Sep 2004

Der ursprüngliche Gedanke war, ein Wiki für Self-Management und Dokumentation von Admin-Zeugs zu verwenden. Ein Wiki bietet sich hier an, da ich häufig an unterschiedlichen Computern arbeite und auch von unterwegs, z.B. an der Uni, an die Daten ran will.

Die erste Hürde war ein geeignetes Script zu finden, die Auswahl ist riesig, oder wie John Speno es ausdrückt:

I went looking for a wiki to install. From the list of choices, it seems like everyone who does that winds up making their own!

Zumal man ohne Wiki-Erfahrung natürlich auch nicht weiß, worauf es einem ankommt. Also fiel meine erste Wahl auf MoinMoin, ein sehr komplettes Wiki-Script ohne gleich so überladen wie zB. TikiWiki zu sein. Aber so richtig genutzt habe ich es nicht, es wurde ungepflegt und deswegen auch nicht nützlich. Gründe dafür kann ich nicht genau festmachen, dafür haben sich jetzt zwei Haupt-Kriterien herauskristalisiert:

Natürlich sollten auch die Wiki-Basics wie Versionierung, WikiWords und all das, was Wikis eben so nützlich macht drin sein. Gerade die Wiki-Syntax ist für mich ne wichtige Sache geworden, denn in vielen Wikis ist es für mich einfacher direkt HTML zu schreiben. Das kann ich schon und viel unleserlicher als so manche Wiki-Erfindung ist es auch nicht.

Momentan hat sich Markdown als mein absoluter Liebling herausgestellt. Man kann es super einfach lesen und schreiben da sich vieles vom Email-Schreiben ableitet.

Und um jetzt diesen Eintrag zu seiner eigentlichen Bestimmung zu bringen: Instiki ist jetzt das Wiki meiner Wahl. Simpel, Elegant, ray ban sunglasses Funktioniert einfach, Markdown.
Instiki hat am ehesten ein Mac-Feeling unter den von mir getesteten Scripts. Einfache Installation, keine komplizierte Konfiguration, sieht gut aus und funktioniert so wie man es sich vorstellt. Mit netten Details wie dem Zusammenfassen aller Änderungen innerhalb einer halben Stunde zu einer Revision einer Seite und einem Publishing-Modus.

Einziger Nachteil ist, das man Instiki nicht bei einem 0815-Webhoster installieren kann, aber wer hostet schon bei einem 0815-Hoster ;-)

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Sep 2004
Gerd der Gewichtheber

Unter Missachtung sämtlicher Hinweise zu richtigem Heben und Tragen im Alltag wollte ich stolz meinen neuen Fernseher auf meine neue TV-Bank heben und Zack, schon wars passiert. Hexenschuss. Und das ist echt ne Sache die ich keinem Wünsche. Alltagsszenarien ray ban sunglasses wie Schuhe zubinden, aufs Klo gehen und nach dem Duschen abtrocknen werden zur Qual und lange 2017-01-01 sitzen kann man auch nicht.

Aber selbst Schuld, damnit.

In other words, while we couldn’t have said this early on this year, now that we live in the what have you done for me lately CFP era, it’s easy enough to say that a likely to be cheap oakleys outlet No. 10 or No. 11 Wisconsin, assuming a win next week against a likely to be No. 4 or No. 5 Ohio State, deserves not only a Big Ten Championship and a bowl game but also a chance to play on for even more. He is currently a doctoral student in English at the University of Wisconsin cheap jerseys in Madison.When Sheen and his soon to be future ex wife ran into Cheap Football Jerseys Trump at dinner shortly before their wedding, Trump apologized for being unable to attend. Sheen graciously accepted the apology, especially since Trump hadn’t been invited in the first place. Trump insisted cheap jerseys on making up for his busy schedule with a super swanky wedding gift: He Cheap Oakleys removed his (as he described them) “platinum, diamond Harry Winston” cuff links and gave them to Sheen like it was nothing. Because that’s exactly what it was.There are two major types of people who watch reality TV: folks who watch to feel some false sense of superiority, and folks who need a place to direct a bunch of pent up anger from their high school years. Jason Biggs is a perfectly Frankensteinian combination of these two groups, and he’s chosen The Bachelor as the target of his Wholesale China Jerseys bizarrely intense hatred.You basically named all the sites I go to for advice I am so guilty of Urbanspoon ing restaurants to decide whether to give it a go or not. I think a big reason why I do it is because I like the regular wholesale nfl jerseys Jo opinion on it rather than a critic polished one. I don need to know how the chef did chef y stuff (flambe,julienned etc) to the food. I just want a quick Cheap NFL Jerseys answer go or no go. And i am aware of restaurants that get their staff to go online and post good reviews for them. Which is why I read the bad ones. ALSO. news outlets produce A review of the restaurant. Fake Oakleys by looking at the websites i get multiple reviews on the go so i cheap jordans not relient on just one person opinion. It is also important to note reviews of restaurants in the age don tally with the ones they give on Cheap mlb Jerseys Good Food Guide.I made this last night, and everyone loved it! It took me about 45 minutes to prepare because of all the vegetable chopping. I let the sauce simmer for 2 hours before serving, and the flavor was GREAT. I had to go to an Italian supermarket for the cubannelle peppers, bucatini pasta, and san marzano tomatoes, but it was worth it. I definitely recommend chopping the fennel very thin in case your guests aren familiar with the taste of fennel. I just had the leftovers, and it just as delicious as last night! Will definitely make again in the future.

