaucoma9. However, the underlying cause of sleep disorder in glaucoma patients could also be dependent on psychiatric status, which has been found to be a strong confounding factor in these particular diseases10, as well as depression, which has been suggested to be a significant factor in sleep disorder in blindness11. Depression is a major cause of sleep disorder, and there is a correlation between depression and the severity of glaucoma12,13,14. In addition, many glaucoma patients have dry eye and problems with the ocular surface caused by topical medications15,16,17. Previously, we found that sleep and mood disorders were most prominent in those with dry eye10, a very common disease seriously affecting quality of life18.

J5 live

Mar 2003

Viel mehr muss man zu Jurassic 5 nicht sagen. Die wissen wie man die Crowd rockt. Perfekte Performance, gut drauf, viel Kontakt zum Publikum, es hat richtig Spaß gemacht.

Das Ganze fing mit DJ Format aus England an, der zuerst schöne alte Sachen aufgelegt hat, dann aber mit seinem MC aus Toronto etwas langwierig wurde. Schließlich wollte ich J5 sehen. fake ray bans Nachdem DJ Format fertig war erstmal 15 Minuten umbauen, aber dann gings los:

Alles dunkel. Die Zwei DJs von J5 betreten die Bühne. Musik Nokia geht an und ein MC nach dem anderen kommt auf Bühne und rappt seinen Part. Die Stimmung ist Klasse. Nach drei Songs kommt eine hammerharte “Cut Chemist & Numark Show”. Die zwei DJs habens echt drauf und speziell DJ Numart benutzt so viel Krempel: MidiSequencer, Drumcomputer, irgendein Fisherprice Baby-Spielzeug. Unglaublich. Zum Schluss noch ein kleiner Showteil mit umgehängtem Mischpult, Plattenspieler und Drumcomputer.

Dann gings gewohnt lässig weiter mit Jurassic 5. Eine ganz kurze Pause. Wildes Rumgehüpfe im total überfüllten Karlstorbahnhof (so müssen sich die Japaner in der Tokyo-UBahn fühlen) bis zur Erschöpfung. Auf jeden Fall tight :)

Das Ende kam dann etwas überraschend. Keine ewigen Zugaben sondern ein Dankeschön von J5 und Zack, das Licht ging aus und fertig. Die Jungs haben dann noch fleissig Autogramme gegeben und ich hab jetzt eins auf dem linken Unterarm und werde ihn nie wieder waschen, nee Scherz ;-)

Auf jeden Fall hats sich richtig gelohnt.

Del Rio wasn’t too shabby of a football player, either. Del Rio was initially drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays from high school in 1981, but decided to pursue both baseball and football at USC instead. There, Del Rio was chosen as an All American linebacker in his senior season, along with being chosen as Co MVP of the 1985 Rose Bowl and finishing as runner up for the Lombardi Award, given to the nation’s best linebacker.Drag the row divider of a new workbook between cheap nfl jerseys rows 1 and 2 down to give your row a wholesale nfl jerseys wider appearance than the others on the grid. Type the name of the league or your preferred table title. Highlight and format the text with the Font portion of the home tab, including boldfacing the title, changing its colors and making it a strong font.There’s also a quick release lever on most brake systems. If you rotate that up, it’ll actually open the calipers and then once you’ve gotten back to this point, you can go ahead and pull the quick release lever. Generally you’ll have to rotate oakley outlet it one or two times. Rear wheel will drop out of the bicycle, and you just set it aside. Yellowstone National ParkYellowstone Park is the first National Park in the United States wholesale jerseys and it covers 2,219,791 total acres. The park has cheap jerseys oakley outlet cheap china jerseys a museum, visitor center, camping, fishing and in the winter time, snow mobile tours. For part of the tour you can rent donkeys to take you on the winding slopes of Yellowstone.In contrast, using data of all eyes successfully imaged during our nearly 1 year study period cheap oakleys allowed us to evaluate diagnostic accuracy both for a general referral population and the different disease categories, separately. The significance of this approach is that disease severity may have an influence on the diagnostic capability of the Fourier domain OCT instruments,16 thus it needs to be considered in the evaluation. Gotten to know the people who park around us and now we all great friends, Dillon said. celebrate the births of new children and weddings. We been counting down the weeks until the start of the season when we get to see each other because most we haven seen since our last game in November. that why the end of football season is always bittersweet.Or why not try and replicate the look on the virtual high street? There are some great options out cheap oakleys there that will give you Kims Fashion Week style for less. AQAQs long sleeve Cheap mlb Jerseys maxi is our favourite but the Finders Keepers dress at Asos gives it a run for its money.She became the cheap nfl jerseys first woman to try out at a regional combine Sunday, but she lasted all of two kicks none of which traveled even 20 yards. The 28 year old Silberman hurt her right quadriceps while preparing for the tryout earlier in the week, and attributed her struggles to that injury.

