Nuke and Pave

Feb 2005

The real reason to nuke and pave with major new versions of your OS is not that migration comes in late and is done reluctantly. The real reason is practical and it has a bit to do with your garage. You see, over time, both your garage and fake ray bans your OS do a phenonmenal job… of collecting crap.

Rands In Repose: Nuke and oakley sunglasses Pave

Genau deshalb mache auch ich immer eine saubere Neuinstallation von Betriebsystemen-Upgrades. Bei Windows sollte das ja klar sein, aber selbst Apple traue ich nicht 100% bei signifikanten Upgrades (also z.B. 10.2 -> 10.3). Der Punkt seine Daten so zu organisieren, dass man sie schnell und komplett bei einem Upgrade migrieren kann, hilft natürlich auch bei regelmäßigen Backups. Und wie Rands so schön schreibt:

Nuke and Pave is natural selection for your desktop.

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XML Geek

Nov 2004

Ich bin nun wahrlich nicht der Typ, der hier dem XML-Hype hinterher laufen muss und überall wo es nur geht XML einsetzt, cheap oakleys aber wenn man schonmal die Möglichkeit hat sinnvoll was mit XML zu machen dann auch gleich richtig. Und da wir in unserem Praktikum ne Menge mit XML gemacht haben, bin ich jetzt Cheap Oakleys quasi zum XML Geek geworden.

Vorher hatte ich nur wenig mit XML zu tun, das traversieren des DOM hat mich immer extrem gestresst und viele Konzepte, wie z.B. das Whitespace-Handling hab ich nicht verstanden. Etwas erstaunlich ist die schiere Menge an w3c-Standards für XML, da gibts echt für so scheinbar simple Sachen wie ein include in XML dicke Spezifikationen. So kommt man vermutlich im Leben nicht an allen Standards und Recommendations über XML vorbei. Muss man ja auch nicht. Die meist-gehassten “Features” von XML werden hier schon zusammengefasst: How Do I Hate Thee?

Die Themen, die es mir besonders angetan haben und in denen ich jetzt einigermaßen erfahren bin, sind XSLT und damit verbunden XPath. XSLT ist eine deskriptive Sprache — selbst in XML verfasst — um ein XML-Dokument in ein anderes zu transformieren. Das Deskriptive und die XML-Syntax machen es einem am Anfang cheap nfl jerseys etwas schwer sich einzuarbeiten; hat man die grundlegenden Konzepte aber verstanden so kann man schnell richtig komplexe Stylesheets schreiben um Formate umzuwandlen. XSLT rockt :)

Da in XSLT Xpath verwendet wird um die Knoten des XML-Baums anzusprechen die umgewandelt werden sollen, lernt man sehr schnell das einfache und doch mächtige Konzept von Xpath schätzen. Nie mehr werde ich einen DOM anders traverieren als mit XPath. Es ist einfach viel natürlicher

/html/body/div[@id = 'container']

zu schreiben um an das div mit der id container zu kommen, also sich da irgendwie mit getRoot().getChildren()… durchzuhangeln. Man kommt auch schnell an Node-Lists mit bestimmten Attributen ran, z.B.:

//p[@class = 'post']

gibt mir alle Paragraphs die der Klasse post angehören. XPath rockt :)


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Bloglines Web Services

Sep 2004

Wow, in der Tat genial. Eigentlich sind Webservices ja ne bekannte Sache, aber das Bloglines-Beispiel zeigt mir mal wieder, dass ich noch lange nicht deren Tragweite und Möglichkeiten begriffen habe.

Das hat mich auch gleich auf eine kleine, feine Idee gebracht, für die ich schon länge eine Lösung suche …