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2 start does not dash nfl playoff hopesBut it goes beyond that. John Scott revealed in an article in The Players’ Tribune a few days before the All Star game that the NHL actually was discouraging him taking this spot in their All Star game. Somebody from the NHL actually said to John Scott, what will your daughters think if you take this spot in replica oakleys the All Star game over somebody who is more deserving? And wholesale jerseys today. that was his breaking point. But cheap jerseys he trying to make working out a habit because he notices the impact exercise has on his mood and mobility. Crews, a former football player, said, lot of pro athletes go there the trainer works us out like you wouldn believe. Monday I work shoulders, Tuesday is chest, Thursday is back and Friday is legs. There are variations off of the squats, this one is a forward squat and again I am keeping my back straight. Being aware of my lower back as I do this. So those are some examples of squats for a complete body workout. In addition, the ground based mission control support staff remain in near continuous communication with orbiting astronauts and detailed checklists are in place to guide mission operations. Unfortunately, the present and prior studies indicate that those astronauts and support crew working in back up roles are likely circadian misaligned and sleep deprived as well,26,27 leaving each level of back up vulnerable to potential cognitive Fake Oakleys failure. Studies examining adaptation to the non 24 hour Martian day29 and simulated missions to Mars have shown that circadian misalignment is likely to occur for some parts or all of the duration of a mission in most astronauts,30 a finding that highlights the need cheap oakleys to develop effective countermeasures to facilitate circadian entrainment during space exploration.. I know that I poked jokes at these guys names and nicknames, but hockey jerseys I respect anyone who plays football. If you did learn something about these quarterbacks in the process of reading this, I consider ray ban outlet that an added bonus. I just cheap nfl jerseys wanted to have a little fun with this one. NFL experts cheap football jerseys china have confirmed the East Stand zone would suit an NFL side. A typical “locker room” area must accommodate 53 players and 15 20 coaches far more than is necessary for a football team. There must also cheap nfl jerseys be extensive space to house playing equipment, and provision Cheap Oakleys for medical treatment as well as physiotherapy which is factored into Tottenham’s drawings.. My follow up would just be what would you say to them millions of Cheap Jerseys St. Louis Rams fans out there who see this is. Fairly aggressive step toward Los Angeles. My husband makes this dish often in the colder months. We compare it to a bite sized version of sausage and peppers over pasta. As always, he adds extra garlic but other than that he sticks to the recipe.

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james harrison not stressing over nfl’s ped investigationFor our Winter Sampler, we’ve created a four course menu that pairs with each of the beers inside. From our goat cheese crostini to a fresh arugula orange salad, to a pot roast, to a delicious hand held apple pie desert, we hope each one adds a little something special to your holidays.”When I spent that summer with cheap mlb jerseys the cheap authentic (BURSA) jerseys Denver Broncos as a kicker to write a book about the NFL, you know, I learned this. The players are conscious of these risks, especially the ones to their Cheap Jerseys from china head. But they have to suppress those feelings in order to go out cheap nfl jerseys there cheap nba jerseys Cheap china Jerseys and do their jobs. That’s not going to change because of a poster. But at least now the players have some information.”A NFL Jerseys Cheap player gets an ACL [knee] injury,” Warriors welfare and education manager Jerry Seuseu explains. “We manage that. We send them to doctors and the physio can work them through that to bring them back to the field. But if they are going through a down time or mental health issue, we can rehab them and bring them back so they are better again just like any other injury.””Keeping guns out of the hands of people who would use them to harm our family, friends and loved ones is not a political issue; it is a matter of ensuring that more people can come home safely at the end of the day,” McAuliffe said. “We cannot rest until we have done whatever it takes to cheap ray bans rid our society of preventable gun violence that results in tragedies like the one we are enduring today.”Dec 7, 2014; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals head coach wholesale Jerseys Marvin Lewis during warmups prior to the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers cheap authentic jerseys at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster USA TODAY SportsThe Bengals are still waiting for their first playoff win under Lewis. It’s hard to see them waiting another year with how last year’s playoff exit went down. Cincinnati would have finally snagged that elusive postseason win if not for total lack of discipline. Some of that has to fall on the head coach. Lewis’ seat is particularly hot since a winning record won’t be enough for him to secure his job. The Bengals need to have some playoff success to justify a 15th year with Lewis cheap oakleys at the helm.3. Chuck Pagano, ColtsAs the new season begins, we hope the FCC will do the right thing, and immediately vote to eliminate this outdated anti consumer rule. At a time when Washington doesn’t seem capable of achieving much, making sure fans aren’t left in the dark this season could count as a real accomplishment, one deserving a cheer from the American people.