Noch’n Artikel

Mar 2003

Wo kommen eigentlich die inflationär vielen Artikel in Zeitschriften über Weblogs momentan her? In der aktuellen Wirtschaftswoche ist auch einer. Eher schlecht recherchiert, bringt einiges durcheinander und bezieht sich eigentlich nur auf die US-Szene. Genauer gesagt auf Weblogs als Alternative und Gegenpol zu den Massenmedien am Beispiel von InstaPundit.

Da gefällt mir der Artikel der Computerwoche schon besser.

6 brainwashing techniques they’re using on you right nowWith Erin Henderson and David Harris locked Fake Oakleys in as starters, and Lee undoubtedly making the roster as a reserve, that leaves Carter and Taiwan Jones competing formaybeone spot. crusade. The Jets are quite high on Jones, which could leave Carter the odd man out, especially considering the fact Jones is both younger and cheaper.Mumps often starts with fever, fatigue, headaches and body aches, followed by telltale swelling of the salivary glands. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says in males, the virus can also lead to orchitis, a testicular inflammation that causes pain, swelling, nausea, vomiting fake oakley outlet ray bans and fever. Most people recover in a week or two, but in rare cases, serious complications like inflammation of wholesale jerseys the brain or tissue surrounding the spinal cord can occur.Now, turning to results for the quarter. We are disappointed that sales trended below our expectations during the second quarter and that our bottom line performance, while up year over year, was well off our plan. Second quarter comps ended down 2% versus an increase of 4% last year. In the second quarter, a 1% gain in May was offset by softer trends in June and July. Adjusted EPS was $0.56, up 12% over last year.7. I’ll get into John Farrell’s status a little deeper in Friday’s column. But I’ve got to ask this now and again: What makes anyone certain that Torey Lovullo would be an upgrade in the dugout if Farrell is relieved of his duties before the season ends? A decent stretch while Lovullo was on duty during garbage time last year ray ban sunglasses while Farrell was being treated for cancer isn’t a big enough sample for me.I seriously wonder if the debate should be over custom jerseys the valuation, which actually works out to about $42 per Whatsapp user or the Cheap Oakleys cheap oakleys outlet inherent contradictory nature of the two business models. I suspect it’s the latter. And here’s why. On the valuation front, don’t forget that Whatsapp has witnessed a meteoric rise from 200 million users nine months ago to 450 million today. Industry estimates indicate that it’s oakley outlet adding up to a million users a day. The existing annual $1 pittance after the first year of use of the app may see no change. Zuckerberg has probably got his money’s worth, especially for the long haul. Here’s the catch. Facebook’s ‘basic structure’, to borrow Constitutional jargon, stems from two broad areas Data Mining and Advertising. Whatsapp has maintained a deliberate distance from both these fronts. The app’s co founder and CEO Jan Koum recently recalled that he was brought up in Ukraine where everything was “eavesdropped on, recorded or snitched on”. Which is probably why he designed his system to be “as anonymous as possible”, without even the most basic details like your name and gender. Facebook, in sharp contrast, goes through your posts with a fine tooth comb, analyses them for a pure business purpose. Will Zuckerberg’s vision or promise, to keep the Whatsapp service “exactly the same”, tie in with ground realities? Can cheap china jerseys the twain meet? Can Facebook change its spots? That’s going to be interesting. Aside of the manner in which it plans to make the new big cheap jerseys ticket acquisition make business sense. Wholesale China Jerseys


Mar 2003

Mein erstes Hardware-Upgrade ohne gleich komplett CPU/Mainboard/RAM auszutauschen. Da freut man sich.