I was brought there to educate young people and instead I gave them very. “I was brought there to educate young people and instead I gave them very bad advice. Every person should take responsibility for his own actions. I’m sorry and I truly regret what I oakley sunglasses said that day.”bad advice. It’s hard to argue with them. Facebook on a pullback would be a great buy.But let’s not be so quick to call the company’s demise, or say that it will have no impact whatsoever. None of us know the truth cheap football jerseys especially within hours of the news.Twitter Is For Sale, ray ban sunglasses (Again?)Shares of Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) were originally down in Friday’s pre market trading session, after RBC’s Mark Mahaney downgraded cheap football jerseys the stock to underperform and assigned a $14 price target.The stock has since rocketed higher, climbing more than 21% Friday to its highest prices wholesale nfl jerseys since January on more reports the company could be for sale.During CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” segment, co host David Faber reported that the company’s board is considering a sale of cheap nfl jerseys the company, with interested suitors including Salesforce (NYSE:CRM) and Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL).Here’s where things get interesting.Let’s go by the assumption that the board really is considering a sale, despite holding out for a new CEO, “settling” for Jack Dorsey even though they jordan sale wanted Cheap NFL Jerseys a full time exec, and are now scrapping all those plans to instead be acquired, despite cratering to new 52 week lows not all that long ago.But for this case, let’s assume. The Ravens, by the way, cheap oakleys outlet are starting to NBA Jerseys Cheap stress the run game more again, as tailback Ray Rice returns to health. One team scout acknowledged that the Ravens had “maybe become a little too (enamored)” of the pass, and had gone away some from their usual mix. Despite his contention that it was a “difficult” decision last week to stick with struggling quarterback Matt Schaub for Sunday’s game against St. A beautiful, tough and gifted athlete, GINNY BAKER (Kylie Bunbury, “Under The Dome”) is vaulted into instant fame when she’s called up by the cheap mlb jerseys San Diego Padres to make her Major League debut. You will have to watch the premier on FOX, Sept. 22, to see the story unfold. I admit it. This show has potential that is off the charts and I hope that it survives more than three seasons.There is a reason why people admire those who possess a good sense of humor. The ability to make the other person smile and have some fun time with you, takes more than just good communication skills. I would call it a fake oakleys talent if one is capable to come up with funny conversation topics that can lighten the atmosphere around.

Neue Technologien

Jun 2004

Hiermit preise ich sowohl BitTorrent als auch HDTV, die einem das Leben als US-Serien-Fan so viel schneller und schöner machen ;-)

joe mixon video released of oklahoma running back punching amelia molitorBut Kent didn’t tell his parents Mechele was a dancer when they met her in Anchorage. “She would kind of pull back a bit physically when he’d put his arm around her,” Betsy remembers. “It’s hard for a mother to be this honest, but it didn’t seem like she loved him like he did her.”At the start of training camp, though, the team followed tight end Jason Witten’s lead cheap oakleys andchristened its first practice by locking arms with Dallas police as a show of support following the July tragedy when five officers were slain during a sniper attack in Dallas. The Cowboys wanted to wear a helmet decal, too, but the idea was nixed by the NFL.”I’m not insensitive or oblivious about the issues,” Jones said whenasked about the social concerns expressed by cheap nhl jerseys players, which include police brutality. This adorable pup’s first big bark might go right up there with “baby’s first steps” cheap nhl jerseys on the adorable score. When Piper tries to bark, she (literally) puts her whole body into it. I won’t spoil it for you, but the best part is at :08, when cheap ray bans Piper has a very unlikely yet funny reaction to hearing her loud bark. You can’t help but laugh, and even her owner had a little giggle from the outcome.This may sound very familiar as NBC took the same jordan sale path with Revolution a few years back. The series fake oakleys came on strong out of the gate, but after NBC stunningly gave it an unexpected hiatus (as to not take away its Voice boost), audiences didn’t come back. NBC figured a fresh start on a oakleys outlet new night would help re energize the base, but it didn’t and the show was cancelled the following year.The high heat paint is safe up to 1200 degrees, and as long as you don paint anything exposed to flames (the outside of the cheap football jerseys cover is not), it not a fire hazard (according to rustoleum at least). It says the only thing that might happen ray ban sunglasses is a harmless odor the first time you use the grill.PESCA: Baylor is good. How good? Before the Oklahoma game, they were rolling up over 700 yards a game. Now, it’s down to 686, but that’s still amazing. They’re scoring 61 points a game. They’re this unstoppable juggernaut. How do they do it? Let’s analyze Art Briles’ offense. And yet, you know, by next week they might crack the top five. College offense there’s a lot of <a Cheap NFL Jerseys href=”” target=”_blank”>wholesale china jerseys reasons why colleges are ranked where they are. But at this moment, it does seem that the old adage, which, especially in the NFL, has been disproven that oakley outlet defenses win championships, is still bought into in college. And you look at this Baylor offense that’s doing amazing space age things, and people admire it and people marvel at it and no one is saying it could possibly win a championship. And in fact, to be fair, they probably won’t get a chance to play for a championship.

Sicherheitsloch im Sasser-Wurm

May 2004

Gehts noch?