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Its key projects were to build a hospital and up to five jordan retro 11 other clinics in Ivory Coast that would save 10,000 lives a year. But when the Mail scrutinised accounts, less than 1 per cent of the 1.7million raised in the UK over five years had been spent on good causes.Dave Duerson had everything. Two Super Bowl rings, the NFL’s Man of the Year award for 1987, and after retiring as a player a food business that made him very, very rich. In 2001 he sold up and started again, only this time experiencing failure for the first time in his life when his new venture collapsed with chronic debts that left him bankrupt. Duerson was a fearsome safety, arguably the Cheap Jordans most brutal position Cheap NFL Jerseys China on the field whose goal it was to stop opponents dead and dislodge the football, invariably through high speed, cheap oakleys sunglasses head to head collisions. In the run up to his death he complained of headaches and blurred vision, and short term memory loss so acute that he often had to write down the names of his closest friends lest he embarrass himself when he was with them. On 17 February 2011 he climbed in to bed, pulled up the covers and shot himself in the chest. His suicide note described how his mood swings and altered personality had driven away his family and cost him his fortune. A text message he sent immediately before he pulled the trigger urged that his brain be donated to research into CTE. The bullet to the chest ensured it remained intact.Paris police prefect Michel Cadot said the attackers at the Bataclan rock venue blew themselves up with suicide belts as police closed in. He said the gunmen first sprayed cafes outside the venue with machine gunfire, then went inside the concert hall and killed more before the assault by security forces.When the rest of the actors were brought in, they evidently didn’t notice that the entire film crew was wearing jordans for cheap rain gear and hiding behind plastic shields. On the first take, the false chest custom jerseys convulsed slightly and a tiny bit of blood popped out. This was a false start to get everyone to lean in really close home. for the next take. Then, boom, they were hit with the full force of cheap football jerseys an internal organ eruption. Everybody lurched backed in shock. Veronica Cartright got it the worst, with a full on blood bukkake.American football is an amazing sport in which each team tries to push the other team behind and gain every inch of the field, and finally, score a touchdown or a field goal. Football is a sport that epitomizes endurance, competitiveness, and the human spirit to win. It has not only been adopted as ray bans sale a national sport by 60 countries, but historical records cheap ray bans show that it was played even in the ancient times. The sport was used by the Romans and the Ancient Greeks to train their warriors. The Chinese have been known for playing football 3000 years ago. However, modern day football owes its origin cheap nfl jerseys to the football that started shaping up in England.

Bloglines Web Services

Sep 2004

Wow, in der Tat genial. Eigentlich sind Webservices ja ne bekannte Sache, aber das Bloglines-Beispiel zeigt mir mal wieder, dass ich noch lange nicht deren Tragweite und Möglichkeiten begriffen habe.

Das hat mich auch gleich auf eine kleine, feine Idee gebracht, für die ich schon länge eine Lösung suche …

I was brought there to educate young people and instead I gave them very. “I was brought there to educate young people and instead I gave them very bad advice. Every person should take responsibility for his own actions. I’m sorry and I truly regret what I oakley sunglasses said that day.”bad advice. It’s hard to argue with them. Facebook on a pullback would be a great buy.But let’s not be so quick to call the company’s demise, or say that it will have no impact whatsoever. None of us know the truth cheap football jerseys especially within hours of the news.Twitter Is For Sale, ray ban sunglasses (Again?)Shares of Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) were originally down in Friday’s pre market trading session, after RBC’s Mark Mahaney downgraded cheap football jerseys the stock to underperform and assigned a $14 price target.The stock has since rocketed higher, climbing more than 21% Friday to its highest prices wholesale nfl jerseys since January on more reports the company could be for sale.During CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” segment, co host David Faber reported that the company’s board is considering a sale of cheap nfl jerseys the company, with interested suitors including Salesforce (NYSE:CRM) and Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL).Here’s where things get interesting.Let’s go by the assumption that the board really is considering a sale, despite holding out for a new CEO, “settling” for Jack Dorsey even though they jordan sale wanted Cheap NFL Jerseys a full time exec, and are now scrapping all those plans to instead be acquired, despite cratering to new 52 week lows not all that long ago.But for this case, let’s assume. The Ravens, by the way, cheap oakleys outlet are starting to NBA Jerseys Cheap stress the run game more again, as tailback Ray Rice returns to health. One team scout acknowledged that the Ravens had “maybe become a little too (enamored)” of the pass, and had gone away some from their usual mix. Despite his contention that it was a “difficult” decision last week to stick with struggling quarterback Matt Schaub for Sunday’s game against St. A beautiful, tough and gifted athlete, GINNY BAKER (Kylie Bunbury, “Under The Dome”) is vaulted into instant fame when she’s called up by the cheap mlb jerseys San Diego Padres to make her Major League debut. You will have to watch the premier on FOX, Sept. 22, to see the story unfold. I admit it. This show has potential that is off the charts and I hope that it survives more than three seasons.There is a reason why people admire those who possess a good sense of humor. The ability to make the other person smile and have some fun time with you, takes more than just good communication skills. I would call it a fake oakleys talent if one is capable to come up with funny conversation topics that can lighten the atmosphere around.