Grundlage ist das Abit KT7A (ja, cheap jerseys das ist das mit dem berüchtigten Southbridge-Bug). In der Revision 1.0 – wie ich es habe – ist es laut Abit nicht für Athlon XP Prozessoren geeignet (Timing-Probleme), aber es funktioniert trotzdem.
Da nur die Revision 1.3 des Boards offiziell für Athlon XP geeignet ist muss man bei den älteren Boards ein bisschen Tricksen:

Die erste Möglichkeit ist es das aktuelle Bios zu benutzen und die Athlon XP CPU einzusetzen. Hier kommt die nächste Schwierigkeit, es gibt auch noch unterschiedliche XPs: mit Palomino und mit Thoroughbred Kern. Im Prinzip sollen beide funktionieren, sicherer ist aber wohl ein Palamino. Allerdings bekommt man die nur noch selten.

Die zweite Möglichkeit ist eh viel besser, man nimmt einfach das Bios das für die Revision 1.3 gedacht ist. Nach dieser Anleitung kann man das auch auf die alten Boards flashen. Und der Athlon XP cheap ray bans wird ohne weiteres erkannt und läuft stabil.

In der Abit-Newsgroup gibt es genug Erfahrungsberichte, bei mir hat es auf Wholesale NFL Jerseys Anhieb funktioniert und der PC läuft jetzt hier schon ne Woche ohne Probleme.

Und wenn mir jetzt noch jemand eine Radeon 9500pro verkaufen würde, wäre mein Spiele-PC endlich fertig. Aber nein, in ganz Deutschland gibts die nichtmehr. Nur noch überteuerte Ebay-Angebote. Muss ich halt warten. Verdammt.

facts <a href="https://www.hotcheapjerseys.com/" cheap nfl jerseys target=”_blank”>cheap mlb jerseys about ray lewis’ lifeDr. Omalu has argued that kids shouldn’t play football Polizeipräsidium until their brains are fully developed and that means holding off until they’re at least 18 years old. But some doctors including Dr. Omalu’s own colleague disagree. They say changes already made to youth football to reduce risk are sufficient.The Flight of the Conchords went to great lengths to stop it happening, but tickets to their shows are being sold for more than twice the face value online.When the in demand tickets to the comedy duo’s show went on sale, the band cheap jerseys and their promoters adopted a strategy to prevent potential scalpers bulk buying tickets to later sell for a profit.But already two tickets to one of the Auckland shows have sold for $636 more than two and a half times the most expensive ticket.Currently there are 12 auctions on Trade Me and nine have already closed though some are for more than one ticket just a tiny proportion of all the available tickets, said Paul Ford, spokesman for the online auction site.Last night bidding had reached $450 for two tickets to one of the Wellington shows.The auction closes on Sunday.In order to try to prevent this sort of thing Cheap NFL Jerseys from happening, co promoter Stuart Clumpas said they had a three fold attack plan.Firstly, they released 300 tickets at box offices in each of the towns the Flight of the Conchords would perform so the people who really wanted to go would be the ones lining up.Secondly, they limited each sale to a two ticket maximum and, lastly, they only released details of extra shows, such as the one at Vector Arena which still has tickets available, once shows sold out.Mr Clumpas said it was disappointing that there were still people out there that would go to lengths to make a profit from the tickets but there was nothing stopping them from doing it until there was a change in legislation.”There’s not a lot more we can do the way the way things currently stand . With analysts splitting their takes after the breakdown of merger talks between Wholesale Jerseys Viacom and CBS (CBS +1.1%), Wunderlich’s lining up with the bulls, reiterating a Buy on both companies. Analyst Matthew Harrigan has a price target of $56 for Viacom (implying near 60% upside), noting “Shari Redstone (and many investors) are impressed with new CEO Bob Bakish.” He’s also looking to a turnaround at MTV, VH1 and Logo with their chief Chris McCarthy, and Bakish “seems high energy and enthusiastic.” While Viacom has cheap nfl jerseys the greater structural throwback nba jerseys need, both companies might have to Fake Oakleys think about acquisitions if they face more competitive pressure, sources told Reuters. Partnering with other media companies could serve in the place of outright acquisition deals. The leaders at both companies (Les Moonves at CBS and Bakish at Viacom) are focused more on their operational strategies than any large acquisitions. But Viacom has been working on smaller deals, including an acquisition of Argentina’s Telefe for $345M. Viacom (VIA cheap ray bans +0.6%, VIAB +1.1%) is trading up as investors seem to favor the bullish takes coming among some earlier downgrades.

