May 2002

Der heutige Tag lässt sich mit einem Wort beschreiben: Parkplatzsuche

Heute Wholesale China Jerseys morgen (naja mittag *g*) hab ich echt 15 Minuten nach nen Parkplatz auf dem Campus gesucht. Es war nämlich Techno-Tag, so ne Info-Veranstaltung. Zu der die Gymnasiasten natürlich in Bussen kommen mussten, die erstmal alles versperrt haben. Irgendwann habe ich dann doch noch was gefunden, natürlich genau am anderen Ende des Campus. Zu meiner Übung bin ich dann erstaunlicherweise nur ein paar Minuten zu spät gekommen.

Dann kam eine relativ durchschnittliche Systemsoftware-Zwischenklausur (wer hat eigentlich die Auswahlklausuren erfunden?). Zu der uns netterweise die Bigband begleitet hat. Danach hatte ich eigentlich garkein Bock mehr. Aber meine Lebensmittelvorräte gingen zur Neige und wenigstens bei uns ist morgen Feiertag :)
Also auf zu Aldi, zur Feierabendzeit immer ein besonderer Spaß. Jedenfalls auch da keine Parkplätze. Nach einem lauteren Schrei meinerseits hab ich dann doch noch was gefunden.

Oh man, ich fahr nie mehr Auto.

for openly gay football playerFootball boots are specialized footwear used by players while playing football. They come in various shapes and sizes, and are made using a variety of leather, with kangaroo leather being the most preferred. Football boots cheap oakleys outlet also have studs protruding from the soles. These boots are also Cheap Jerseys known as cheap football jerseys china ‘cleats’. Recently, shoes with specially designed boots known as blades having molded soles facing in multiple directions to maximize grip and minimize ankle injury have been gaining a lot of popularity. However, these boots are also getting a lot of criticism, as they can cause serious injury to other players.Bloomberg: Intel mobile chief Aicha Evans departs The timing of Evans’ departure is noteworthy, given numerous reports Apple plans to partly rely on Intel for its iPhone 7 baseband modem needs after years of sole sourcing with Qualcomm. But it’s also worth noting Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) has seen a pretty big executive shakeup over the last 12 months. Among other things, President Renee James and several other senior execs have left, and Qualcomm vet Murthy Renduchintala has both been put oakley sunglasses outlet in charge of a massive new engineering/product group and made a slew of notable hires. Evans’ resignation could be linked to the Cheap Jerseys shakeup.On one of USC’s first offensive plays against Oregon on Saturday, quarterback Sam Darnold diagnosed a screen to a receiver that was sniffed out, and he took off running the other way. The Huskies were ranked No. 5 last cheap ray bans week, behind one loss Texas A but the Aggies lost last weekend.[T]he biggest failure the FDIC has handled was Washington Mutual in 2008. And while that was plenty big with $307 billion in assets, it was a small fry compared with the $2.5 trillion in assets today at JPMorgan Chase, the $2.2 trillion at Bank of America or the $1.9 trillion at Citigroup. . in There was no Cheap mlb Jerseys possibility that the FDIC could take on the rescue of a cheap jerseys Citigroup or Bank of America when the full fledged financial crisis broke in the fall of that year and threatened the solvency of even the biggest banks.One of the kids my family knew wasn’t very good at his dictionary reading. He had trouble reading at all, or even making out diagrams on the blackboard. He was held back for three years because he just couldn’t hack the coursework. Eventually his mom took him to the optometrist, and surprise, the kid was desperately in need of glasses. Somehow Hubbard’s tech failed to cheap ray bans account for that possibility.Pretty much every zombie franchise from Night of the Living Dead on cheap nfl jerseys has taught us Wholesale Jerseys that humans are the real monsters in an apocalypse most survivors will be psychopaths who are more dangerous than the undead. The Road tells us that even the good guy isn’t necessarily a “good guy” when he’s doing what he thinks is necessary to survive, and that literally everyone else is a rapist or a cannibal or both.

Uni Conspiracy

May 2002

Uni Conspiracy
Mit welcher Zielstrebigkeit die Uni-Partys genau vor die Zwischenklausuren gelegt werden ist doch mehr als erstaunlich. Von Zufall kann Cheap Jerseys da keine Rede mehr sein.