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comparing modern dentistry to the vintage home madeIf Washington wins its last football game before Election Day, the president gets re elected or the nominee of his party wins. Laugh if you will, but it’s held true since a Washington victory presaged the re election of FDR in 1936. This year, the team’s most recent game ended in a tie. So go figure.If you want to experiment with traditional color knitting techniques, such as Scottish fair cheap nhl jerseys isle knitting or Norwegian selbu knitting, you must learn to color strand. Color stranding allows you to knit with two colors of yarn and create a color work pattern across a row. Correctly stranding yarn when knitting with multiple colors of yarn does take some practice cheap nfl jerseys knitters new to stranded color work might find that their finished knitted fabric puckers. Despite the learning curve, learned stranded knitting techniques can produce stunning results.In last season’s Fiesta Bowl, Notre Dame linebacker Jaylon Smith tore ligaments in his knee, and as a result he fell from a predicted top five NFL draft pick to the second round before the Dallas Cowboys drafted him. This cost him millions of dollars cheap oakleys in salary, and he still hasn’t played a down of professional football.Lastly, be a smarter football player when it comes to tackling opponents. If you are going against a cheap china jerseys much larger opponent replica oakleys who is running the ball, make him feel pain, by going really low and cutting his legs out. This may cause him to flip in the air or make him think twice about running at you. If you are going against a smaller player or someone of similiar size, focus on their waste, run your feet, square up, get low and unleash a powerful hit that will make them not want to touch the ball.I know you’ve liked the Bank sector. so what would you say to a long term holder about continuing to hold WFC for the long term?Jeff Miller and I responded: does not like WFC at all. We own it as part of our enhanced yield program, which means dividends and writing calls against the position. I was in labor off and on for a week before my water broke and they gave me pitocin. 12 hours of pitocin labor later I was informed I had stalled at 4 cm and they needed to do a C section to bring my little Serenity into the world. My husband was my rock. He couldn bring himself to look ?????????? over the curtain during the surgery but he stayed right with me throughout the labor and the surgery. He ran out annoying family and friends and did whatever it took to make it easier Cheap Jordan Sale on me. When jordan retro 1 they took Serenity to the nursery he wanted to stay with me though cheap nba jerseys because he was concerned about me freaking out, because I was on the verge of a panic attack. I convinced him to go with nba jerseys sales her because I had a weird fear about them switching her with another baby. He was wonderful though. I have a great NFL Jerseys Cheap husband.

fireFTP – FTP-Client direkt in Firefox integriert. Funktioniert sogar ganz ordentlich.

Now that the danger of stoppages or cancellations have passed, the event is going to be held, as scheduled, in balcony Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. Interestingly, in all the years Super Bowl cheap football jerseys has been held, Indianapolis has never hosted the mega event before. Moreover, this is the fourth time that this event is being organized in a cold weather city. As is the tradition, there was a proper host selection process along with the decision about the Super Bowl 2011 date. Greater Houston, Texas, bid to host the event at Reliant Stadium in January 2008. Following that, on 19 February 2008, Indianapolis bid for the same with an agreement that a practice facility would be built on the Arsenal Technical High School campus. Arizona too, bid in March 2008 for hosting the Super Bowl 2012. The NFL cheap jordans for sale franchise owners picked up the Indianapolis bid in a meeting on May 20, 2008 and zeroed in on the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis as the custom jerseys Super Bowl 2012 location. The Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee comprising 18 staff members, brought together by the NFL, will look after the planning and execution.Cam Newton and the Panthers hope for a better ending or Dancing with cheap jerseys the Starsasks Von Miller back for a second season and moves the show to Thursday night.The one big difference, of course, is Peyton Manning has retired and right now the starting quarterback for the Broncos is Mark Sanchez.NFL mock draft jordans for cheap 5.1: How Rams Titans trade shakes up first roundEveryone will project how their teams will cheap oakleys outlet do, but who really knows which teams will be good in November and December.Did you have the Panthers going 15 1 last season? That’s what we thought.But in oakley outlet Week 2, it really gets interesting: The headliner is theCincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelersand all of those bad feelings from last season’s playoff game. Tonight we’re going to work and walk you through some advance bowling techniques so you can improve your game. Another very important part of playing the lane is the ability to speed up the ball or slow down the ball. Generally you’ll find most bowlers as you see in the middle right about Cheap Jerseys waist high just not to oakley outlet the side, this gets you reasonable amount of speed down the lane. When you get it into conditions that are a little dryer and you have to increase the speed of the ball the ball want to move up. The ball would be up and at this point you would present the ball and the ball will get a longer arch. The longer swing to the ball would be to get the ball down to the lane, bowling in oily condition means we got a lot of oil early and we have to get the ball hooked roll earlier at fake ray bans that point the ball goes down. And again the motion is very compact the ball speed is slower, your feet will be quicker the ball is hooked down the lane. So again when you’re playing a dry lane the ball comes up oily lanes the ball comes down. (bowling)

All You Can Eat

Sep 2004

All-You-Can-Eat-Flammkuchen ist auch ne gute und vorallem gut füllende Sache. Warum neigt man bei All You Can Eat eigentlich zu solchem Übermaß (ich jedenfalls mache das). Das All muss wirklich ausgereizt werden, bis echt nichts mehr geht und man sich nur noch nach Hause rollen kann. Mit Genuss hat das auch nichts mehr zu tun. Dabei waren die Flammkuchen echt gut.