Gästeliste 18.3

Mar 2003

Diese Woche in der Harald-Schmidt-Show:

Da kann man nicht meckern. Warum die aber bei den besten Gästen gleich doppelt besetzen bleibt mir ein Rätsel.

All the national movements towards liberation were initiated in the name of the whole mass of people inhabiting Christian Louboutin shoes online the limits of the old hockey jerseys Republic, and all the Provinces took part in them with complete devotion. It is only in the Louis Vuitton Sunglasses last generation that efforts have been made to create a tendency fake oakleys towards separation, which would indeed serve no one but Poland s common barbour factory outlet store enemies. The reason NFL football players weigh in and out of each summer practice is because the are being monitored for hydration levels as they can lose cheap nfl jerseys 3 5lbs in a single practice session. That is about 2 days worth of food for most of us. cheap oakleys To lose weight and keep it off, a calories deficit of about 500 a day is acceptable. Scratchy last oakley outlet week in Melbourne cheap oakleys where he also scored a century on Tuesday Warner was fluent from the outset, crashing three of his first five balls to the fence. His fast starts are typical, but this time there was no mistake and no relent. By the first drinks break, he had made 58 runs from 45 balls and the century cheap nfl jerseys was in sight.National Channels This is the bulk of the channels carried by both DISH and DirecTV. These channels are broadcast nationally all over the country. So, the Levico TNT or USA you watch in Florida will be exactly the same as the one you watch in New York. Hence the term, National Channel. Some national channels have two feeds, East and West coast feeds. So, they are considered two channels, but only because they modify their programming for the west coast time zones on one of the channels.Set up four pylons and make two lines of players. Set the other two cones 10 yards away from their corresponding cone. There should be a square. Make each line about three yards apart. On the coach’s whistle, race around the cone cheap ray bans 10 yards in front of you and sprint back. The objective is to beat your opponent every time.While boxing is Cheap Football Jerseys seen by many as a brutal, uncivilized sport, good referees and stringent rules prevent boxing matches from descending into free for all street fights. During the early days of boxing, each big fight would be scored by judges, referees and the press. Referees in boxing are now required to maintain a more objective and observational role, but they are still expected to maintain a level of control over the combatants. It will help you to know the history of boxing and understand the role the referee plays in the sport today.Once you answer these basic questions, you can begin to form your mission statement. If you have a group of people, brainstorm! If you don’t, brainstorm yourself and run your ideas by friends, family, or co workers. Try to keep it simple, expressing yourself and your business in as few words as Cheap Football Jerseys possible. This will make it easier to remember, easier to print, and, in general, more people will be willing to read it. It’s cheap oakley sunglasses also important to keep it open ended. What does that mean? Keep your mission statement general and versatile, so that it is just as applicable five years down the road as it is today. Changing your mission statement will sometimes tell your potential customers that you cheap oakley sunglasses are not sure of yourself, or where your business intends to go, and that can be detrimental.

Highlights im März

Mar 2003

Absolute Premium-Konzerte diesen Monat hier in Heidelberg. Genauer gesagt im Karlstorbahnhof, eine eher imtime Location.

Diesen Donnerstag ist erstmal Jurassic 5 dran. Neben Berlin, München und Hamburg auch in Heidelberg, so muss das sein.

Am 31. dann Joy Denalane im Quartett, also unplugged.

Ich freu mich.

