On Being and Deliciousness, with Wil Shipley

Jul 2005

In der Tradition des DrunkenBlog ein sehr ausführliches Interview mit Wil Shipley, einem der Gründer der Omni Group, Gründer von Delicious Monster und Cocoa-Code-Insulter. Ein Must-Read für jeden der sich für Apple, Cocoa und Independet Developer interessiert. Viele, viele gute Zitate:

My feeling was (and is): You don’t adopt the mannerisms of big, successful companies when you’re small, because those mannerisms aren’t what made the companies successful.
They’re actually symptoms of what is killing the company, because it’s become too big.

One of the rules of writing algorithms that I’ve recently been sort of toying with is that we (as programmers) spend too much time trying to find custom jerseys provably correct solutions, when what we need to do is write really fast heuristics that fail incredibly gracefully.

The Windows user experience is fake ray bans so much worse than Mac OS X that I can’t imagine anyone thinking it wasn’t worth it to boot back. It’s like saying, “Hey, it’s too much trouble to leave the video arcade and go back to our office and get some work done… let’s just stay here and sit on the sticky chairs, surrounded by 14-year-old skateboarders.”

usw …

Lesenwert auch Wil Shipleys Weblog: Call Me Fishmeal

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Inside the big switch: the iPod and the future of Apple Computer (via) – The cold, hard reality here is that the Mac is Apple’s past and the iPod is Apple’s future

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Next Action

Jul 2005

Das Revival von JavaScript: Ich finde es ja schon komisch, dass JavaScript jahrelang als unnützes Gimmick für Spielereien betrachtet wurde, das in jedem vernünftigen Browser eh abgeschaltet ist. Jetzt — die Vergangenheit vilje quasi weggewischt — sind jegliche Bedenken verflogen und JavaScript ist der Inbegriff von Usability, Web 2.0 und sonstwas. So wie ich die krasse Ablehnung von JavaScript nie ganz verstanden hab, so geht mir das jetzt auch etwas zu schnell.

JavaScript ist immer noch ne eklige Sache. Ohne Abstraktions-Library kann man quasi kaum was vernünftiges machen wie Bob Ippolito momentan eindrucksvoll beschreibt. Die ganze Cross Browser Geschichte, Opera und Internet Explorer < Version 6 werden nicht unterstützt, das alles motiviert mich nicht gerade mich wirklich intensiv damit zu beschäftigen.

So nutze ich einfach die AJAX-Goodnes in Rails ohne viel nachzudenken und freue mich über coole Applikationen, die auf einmal überall aufpoppen.

So wie Next Action. Getting Things Done scheint ja sehr beliebt unter den JavaScriptern zu sein. Next Action funktioniert nach dem gleichen Prinzip wie TiddlyWiki und sieht sehr nett aus, auch wenn mich das Problem mit dem Speichern auch hier stört. Das Ganze läuft unter Junction, einem Rails-Clone in JavaScript (!), wovon man sich über den “show me the code” Button überzeugen kann.

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It goes fast, don’t blink

Jul 2005

An der schnellen Verbreitung von Ruby on Rails und dem ganzen Buzz drum herum war sicherlich das erste Video (23MB, Quicktime) nicht ganz unschuldig. Obwohl es nur wenig zeigte und durch den Schwerpunkt auf das Scaffolding Rails etwas seichter dastehen ließ, als es eigentlich ist: Die Faszination hat es rüber gebracht.

<div class="img-center" Shemale style=”width:478px”>

Und in dieser Tradition hat David ein neues Video gemacht, 15 Minuten für ein kleines Weblog-App mit Sound (“whoops”) und unglaublich schnell. Man sieht Rails (und TextMate) in der aktuellen Version und wundert sich, dass nicht viel häufiger neue 37signals-Produkte rauskommen, so schnell wie David unterwegs ist.