Hinterher ist man halt immer schlauer

This is probably the most common shift you seen now which is called the trigger shifter you have paddles that change the gears. So the bigger oakley outlet paddle usually adds tension to the shift cable which runs down here. So your right side is your rear shifter your left side is your front shifter and that usually easy to remember because that’s the way people usually set up there brakes, with there cheap oakley sunglasses back brake to the right, the front brake to the left. I’m a person who likes to likes to get to the root. I don’t think people have a problem with someone being gay, and I am the perfect embodiment of that. Right? Because, whenever someone meets me, and they find I’m a former NFL player, and my gender expression, for lack of a better term, is “masculine”, people are fine to accept me. I can go anywhere, any time, any day, and people will say “well Wade is gay, but he’s not a faggot.”What of Old Man (39) Manning? Well rested and studying game film since mid Nov, 9TD 17INT? 4 INT in his last start and benched vs KC because he can’t get the ball down the field either. Son of Archie is 5 9 in opening playoff Cheap Jerseys games; 2 5 in divisional playoffs after a bye. Weather: 30 40, clear.Despite being a team renowned as a common post season ????????????? contender, it is becoming incredibly hard to see the Chicago Bears as anything other than the worst team in the NFL. In what was a horrific performance by the, the Illinois side lost 26 0 to the Seattle Seahawks, a team who were also searching for their first win of the campaign.”I believe I can make an impact on ray ban sunglasses the Cheap Jerseys game and do that by being on the field.”Pittsburgh struggled against the run in Tuitt’s absence, wholesale jerseys china surrendering 122 yards on the ground to the Ravens and 231 to Cleveland. It’s not exactly the best way to go into the ray bans sale rematch against Miami, who piled up 222 yards on the ground behind in a 30 15 romp on Oct. Dolphins and broncos? What kind of place is this? It’s the National Football League, where gridiron warriors head to battle each cheap oakley sunglasses Sunday under the banners of falcons, ravens, panthers and other fearsome and noble beasts. Animals of the NFL premieres in the United States on the National Geographic Channel Friday, January 24 at 8ET/PT, when James Brown of FOX’s NFL Sunday takes a look at the animals behind the logos and discount football jerseys finds out how their lives in the cheap oakleys wild may be related to the play of fake Oakleys their football namesakes.Star Talk was on the set of the finale and caught up with Eddie just moments after he took in his victory. He dropped to his knees in overwhelming emotion, then welcomed hearty congratulations from his fake ray bans fellow competitors, as well as the Selection Committee and the president of Food Network, Brooke Johnson. “I’m beyond speechless,” Eddie said. “This is a feeling that I’ve yet to feel.”

ImageWell (via) – ImageWell is the easy way to edit, cheap nfl jerseys rotate, crop and resize your image and upload it to your iDisk (.mac account), FTP server or WebDAV server

gannon’s accolade crowns milestone year Wholesale Jerseys with raidersWe’re not too surprised that Detroit is near the top of our cheap nfl jerseys list of craft beers; after all, the stadium itself hosts a number of favorite Michigan breweries. Bell’s Brewery, New Holland Brewing Co., Founder’s Brewing Co., Atwater, Liberty Ales, and Short’s Brewing Co. can be found on tap throughout the stadium and in the Michigan Craft House, just for the beer lovers. (We’re also geeking out about a new cocktail station from Detroit cocktail hot spot The Sugar House, but that’s a whole other ball game.)Now, as spectacular as that thought is, cheap nfl jerseys what is almost equally spectacular to me is that for a while, Stephen Hawking believed Cheap mlb Jerseys it. Yes, the man who is arguably the smartest person in the world thought time would reverse cheap jerseys which I gather means the Beatles would reunite, the Great Depression would wholesale football jerseys china quickly be followed by World War I, and my St. Louis Cardinals would have another chance at winning the 1985 World Series, which they would have won the first time but for a terrible call by the umpire.FILE In this Nov. 13, 2016, file photo, Minnesota Free Vikings offensive tackle Jake Long (72) is helped up after an injury during the second half of an NFL football game against the Washington Redskins, in Landover, Md. Another loss has triggered another round of changes for Minnesota, with new kicker Kai Forbath leading the list as the Vikings try to stop their freefall by letting the struggling Blair Walsh go. They also have another new tackle, Rashod Hill, after losing yet another one, Jake Long, for the season. (AP Photo/Mark Tenally, File)In an obituary published in a German daily newspaper, Maria’s family wrote: ‘For 19 years Maria was a ray of sunshine for our family and it will stay that way. We are grateful for this gift of her life with us, and we are certain that Cheap NFL Jerseys she is safe now with God.’”Following this decision, an increasing number of public figures, politicians, schools, news publications, and private companies have spoken out Fake Oakleys in protest of the name and mascot,” says Bonnie Broeren, who manages Etsy’s policy team. “Like the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, we at Etsy find the opinion of the minority group itself to carry most weight in determining whether Cheap nfl jerseys the mascot is disparaging. In no uncertain terms, Native American groups have consistently advocated and litigated that the term ‘redskin(s)’ is disparaging and damaging to Native Americans. Therefore, Fake Oakleys it will no longer oakleys outlet be permitted in our marketplace.”

Season Finale

Sep 2004

Season Finale, was für ein böses Wort für jeden Serien-Fan. Nur in seltenen Fällen, wenn man z.B. The West Wing erst entdeckt wenn in den USA schon die fünfte Staffel läuft und man Cheap NFL Jerseys sich auf ganze 4 Staffeln ohne Unterbrechung freuen kann, macht es nichts aus.