begins defence on a winning noteI know that grief is a journey, and that the more we love, the more we hurt. I love you so much mom. for you cheap jerseys china Fake Oakleys compassion, and wisdom, your love. and your presence. you were bigger cheap oakleys sunglasses than this life, and even after your death, your life has a huge impact on Cheap NFL Jerseys China chateau so many people.In the Uno TV section for CBS, you’ll find relevant news of the day from Latin America, including “Todo en Uno,” a one minute wrap up of the day’s news from Mexico, “Pol Ficci a satirical look at the latest news and political developments from Mexico, and CBS original content translated to Spanish.There was the capture of the crucial Nassib border crossing with Jordan a key trade route and source of government taxes. And some of the biggest rebel victories have come in the northern province of Baratas Replicas Ray Ban Idlib, where the opposition recently captured the provincial capital, Idlib City, as well as military bases and other key towns.Now this is not a really great quality tent or anything like that, but it goes together extremely easy. These are fiberglass poles, not the best in the material market, but Cheap Football Jerseys they certainly work real well. And then what you do is on your tent fly or on your tent body there is usually a track where those poles are just going to slide right in through the material. Just yesterday, we announced a renewal and expansion of our agreement with Amazon to stream a large amount of library programming. And we also announced this week a separate deal with Amazon to license our upcoming summer jordan retro 11 miniseries, Under the Dome. This was a unique opportunity to subsidize a summer serialized show in a whole new way. However, you slice it, streaming is becoming a very important revenue source for us with tremendous upside.To keep kids away from a life of laudanum and jazz, Mayor Whitaker made little cheap oakley sunglasses effort to dissuade concerned parents that his town actually owned a spanking Terminator that was beating the shit out of their kids. As Whitaker warned, “If the moral effect should be lost now that the public knows just what the ‘machine’ is, why then, we will rig up a really, truly mechanical spanker to take the place of the barrel stave, and it will have some jolt to it too, on the spot where it fetches cheap oakleys up.” (There’s a reelection slogan if ever there was one.)The committee has eight more Republican members than Democrats. The chairman, Republican congressman Jason Chaffetz, has been pressed by wholesale jerseys ranking member, Democrat Elijah Cummings, to investigate Mr Trump. Mr Trump’s unprecedented secrecy and his extensive business dealings in foreign countries raise serious questions about how he intends to avoid conflicts of interest as president.”


Mar 2003

Neulich gesehen, direkt von der Berlinale in mein Wohnzimmer, Hero mit Jet Li.

Kurzgefasst ist Hero ein Tiger & Dragon Verschnitt, weniger Story dafür mehr (seilgestütze) Martial-Arts-Action und beeindruckende Bilder.

Lange Fassung

Mir hat er gut gefallen, vorallem der großartigen Bilder und der Action wegen. An Tiger & Dragon kommt er nicht ran, aber trotzdem sehr sehenswert.

messi ready for crowning glory in copa finalTo talk about these topics Baratas Ray Ban and much, much more, two men who know football and the city of Detroit better than most. Lem Barney was named NFL defensive rookie of the year in 1967 and went on to have a stellar career for the Detroit Lions. cheap oakleys Barney was elected to the NFL Hall of Fame, and after football became a business executive. He joins us via phone. Also with us, Mel Farr, a standout at UCLA. He became the Lions’ number on draft choice in 1967.15: We will live longer and better. Brilliant new discoveries in the medical Fake Oakleys field will be aimed at reversing the aging process. As a cheap nfl jerseys result, we’ll enjoy healthier, more fulfilling, more peaceful lives in harmony with nature and each other. We’ll no longer depend on so many drugs, and we won’t suffer physically or cheap oakleys sunglasses experience as much much fear.The recent surge in popularity of Judge Dredd thanks to his 2012 feature film should dredge up a few memories for the discerning ’80s movie fan. Dredd is a strong, no nonsense, no pity cop who cleans up the street, one dirtbag at a time. He keeps his eyes hidden behind fake oakleys a visor and his favorite gun cheap nfl jerseys at his hip. His city is a sprawling ghetto, full of the worst kind of lowlifes, corruption, and sickening ultra violence.Feel . . . I feel . . . good, Kershaw said as he wandered Palace back into the madness. The Dodgers did not reach this moment solely because of him. EDT on Friday cheap oakleys as his club held off the Nationals cheap fake oakleys in Game 5 of the National League division series. He recorded the final two outs to deliver his team to a date with the Cubs on Saturday at Wrigley Field.Indianapolis: Colts Vice Chairman Bill Polian recently scouted Luck, and with good reason. The Colts (0 6) are owners of the worst record in football and seem completely hapless without Manning. But Manning is expected to return from neck surgery and just agreed to a $90 million contract with the team. Could the Colts really draft Luck and start him as a backup? You bet. Odds: 4 1.The Dolphins’ hockey jerseys defeat allowed the Florida bragging rights to go to the custom jerseys Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay Bucanneers. The Jags, who turned a few heads by posting their first victory a week ago, had them swivelling Exorcist style after they had beaten the Pittsburgh Steelers 20 16. Mark Brunell threw for 189 yards and a TD as the Steelers, the choice of many, including your correspondent, to make this year’s Super Bowl tumbled to another unlikely loss. The Bucaneers enjoy an unusual Wholesale Jerseys view of the NFC Central from the top thanks to the 19 16 defeat of Cincinnati.