Wird aus einem Exploit eines Wurmes nicht automatisch ein Security-Patch ;-) Schön wärs …

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Moore’s Law

May 2004

So schlimm und überraschend ist das mit den Hardware Anforderungen von Longhorn ja auch nicht. Erstmal weiss eh keiner wann es rauskommen wird und dann sicherlich verspätet. Und neue Windows-Versionen waren immer schon am oberen Limit, schliesslich hat die ganze Hardware-Branche jahrelang von Windows gelebt. Erst in letzter Zeit hat sich das wegen fehlenden Updates etwas normalisiert.

Und der letzte Aldi-PC hatte 3GHz, also wird der Aldi-PC Anfang 2006 6 GHz haben. No Deal. Die Megaherze werden auch nicht der limitierende Faktor fake ray ban sunglasses sein, wenn man sich die Longhorn-Architektur ansieht läuft es eher auf ne gute Grafikkarte und ne Menge RAM hinaus. Wobei ich die 2GB RAM als Anforderung etwas hoch finde, von meinem Gefühl her hat sich die RAM-Größe in den letzten Jahre nicht so schnell entwickelt wie die CPUs.

Mal abgesehen davon, hat Bill Gates nur davon gesprochen wie er sich den durschnittlichen PC im Jahre 2006 vorstellt. Ob das die Longhorn-Anforderungen werden ist nicht klar, zumal es wenn die Optimal-Anforderungen sein werden. Dann schraubt man halt den Eye Candy Regler ein wenig zurück und schon läuft das.

Wenn es überhaupt mal erscheinen wird, dieses Longhorn ;-)

game words to analyst battling throat cancerThe Jets will miss the playoffs for the sixth consecutive season and have a roster filled with overpaid, aging veterans. As of now, New York is slated to be slightly over next year salary cap. But by making several obvious cuts, they should have a surplus of money to acquire some free agents at areas of need.PESCA: Yes, the two senators ray ban sunglasses from Arizona, Flake and McCain, were very livid about this. And I think the public was quite shocked. There are all these honor the troops and flyovers during games. Well, this was paid for. It’s called paid for patriotism. And the Army knows it’s good advertising. Heck, the Army pays $200 million to McCann Erickson, their ad agency. But this was sort of not exactly disclosed. And fans at the game couldn’t know that they were being advertised to, so the NFL’s decided cheap oakley sunglasses to give that money back.Therefore, the present study used microarray technology to examine strain differences in gene expression in custom jerseys the LC and DR of the stress sensitive, WKY rat vs Sprague (SD) outbred control rat.Top of pageMATERIALS AND METHODSAnimalsAdult male WKY and SD rats weighing 200 g (Taconic Farms, Germantown, NY) were used in all experiments. “Everybody understands that the more games you win, the better opportunities you have to play in the postseason and that’s what this deal is all about: trying to qualify for the postseason,” Philadelphia Coach Chip Kelly Cheap Jerseys from china said Monday. “But I don’t think talking about it does anything for us. I mean, we are going to meet for a certain amount of time for me to go over playoff scenarios with them, but it means absolutely nothing if we don’t play well against Dallas.Impressive throughout, Smith was outstanding in the third quarter as the game was won and lost. An admirable Bills defense was simply unable to contain him. Already the season’s Most Valuable Player, he added the Super Bowl MVP title to his burgeoning list of accolades, and his status as the sport’s best player is surely unchallenged.It’s impossible to know Cheap NFL Jerseys how popular he is, but the best case scenario (for him) is an approval rating of around 40 percent. The official polls and referendums show “pre invasion Saddam Hussein” levels of support, but some people are quite vocal about their disdain for the Wholesale NFL Jerseys dictator. In order to “prove” his legitimacy on the international stage, Lukashenko wholesale jerseys china hired this Nien Nunb looking woman:After the third week, you will have completed the first phase 2er of training a dog to come. Repeat the process in ray bans sale various locations, call the dog from a concealed location and make it come to find you. Add lots of variation to your training. Vary ray bans sale the distance etc. If the pup gets away from you and doesn’t want to come back, no matter how frustrated you are when you get it, make it a happy occasion. Never punish the dog for coming to you. This is a major tenant cheap oakley sunglasses in how to train a dog. Make it fun and you will have cheap oakley sunglasses a long and happy relationship with your dog.