Letzte Woche aber hat es mich wieder erwischt. Völlig verwöhnt von den typischen 23 Folgen einer US-Serie war ich doch etwas überrascht, dass bei Six Feet Under die Staffel nach 12 Folgen zu Ende ging. Jetzt heisst es wieder warten. Zum Glück kein brutaler Cliff-Hanger sondern ein zufriedenstellende Auflösung einiger Handlungsstränge und Offenlassung anderer.
Auch wenn die Staffeln erwartungsgemäß immer schlechter werden (gibt es eigentlich eine Serie, wo die Qualität steigt – abgesehen von den ersten Simpsons-Staffeln vielleicht?) macht mir Six Feet Under noch ne Menge Spaß. Ich fand die 4. Staffel sogar größtenteils besser als die Dritte, aber Andreas hat schon recht: Der geniale Humor der ersten Staffel fehlt.

Fast zeitgleich habe ich die 4. Staffel von The West Wing fertig geguckt, hier ist es sogar noch schlimmer als Season Finale. Denn das geniale Duo Sorkin/Schlamme hat die Serie verlassen, was weit mehr als ein Verlust ist (und Rob Lowe auch, was mich auch sehr getroffen hat). Ich dachte ja nicht, dass man mit so einem starken Cast die Sendung derart schlechter werden lassen kann, aber die 5. Staffel ist nur noch ein Abklatsch von The West Wing.

Gestern hatte ich zum ersten Mal nach einer Folge nicht das Verlangen noch eine Cheap Jerseys weitere zu gucken. Sehr traurig.

His problem, a shared one admittedly, is getting past the Ferrari of Michael Schumacher, wholesale football jerseys china who does not give his wicket away easily. The incident at Imola, where he rubbed Juan Pablo Montoya’s nose in the dirt at turn four, showed how much racing and winning still mean to Schumacher, and ridiculed those still peddling stories of his retirement.If it seems wholesale jerseys like I jealous, then perhaps I am but only mildly. A good shot at the top for others is not necessarily a good shot for us. Having just come down the mountain from our last round of acclimatization yesterday, I satisfied enough with our exertions and not yet restless and bored enough to be jealous of anyone else Although the three of us are each feeling strong and healthy now, we need a good chunk of rest and we cling to the belief that a fake ray ban sunglasses viable weather window later in the month will be warmer and quieter than a viable weather window in the middle of the month we want every single advantage.Moonves, now cheap jerseys president and CEO of CBS Corp., defended his network, cheap jordans saying it should not be lumped in with the other networks when it aired shows featuring Bill Cosby, Cheech Marin, Della Reese, Arsenio Hall and Sammo Hung. He later pointed to CBS continuing support of of Angels, a drama with a mostly African American cast set in an inner city hospital, despite its low ratings.Fifa elects or re elects a president every fours years, in the year after the World Cup. Each member association has one vote, meaning a total of 209. To win the election, a candidate must receive 105. Blatter stood unopposed in 2011. He is up for re Cheap Oakleys election for a fifth term this Friday in which he faces one challenger, Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein. In order to stand, Fifa rules dictate that the candidate must have cheap jerseys played an active role in association football for two of the five years preceding his or her proposed candidature, plus have declarations of support from cheap china jerseys at least five member associations.The economics are different too. A Carson stadium would be publicly owned, but its developers pledge no tax money would be spent on its construction, operations or the street work around the project. Kroenke and his partners would own their stadium and will seek to recoup tens of millions of dollars in street, sewer and public service costs.It’s only taken him three years to get over me.”Model in the thick of itCatwalk model Ashleigh Good, from Auckland, became embroiled in cheap ray bans France’s civic rights debate this week when she strutted the runway deep at the Chanel Couture Spring/Summer show in Paris on Tuesday as a lesbian bride.Good posed with fellow model Kati Nescher and 4 year old Hudson Kroenig, Karl Lagerfeld’s godson, who played hockey jerseys pageboy.Lagerfeld said his decision to close his Chanel show with two brides holding hands was a declaration of support for marriage equality.His catwalk statement follows President Francois Hollande’s controversial marriage equality bill, which has endured heated opposition and protests from Catholic groups.”I don’t understand the debate,” Lagerfeld said.

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There have been several attempts to bring American football back to Los Angeles. Two other sites in the city have already been approved for an NFL stadium, including one under cheap ray bans development by AEG, the entertainment firm founded by billionaire Philip oakley outlet Anschutz, who owns NHL franchise the LA Kings and the MLS team LA Galaxy. Yet this cheap oakleys outlet is the first time an existing NFL team owner cheap nfl jerseys has secured a site in the city big enough for both a stadium and parking space.Denali will always be on my mind in some way, as we shared so cheap oakleys sunglasses much together. I definitely appreciate how he stood by me through life’s ups and downs, from my mid 20s through my 30s, and I hope to do our friendship justice when I write about our time together in the book project.Fantasy Basketball Rater 2: Wilson Chandler of the New York Knicks is said to be an elite shot blocker and is a player who is a New York Knicks secret trade asset. However, his 3 point stroke is inconsistent. Again, you may cheap jerseys want to trade him while his hot in your fantasy basketball league.The PAC 12, wholesale jerseys Big 12 and Big Ten announced various improvements in player protections over the last several months, including guaranteed four year scholarships Wholesale NFL Jerseys and stipends to help pay for education related expenses not covered by athletic scholarships. After the O’Bannon ruling, the ray ban outlet University of Texas announced that it would create a trust fund to compensate players for the use of their names, images and likenesses. And just this week, responding to long standing criticism, the NCAA decided that part of the revenue from the football playoff would be used to reimburse travel costs of players’ parents who attend Monday’s championship game.Dr. LAPCHICK: I say that there’s no question that in some cases you have showpiece candidates come in to fill this quota of who you interview, but that oftentimes you will get people in the room who you didn’t expect to shine who will shine and shine so much that they’ll either be offered the opportunity, which now this recently happened at Kansas State Prince, the guy Explosions who they hired, was barely on their list and they had him in an interview and it was just he just blew cheap ray bans everybody away. They stopped the hiring process and hired the guy.Teach campers how to properly condition. Football conditioning should cheap nfl jerseys focus on maximizing speed by increasing acceleration and agility in addition to increasing muscular endurance, flexibility and mobility. In fact, long distance running to build an aerobic base can be detrimental to the Cheap Jerseys football player. Instead, football specific interval training is much more beneficial.