Of course, once you’re ready to land, wholesale china jerseys all you need to do is deploy your parachute and try to avoid church steeples and stampedes of rabid buffalo. If your chute fails to open, however, you can just use the newly acquired wrecking balls in your nut sack to decrease your altitude.The vote capped six frenzied weeks, from the project’s public unveiling to the approval without a public vote. A ballot initiative to add the stadium to existing plans to develop the site was certified earlier oakley outlet this month after organizers collected 22,183 signatures, twice the number needed. Inglewood had the choice of putting the project on the ballot in wholesale Jerseys June or letting the City Council approve the plan, which includes a mixed use fake ray ban sunglasses development sprawling over 298 acres.Since its inception in 2005, coverage of the A League and all its matches has been owned by Fox Sports. In a deal beginning on the 1st of July this year and lasting Fake Oakleys until 2017 the ?? two networks reportedly paid $160 million for the broadcasting rights. For the past eight seasons Fox oakleys outlet Sports have Cheap NFL Jerseys done a fantastic job in covering the A League, always providing expert analysis and commentary as well as doing their bit to promote the sport.3b) which was particularly evident for AMPK (AMPK pT172, TSC2 pS1387), IRS/PI3K (Akt pT308), Akt (PRAS40 pT246) and mTORC2 (Akt pS473). The quality Cheap mlb Jerseys of the fit between this model and our data reported a value of 1,415 using the Akaike information criterion (AIC)27 (Table 1, single aa input). We speculated that other network components might respond to aa independently of mTORC1. Hutan Ashrafian, a lecturer in surgery at Imperial College London, said that several members of the family appeared to have suffered from ailments which can be explained by hormonal imbalances. He said: ‘A lot of his family predecessors lived to a ripe old age. Only cheap China Jerseys his immediate line were dying early, and they were dying earlier each generation.’Girl, 15, with mystery illness that’s left her vomiting, bleeding and covered in a rash 10 WEEKS after a holiday in Menorca but doctors still won’t perform a body oakley sunglasses scanVicky Archer, 15, has become ill since being bitten by a mosquito on a family holiday in MenorcaBright student has suffered memory loss, vomiting and swollen limbsHer skin is covered from top to toe in a painful, hockey jerseys itchy red rashShe spent her 15th birthday in isolation at Bristol Children’s HospitalMedics suspect vasculitis, but 10 weeks on she’s yet to have a body scanBristol Children’s Hospital has apologised to her frantic familyVicky’s mother fears the illness could cause long term problemsBy

En Francais

May 2002

En francais
also heute hätte ich mich echt geärgert, wenn ich Karten für die Show hätte

coming out in a stadium near youSome of you may be familiar with a version of this game cheap oakley sunglasses cheap jordan as a non drinking game, but it is an easy game to play while drinking and requires you to have nothing but some friends to play with. To play the game you need to decide who goes first. This can be arbitrary and has no effect on the game, you just need someone to start. Are the night janitors getting drunk on the job and mistaking the shopping carts for toilets? Actually, this, like so many other hazardous shopping experiences, is because of children. They have a habit of sticking their hands everywhere, and as such they tend to carry trace amounts of hockey jerseys fecal matter among other things about their person at all times. Imagine that poop encrusted toddler sitting in your shopping cart before you got hold of it, just smearing his hands on everything, as kids are wont to do. “He tried to keep his professional life different from his social life and his family life. He never really talked to me about playing in the NFL,” Ian said. “He just told me, ‘Hey man, when you’re in the league make sure you have a ukulele next to you.’ I got my uke out here. For those cheap jerseys DESIGNS of you who live outside of the southeast, hockey jerseys you are probably gleefully unaware of the seriousness to which college football is taken there. College football is a certifiable religion. SEC fans are much like wholesale Jerseys the zealous cheap football jerseys evangelists proselytizing to the masses. “The change is vital if the Spanish league is to compete with the English,” he says. “The revenue figures for our clubs this year will be around the 1.55bn [1.34bn] mark, in England the figure is closer to 2.4bn [2.09bn]. It is not just the TV deals themselves but the potential repercussions that being shown prime time in Japan can have on marketing cheap oakleys revenues.”. As the daily chart highlights, cheap nfl jerseys we are entering the fall season at the bottom end of the trading range. Technical metrics indicate that the price is in oversold territory with the slow stochastic, a momentum indicator, below 30. Relative strength is on the lower side of neutral at 41, and daily historical volatility at 29% is uncharacteristically low for natural gas. Max Seigal of Boulder, Colo., placed second for his image “Thunderstorm at False Kiva” and won a spot in a . Third place went to Yanai Bonneh of Negev, Israel, for his image of cheetahs, captioned “Say Cheese.” His prize is cheap jerseys a six day cruise for two on a Maine windjammer schooner. Seven merit prize winners received a print of their photo, matted cheap jerseys and framed by the National Geographic Imaging Lab, and a $200 gift certificate to B cheap jerseys china Photo..