Windows XP Internet Time

Apr 2004

Irgendwie zerschiesst mir xp-AntiSpy immer das Time Synchronization Feature von Windows XP. Damit kann man es wieder cheap nhl jerseys aktivieren:

1. Start->Run cmd.exe
2. net stop w32time
3. w32tm /unregister  [ignore error message]
4. w32tm /unregister
5. w32tm /register
6. net start w32time
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Jul 2002

WLAN erfreut sich ja höchster Beliebtheit und ich bin am Überlegen ob sich ein kleiner Hotspot hier zu Hause lohnen würde.
Cool wäre das schon :)


May 2002

Na, das wird ne anstrengende Woche. Soeben, erster Betatest des neuen Sunlogs. Dann kommt am 24. die neue pMachine und das von Roland entdeckte Nucleus wollte ich auch ausprobieren. Ne Menge Arbeit also :)

Journalist Joel Garreau on Tuesday recalled meeting Minsky in 2004 at a conference in Boston on cheap oakleys the future evolution of the human race: “What a character! Hawaiian shirt, smile as wide as a Wholesale China Jerseys frog’s, waving his hands over his head, a telescope always Cheap nfl jerseys in his pocket, a bag full of tools on his belt including what he said was a cutting laser, and a belt woven out of 8,000 pound test Kevlar which he said he could unravel if he ever needed to pull his car out of a ravine.”Syndication remains a huge growth driver for Lions Gate’s television segment. The company owns the syndication to “Family Feud” and “The Wendy Williams Show,” which both have seen strong sales to television channels. An announcement on the syndication of “Nashville” is expected soon and that could be a huge revenue boost for the syndication segment. Along with “Family Feud,” Lions Gate could also see game show success with the upcoming “Celebrity Name Game,” which Cheap Jerseys has already been sold to 90% of the country.But despite what Big Space wants you to believe, the vast majority of our solar system is still uncharted and unknown. The area between Mercury and the sun is too bright to see, and the area beyond Uranus is too dark. Scientists are still finding new objects in theasteroid belt by the hundreds of thousands. Oh yeah, and some cheap football jerseys of astronomers think there might be a second sun. Nothing NASA says can convince us this isn’t Galactus.Marty McFly rode his model sideways, like cheap oakleys a skateboard. The hoverboards on the market, however, are rode straight on, like a segway. Then, of course, there’s the fact that the Fake Oakleys new models don’t actually hover above the ground. They get from one place to another with the help of two wheels and, in some cases, gyroscopic controls.In the mid ’90s, an email started circulating around the oakleys outlet world warning of a study by a scientist named Nancy Markle that definitively linked aspartame with diseases as broad as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, and even Gulf War syndrome. Gulf War syndrome? They must’ve been drinking the shit out of Diet Coke over there.UBER acts as a portable power supply for cross species engineering by supplying autonomously regulated amounts of T7 RNAP for transcription of genes controlled by T7 promoters. We measured its capacity using a T7 promoter to express either a green fluorescent protein (GFP) reporter or a three enzyme terpenoid biosynthesis pathway in E. coli DH10B, P. putida KT2440 and B. subtilis ray bans sale 168; these strains feature substantially different plasmid compatibilities, metabolisms and growth conditions (Methods). While the copy number ?? of the UBER system and the T7 promoter driven output modules varied across hosts, we measured comparable levels of expression and metabolic production titers cheap nfl jerseys (Fig. 1b). In particular, UBER driven expression of the pathway in E. coli DH10B resulted in a threefold higher product titer, compared with expression of the same pathway by either the PlacO1 or PBAD inducible promoters in E. coli MG1655 (ref. 40). After transforming eight UBER variants into cheap oakleys both E. coli and P. putida, the rank order of their GFP expression levels was also found to be preserved (Supplementary Fig. 2), indicating that the expression capacity of UBER is preserved among species Fake Oakleys with similar growth rates. The above data provide evidence that the host independent UBER can be ported between unrelated species without loss of function.

Scheiss IBM

Apr 2002

Oh Oh, nachdem ich neulich noch locker darüber gesprochen hab, hat es mich jetzt anscheinend auch erwischt: Meine IBM-Platte kratzt ab :(

Noch geht sie zum Glück, aber sie macht Geräusche, die eine Festplatte normalerweise nicht macht. Gleich mal den Drive Fitness Test gemacht. Ergebnis: Defective device, 96 kaputte Sektoren.
Mist, dabei ist das noch die neuere Platte (6 Monate). Meine andere geht schon seit knapp zwei Jahren.