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Sep 2004

Der beste Star-Wars-Film ist ja bekanntlich Episode V—The Empire Strikes Back. Hauptverantwortlich dafür dürfte sein, dass George Lucas nicht der Regisseur war, sondern Irvin Kershner, der hier im Interview über die Änderungen der Special Editions und des DVD-Releases spricht:

But the story hasn’t been changed. The editing hasn’t been changed. It’s what I ended up doing as wholesale jerseys a director. That was my film.

Auch wenn mich die nachträgliche Änderungen ärgern (man bekommt den Eindruck, Lucas mochte die Star Wars Filme nie, wenn man das Interview hier liest), ist der Schmerz nicht so groß. Schließlich hab ich die Original-Filme ja nie im Kino gesehen, also hab ich ja keinen Anspruch darauf ;-) Und was kann man schon gegen besseres Bild und besseren Sound sagen?

Deswegen habe ich mir am Montag gleich – eher zufällig – die DVD Box gekauft, ich musste meinen neuen 16:9-Fernseher schließlich würdig einweihen. Allein die englische Sprache lohnt den Kauf schon. “No. I am your Father” ist einfach noch besser im Original.

Sager got to cover cheap oakleys sunglasses his cheap nfl jerseys first NBA Finals in 2016 through an unusual arrangement between TNT and ESPN, which invited him to join its coverage. He Wholesale Jerseys marked the cheap oakleys sunglasses occasion by wearing a blazer with a royal blue floral print. In an interview with LeBron James after Game 6, the Cavaliers star turned the tables to giddily ask Sager a question: “How in the hell do you go 30 plus years without getting a finals game?”Keep in mind that this is an insignificant cheap jerseys china amount of time we’re fake ray bans talking about here. It has absolutely no bearing on your life unless you rely on GPS equipment, that is. Because a clock ????? inside a GPS satellite runs at 38 microseconds per day faster than the same clock would run on Earth, a computer has to constantly adjust everything to Cheap NFL Jerseys make up for that difference. Otherwise the consequences would be disastrous: In only one day, the entire system would be off by 10 kilometers, and it would just get worse from then on.”You have arrived in Calgary. Probably.”Reed owes so much to the sport that put him in danger. Fake Oakleys It pulled him out of St. Rose, Louisiana, a small town that has developed a startling number of NFL players. And it is the means through which he gave back to his hometown a football camp for hundreds of kids.Yep! That is a dead dude’s face specifically, a profile of a dude who died fighting custom jerseys for the Islamic State (similar to what you’d find in Dabiq). You get to read this guy’s whole heroic journey into paradise, and then Rumiyah follows up with a series of battle reports that sound like they were written by either adolescent boys or Michael Bay.Stop the Big PlaysClemson has the potential cheap oakley sunglasses to be the best big play team in the country. They have weapons at every position on offense, and their offense caters to explosive plays. With uncertainty at quarterback, Auburn can’t afford to get in a shootout with Clemson, so the defense will have to stop the big plays if they want to stay in the game. If they can’t do that, things will get ugly for Auburn.On a side note, Twitter’s (NYSE:TWTR) NFL stream, taking place Thursday Sept 15th, will be delivered by Akamai and Level 3 and I do not expect it to have a large simultaneous audience. My estimate is under 2M simultaneous streams. Also, Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS 10 update that came out on Tuesday, the vast throwback nba jerseys majority of that is being delivered by Apple’s in house CDN, with only a small percentage of the overall traffic going to third party CDN providers.To be clear, being locked into Talking Dead isn’t a detriment to AMC, if anything it’s a blessing as it is both well watched and cheap to produce. Talking has helped out the network for years and the network in turn is doing right by the Chris Hardwick hosted series. It just creates more of a programming challenge and Saul’s success could prove to be the solution.