Ruby on Rails — It goes fast, don’t blink

Drag the row divider of a new workbook between rows 1 oakley outlet and 2 down to give Cheap Jerseys your row a wider appearance than the others on the grid. Type the name of the league or your preferred table title. Highlight and format the text with the Font portion of the home tab, including boldfacing the title, changing its colors and making it a strong font.. For the police, there is no legal requirement to prove “beyond reasonable doubt” that, say, your TV set was once used by a ring of Dutch pedophiles to view kiddie porn. They can simply take it, without ever giving it back, even if they never formally charge anyone for a crime. Citizen, sold a truck to a man who agreed to pay for it in installments. That’s always good copy for newspaper, radio, and TV, but on any team some of the guys play their college games in tough environments. That said, it was a shock when they came cheap china jerseys to Soldier Field. They didn’t realize when that wind whips off the lake in Chicago, it sends a chill through your bones that you don’t want Cheap Jerseys to experience. Even on short throws, when his target is wide open, he Wholesale Jerseys throws a pass that the receiver has to adjust to. While he can get away with that at the college level, he won’t be able to get away with that in the NFL. His deep ball accuracy and ball placement is average at best. Check the game schedules for live events, and the site schedule for archives. The site fake ray bans does keep a file for all games played that season. These sites show some programming from TV and cable channels around the world. A common activity was for fans to arrive at the parking lots early and tailgate. That left the opportunity for many of the spectators to drink heavily. Patriots fans had a reputation for being drunk and ill mannered. For private sessions, she and her cuddlers charge $2 a minute which, holy crap, sounds like a lot. It’s $20 $25 for a group workshop, though. Tom charges too, but wholesale jerseys china on a sliding scale: “I’m de emphasizing the financial aspect of it. This is in spite of the controversy which swirled around allegations that Brady was playing with deliberately deflated balls in the Pats’ victory over the Indianapolis Colts in January. The allegations of cheating are no so small matter, especially since the Patriots went cheap football jerseys china on to win the Super Bowl. The NFL strictly regulates the air pressure of footballs.. France is ranked ninth and South Africa is cheap nfl jerseys ranked 83 rd in the FIFA/Coca Cola rankings. They won the game, lost the competition, and made history by being the first host team in 80 years to bow out in the first round. Let me put wholesale jerseys this history into perspective in order to explain and not excuse the bowing out of South Africa in the first round cheap mlb jerseys of Cheap Jerseys from china the World Cup competition..
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Rails 0.13: 225+ features/fixes in 75 days! – Upgrading will undoubtful force you to increase the sex-appeal of both your application and your code. Be warned!

But I’m lowering that knee straight down and straight up, the thigh’s going to cheap oakleys start to burn, two more, and one more. Alright, I’m going to switch legs, same idea, so you can see it from both angles. I’m dropping it all the way down, I got a long spine, weights if you want, you don’t have to have it. It has been over 40 years since baseball has seen even a 30 game winner. Again, with fewer starts available and a more competitive field this record will stand for the ages. From the workhorse years of baseball when a pitcher was allowed (and expected) to go the distance every time out. Some say Johnson’s fastball has never been equaled. Our greatest pitchers from the last fifty years have managed to eke out career totals only Cheap NFL Jerseys in the low 60s. With Randy Johnson and Glavine retiring, the current leader is Pedro Martinez. With 17 career shutouts. At 37 years of age. Rest easy WaJo! You are secure!Our planet simply cannot afford another century of misunderstanding cheap jerseys and violence between custom jerseys these two communities. The challenges we face as a global human family are profound: ongoing warfare and nuclear proliferation, global poverty and economic inequality, climate change and ecological degradation. How will humanity handle these crises and others if our two largest religious communities are embroiled in constant conflict, if misunderstanding defines your our relationship? As contemporary theologian Hans Kung has argued for decades, there will be no peace between our nations without peace between our religions. Now is the time to transform the fake oakleys way Christians and Muslims see Cheap Oakleys and relate to each other.The first eugenics/forced sterilization law that was passed in the United States was in Indiana in 1907 it was also the first eugenics/forced sterilization law that was passed in world history. It began in the Cheap Jerseys Indiana prison system. A law was passed that allowed for the involuntary sterilization of inmates. The law extended to cover all “wards of the state,” and those “maintained wholly or in part by public expense,” to include “feebleminded, insane, criminalistic, epileptic, inebriate, diseased, blind, Baratas Ray Ban deaf; deformed; and dependent.”Dragon’s Dogma, Capcom’s recent RPG about dragons and shit, proved that combining video games and romance isn’t always a good idea . especially if the developers don’t know what romance actually entails. However, due to a glitch fake oakleys in the system, the only Fake Oakleys requirement for raising someone’s “romance level” was talking to them meaning the game would unilaterally decide that whoever you talked to the most must be your lover, whether cheap jerseys you liked it or not. So, upon reaching the crucial part of the cheap oakleys game where you have to fight a dragon that has kidnapped your beloved, many players were surprised to find out that their beloved was . the guy who runs the inn. Or the old shopkeeper.

Boom Swagger Boom: Screenshot of Firefox with Cocoa Widgets – cool, cool, wenn auch erstmal nur für x86