Dann werde ich wohl noch schnell ein paar Backups machen und überlegen wie ich das mit dem Austausch mache, das dauert ja immer ewig und solange kann ich nicht ohne Festplatte *hrmpf*


how to create your own spreadsheet programJust last month, New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Expressed to some ex players that he hears gay slurs on the field on a regular basis. Reading between the lines, oakley outlet those words may have caused an enraged Beckham to target Panthers cornerback Josh Norman repeatedly, including a helmet to helmet hit.. The immediate fake oakleys reason for a ray bans sale doubling or tripling of the price of wheat, rice and corn (maize) was a couple of local crop failures and the diversion of large amounts of American corn into biofuel production, but the underlying cause was that the global food supply is falling further and fake ray bans further behind demand.Since 1945 the world’s population has tripled, and so has its food production, growing at an average of about 3 per ray bans sale cent annually through the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and most of the 90s. But for most of the past decade grain production has flat lined, while the global population has gone on growing.By 2006, just before the prices soared, the world grain reserve (the amount that is left in the storage bins each year just before the new harvest comes in) had shrunk from 116 days of food cheap oakleys for everybody in the world in 1999 to only 57 days. Last year’s generally good harvests brought prices back down, but the outlook for this year is dire, with drought in about half of the world’s main grain growing areas.So wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have all-natural to compete for scarce stocks of grain at inflated prices on the international grain market when prices soar? Wouldn’t it be great if you could rely instead on your own food supply, even if it isn’t located in your own country? That’s why it’s mostly countries that fake oakleys depend heavily on food imports that are involved in the current land rush in Africa but they are forgetting two things.The Wholesale Jerseys first is that sovereignty trumps contractual obligations every time. Hi, I’m David Dubail, owner of Dubail Fitness cheap jordan Institute in Miami Florida. In this clip I’m going to show you how cheap jerseys to use a heart rate monitor. This is a typical heart rate monitor, again, you can get it in any sporting goods store. Rent an air compressor intended for purging sprinkler systems. Do not attempt to use home air compressors, leaf blowers or other makeshift methods. These may provide insufficient volume to expel all water or over pressurize the system and damage components. After battling ray ban outlet injuries for the better part of two years, Barber gained 1,639 all purpose yards in 1999 and over 2,000 in the year 2000, the latter leading wholesale nfl jerseys his team to the Super Bowl. Barber was splitting time with Ron Dayne but his only drawback was a penchant for fumbling, something that eventual head coach Tom Coughlin would virtually make disappear by showing Barber how to properly take care of the football. Even though he was getting older, Barber continued to get better with age, racking up 2,390 total yards in 2005 and rushing for 1,662 yards in 2006.


Apr 2002

Da isse
Die Google-Api. Hier gibts die Links.

Jetzt brauche ich nur noch ne Killer-Idee :)

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Mar 2002

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Mar 2002

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Mar 2002

So, nachdem ich jetzt ein bisschen mit Moveabletype 2.0 rumgespielt hab, weiss ich, dass das nichts für mich ist. Zuerst hab cheap football jerseys ich mit der Installation gekämpft, das lag aber daran, dass die erforderlichen Module nicht installiert waren und ImageMagick keine Lust hatte zu kompilieren. Irgendwann lief es dann, aber das ganze CGI-Zeugs ist im Gegensatz zu PHP einfach nur langsam. Vielleicht versuche ich das ganze mal als mod_perl Handler zu installieren.
Die Oberfläche ist ganz gut geworden, ????? aber warum ist bei Posten eines neuen Artikel Draft voreingestellt? Hab mich zuerst oakley outlet gewundert, warum die Artikel nicht erscheinen.
An den Templates hab ich Cheap Football Jerseys jetzt noch nicht gebastelt und die BloggerAPI cheap nfl jerseys wollte ich bei der Gelegenheit auch mal ausprobieren. Aber eins ist cheap ray bans klar, ich bleib beim Sunlog


Mar 2002

Hier kann man NBA Jerseys Cheap seine DSL-Verfügbarkeit prüfen. Auf der Ergebnisseite einfach mal den custom jerseys Quelltext anzeigen lassen und nach Cheap Football Jerseys ‘Bandbreite’ suchen. Ich hab zwar keine Ahnung ob das genau ist, ray ban sunglasses aber auf jeden Fall steht da ne Zahl :)
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