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Physical therapists have more regular office hours than athletic trainers and require a level of fitness that allows for manipulating and lifting patients. As a physical therapist you work on an individual basis with patients over a period of weeks to months. Massage, heat or fake oakleys water therapy, ultrasound and electrical stimulation are tools you may use.Of course. I apologize to both of you,” cheap fake oakleys the cheap jerseys from china judge responded. “That’s not how I feel about any of you. I think you’re doing a cheap China Jerseys great job, and I’ve known Mr. Hardin for 25 years.”Hardin said, “Just for the record, I didn’t take offense to it. I’ve been called much worse.”Vikings star sitting outPeterson who fake oakleys in 2011 signed a seven year contract worth more than $100 million and is considered one of the NFL’s best running backs, if not the best left the Vikings last month 07:34:05 after the team deactivated, then activated and deactivated him again following accusations wholesale jerseys wholesale jerseys that he whipped his 4 year old son with a “switch,” or slender tree branch.NFL Commissioner wholesale jerseys Roger Goodell told reporters in New York after a lengthy meeting Wednesday with the league’s 32 team owners that administering punishment to a player who is waiting for his legal case to move forward after an arrest can be complex.”(The owners) obviously understand the balance between due process and protecting the integrity of the game,” he said. Coleman, who stands 6 foot 5, 341 Cheap Football Jerseys pounds, has appeared in five career games since entering the NFL as an undrafted free agent in 2014. Lewis was a seventh round pick by cheap oakleys the Bills in the 2014 NFL Draft, but the 6 foot 4, 213 pound wide receiver hasn been able to do enough to secure a significant role on offense.Phillips 66 is engaged in producing natural gas liquids and petrochemicals. On 30Apr14, Phillips reported first quarter 2014 earnings of $1.47 per share. This result beat the $1.34 consensus of the 14 analysts covering the company and missed last year’s first quarter results by 32.88%. Phillip’ cheap oakleys outlet PE ratio is below the oil gas operations industry average and signals that investors are not willing to pay a premium cheap nfl jerseys for this stock, making it a value stock. However, during the past year, earnings growth has lagged its historical five year growth rate.Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals The Institute for Women reported that in June of 2011, a class action lawsuit was filed by Bayer employees alleging that “women in the company have suffered wage discrimination, sexual harassment, creation of a hostile environment for women, and pregnancy/caregiver discrimination.” We’ll have to see how that one turns out, but of all the reasons women could file, they seem to have it all covered here.

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Sep 2004

Juuchu! Das von mir meist erwartete Release seit langem. Dieses Major-Release bringt neben vielen schönen Features für Admins (Plugin-Architektur, Bayes-DB in SQL, SURBL, und viele schöne Sachen mehr) endlich aktualisierte Regeln. Das Problem ist die Popularität von SpamAssassin und dessen deterministisches Verhalten, oakley sunglasses denn die Spammer können ihre Mail direkt testen und so anpassen, dass SA ausgetrickst wird.

Außerdem hoffe ich, fake oakleys dass ein nervender Bug in Verbindung mit SMTP Auth behoben ist. Ich warte noch auf den FreeBSD-Port, sonst hätte ich es schon getestet.

Achja, ein schickes neues Logo gibts auch :)

Along with having organs that are remarkably stubborn to the advance of time, researchers also discovered that a turtle’s heart didn’t always beat in response to nerve impulses and, in fact, sometimes didn’t need to beat at all in other words, it looks like turtles are able to just turn their own hockey jerseys fucking heart off if they don’t need it. This means that you could realistically tear out a turtle’s heart and show it to it like in that scene from Indiana Jones .Closest I got was Thailand on the honeymoon. That’s the problem with the race, especially for someone like me who really enjoys going to less developed countries and places that are unlike home. On The Amazing Race, cheap jerseys you don’t really have a chance to soak it up, enjoy it, oakley sunglasses spend time with local people. You’re racing through. It’s kind of a big tease.I loved Rocky but there is no way he would ever beat a fighter like Dr. K. Ali would not beat him either. Dr. K is a huge pugilist who can punch out a tree and move like a middleweight. Another thing you might like about this man (both he and his brother have doctorate degrees) is that like you, he is fluent in at least three languages oakley sunglasses outlet that I know of maybe more.If you succeed as an associate you may get oakley outlet a job as an area scout paid position! You are now a Major League Scout. Here you will be responsible for scouting all players in a geographic area remember, you will have help from associates in your region, who are hoping to be promoted someday.In terms of the ability to succeed in a traditional career, the NFL is a cross section. Without the NFL as an option, some players would have been highly successful and others wouldn’t have been. Some retired vibrant NFL players were going to be broke no matter what happened, and the NFL career only slowed down the process.GOLDMAN: Chicago quarterback, throwing for all kinds of touchdown passes early in the season, and then suddenly he, like, well, he didn’t forget how to do things, but he just ran into some real problems. And he ended up having, like, five games with three or more interceptions. And Chicago was 2 3 in those games. So he suddenly became not so dependable. And that’s the reason why Chicago wants to establish the running Cheap mlb Jerseys game, so then they don’t have to rely on Rex Grossman to make the big plays.Rio Olympic Games 2016, DAY 13: Alistair and Jonny Brownlee win stunning gold and silver in the Triathlon. as Usain Bolt make history in the 200m finalTeam GB’s bid for more Olympic medals in Riocontinues on day 13Liam Heath and Jon Schofield kick off day with silver in K2 200m finalTeam GB also stole a bronze medal in the men’s doubles badmintonAlistair and Jonny Brownlee finish gold and silver in stunning TriathlonHannah Mills and Saskia Clark win gold in women’s 470 sailing cheap oakleys raceNicola Adams beats Ren Cancan of China for a place in her boxing finalCharley Hull flies up golf leaderboard and is second on 8 after round twoGB’s Jade Jones wins gold with the taekwondo 57kg titleUsain Bolt won an eighth Olympic gold in the 200 metre finalRIO 2016 OLYMPIC NEWS: All the latest news and views from the GamesBy Cheap NFL Jerseys China