beautiful mind’s john nash and wife killed in new jersey taxi crashSeau has three children with his ex wife, and all four of them received a text from him yesterday that said simply, “I love you”, but none of them suspected anything was amiss or that he was in emotional distress. Details are still emerging and police are at Seau’s home, where his family has just arrived. A reporter from TMZ is on oakley outlet the scene and says that his mother is understandably distraught and had to be physically helped away by police.The second risk the company faces is oakley outlet also a potential catalyst for the stock. It comes from the possibilities and risks surrounding the adoption of additional global top level domains (gTLDs). As a result, ICANN is looking at setting up new gTLDs under which new websites can be set up. This has the potential to either be a huge catalyst for cheap ray bans the stock if a large number of new domains are bought, Cheap china Jerseys or a big let down if no one ends up using the new gTLDs. Right now, there appears to be fake oakleys strong interest in the new gTLDs based on news reports, but investors will have to wait a year or so to see how things start to play out. This is a real possibility towards the end of 2014 assuming that the new gTLDs cheap oakleys take off.7 food label claims that are meaninglessSkepticism of artificial ingredients spurs companies to actWesson Vegetable Oil, which is advertised as “Pure 100% Natural,” is made from soybeans that are genetically modified to withstand herbicides. It is also made using a solvent called hexane, wholesale nfl jersyes which the Environmental Protection Agency classifies as a hazardous air pollutant.As for high school debates, one has to take into consideration the fact that the age of these children is likely to be in the range of 14 to 18 years. At this age, classroom debates are your best bet if you intend to see children take interest in important issues. But how does a list of debate topics help? Students are usually given the topic at the last moment and therefore, a list like this cheap jordan can give them a rough idea as to what kind of topics can be expected. From the teacher’s point of view, on the other hand, a list of interesting topics would help in organizing interesting debates in the classroom.The number and instillation frequency of glaucoma eyedrops were used to estimate medication status. A fixed combination was counted as two medications and instillation frequency was calculated as the total number of times eyedrops were instilled per day. To quantify and evaluate ocular surface toxicity objectively, we used the CVS40/80 (cell viability score) system to express ocular surface cell cytotoxicity in commercial glaucoma eyedrops19. This value corresponds <a cheap oakley sunglasses href=”http://www.cheapraybansunglasseser.com/” target=”_blank”>ray ban sunglasses precisely to cytotoxicity assay results in cell culture. A CVS40/80 of 100 means no cell death, and, for example, Xalatan (Pfizer, Tokyo, Japan) and Duotrav (Japan Alcon Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan) eyedrops throwback nba jerseys have CVS40/80 values of 42 and 83, respectively. In the present study, the ocular surface toxicity of eyedrops was calculated as the sum of [(100 CVS)(instillation 13:14:50 time)] for each eyedrop. The concentration of benzalkonium chloride in eyedrops is not a direct indicator of cytotoxicity because cheap oakleys each pharmaceutical component and interactions among many ingredients can alter the cytotoxicity of commercial eyedrops.

WAsG vs. WSG vs. WaSP

Jul 2005

Immer wenn ich von der WAsG höre, assoziere ich ich irgendwas mit Webstandards damit. Web Standards Group oder The Web Standards Project.

Klingt ja auch alles ähnlich, aber die WSG/WAsP würde ich im Gegensatz zur WAsG auch wählen ;-)

Perhaps Time Away from the Computer Would be a Good Thing

colin kaepernick got it wrong although he’s rightWell, not going overboard or Wholesale Jerseys gaudy, we keep this look elegant and feminine. With a white strapped top, teal is our pick to go matchy matchy with accessories, adding pop to your outfit. Bangles and a cute pair of pumps is a must! You Get can combine teal with crispier shades like saffron or mint green, for cheap mlb jerseys a refreshing effect. Kelly failed to notice ray bans sale that Murray last year had mostly to do with running cheap jordan behind a great offensive line for a team able to stretch the field thanks to a top flight wide receiver (that player, Dez Bryant, missed Sunday game with injury; the Eagles let their best wholesale nfl jerseys and fastest receiver, Jeremy Maclin, leave in free agency.)This group was no different. Brodie knew no one when he moved into the Scotch College boarding house but went there with a broken foot, meaning he had to rely on other people from the get go. Jy Simpkin is there with him now, having moved cheap jerseys from Mooroopna to take part in the school’s Indigenous program last year. Jake Waterman watched his older brother Alex get drafted to West Coast two drafts ago, only to get ground down by glandular fever and adrenal fatigue. “It’s been the best insight for me,” he said, “to see how it’s not all going to be easy.”Polo ralph lauren outlet Mountains nfl broncos to adidas neo restore calm, michael kors handbags as pandora jewellery if tory burch shoes nothing kobe bryant jersey had nike air max happened cheap nike shoes to iphone 5 cases her ralph lauren shirts silence, air jordans occasionally replica watches pheasant roshe run chirping, nike outlet people feel nike huaraches there michael kors black friday Aura. How To Play ShintyThe game is played in two halves of 45 minutes each and the object is to score goals. The team which scores the higher number of goals wins. A referee oversees the game and it is up to him to interpret the rules and ensure that the conduct of the players cheap oakley sunglasses is not dangerous. There are also goal judges and linesmen to assist the referee.Though he became a relatively noticeable name from custom jerseys my Name is Earl, he also held small parts in a number of movies. A decent handful of these films have been Kevin Smith movie including Dogma, Chasing Amy, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Clerks 2. Simpson took Wholesale Jerseys to being an actor he played football for both the Buffalo Bills and san Francisco 49ers. His career as an actor is cheap football throwback nba jerseys jerseys mostly remembered by his roles in the Cheap Jerseys from china Naked Gun series of movies. However, after the nasty court battle that ensued over the murder of his wife, Simpson has majorly disappeared from any media. I guess that friendly face of his cannot overcome one of the most debated trials ever known.