May 2002

Studium ist der direkte Weg in die Drogenabhängigkeit (wenn es die Schule noch nicht geschafft hat).

Aber warum gibt es keine Lern-Drogen, Ehrgeiz-Pillen oder Kill-your-Schweinehund-Zäpfchen? Gegen alles andere gibt es irgendwelche Mittelchen, aber da muss man alleine durch. Verdammt.
Irgendwer irgendwelche Tipps? Dürfen auch legale Sachen sein :)

keep your feet toasty with remote control socks”It was painful, cheap nfl jerseys but that’s what I love about sports custom jerseys I’m a diehard fan, not a fair weather fan,” the 47 year old, whose real name is O’Shea Jackson, says of his long wait.”I cheap jordan was happy with just supporting the team, seeing us grow, seeing us trying to get back on track.”The self styled “President of the Raider Nation” has done his part to back the team, recording rap tunes such as “Come And Get It” to rouse the long suffering fans.”Music and sports that’s a marriage made in heaven. Without music, sports is just a game,” the former NWA member explains.”The music adds excitement, it gives you a backdrop, gives you theme music, gives you all the energy that’s why guys come out with their headphones on, because the music gets them ready to play.”Read: NFL star retires with awesome ‘mic drop’Read: Denver Broncos head coach quitsRead: NFL trio to make London debuts in 2017Me, my son Cheap Jerseys from china Shareef, nephew CJ, Pops Kebo. Chilling at the Raiders game. Yeah my son is a Ravens fan. Damn you Ray Lewis!However, Ice Cube’s Raider passion doesn’t necessarily extend to the rapper’s family his son Shareef is a Baltimore Ravens fan.Every so often, we would get a couple being, ray ban sunglasses uh, “escorted” in by the bride’s dad. It’s usually clear that he’s the primary motivating force behind this union. We’ll ask “Why are you getting married?” and other cutesy questions to try to upsell them on a themed mug, T shirt, scrapbook, etc., and all the grooms in these weddings do the same thing: Look back at dad and nervously tell cheap nfl jerseys us, “Because I cheap jerseys love her.” You could turn it into an ad for birth control.Corporate social responsibility wholesale nfl jerseys (CSR) refers to the obligation of cheap oakleys corporations to wield their tremendous power in a safe and ethical manner. An organization that implements CSR practices integrity based ethics as opposed to compliance oakley outlet based ethics. Corporate social responsibility takes the corporation beyond simple compliance with rules and regulations imposed by outside sources and addresses the fact that while a specific action cheap nfl jerseys might be legal, it may not be ethical. Strategic management of CSR is essential in ensuring that an organization acts in a safe and ethical manner in accordance with its overall mission.Portable fish finders are the easiest to install, if they need wholesale jerseys any installation at all. Some portable fish finders have a transducer with a suction cup mounting system. Just take these models and stick the suction cup to your boat, kayak GR5 or float tube beneath the water line so that they are completely submerged.


May 2002

Stimmt, ein Heidenspaß der Grand Prix mit Stermann/Grisseman :)

Tough as it is to understand for a 23 year old who has been wholesale jerseys blessed with a lot God has given me a lot of ability, amazing amount of everything and it seems like it all working against you. But what are you gonna do? Are you gonna back down or stand up? And I never been one to back down. I going cheap nfl jerseys to stand up. In December, Beckham Fake Oakleys was suspended for a game by the league after drawing three personal cheap oakleys fouls while playing against arch nemesis Josh Gordon, then with the Carolina Panthers and now with the Washington Redskins.Maryland holds off South Dakota State, 79 74SPOKANE, Wash. Maryland Cheap NFL Jerseys needed a turnover in the closing seconds to ensure it would avoid a place with all the other top seeds that lost in the first round of this topsy turvy NCAA Tournament, holding off South cheap jerseys wholesale Dakota State behind a career high 27 ray ban sunglasses points from Jake Layman.Jarryd Hayne has reportedly met the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) about a possible switch to the NSW Waratahs in a move that Dschungel could ruin the Eels’ chances cheap nba jerseys of getting their elite star back into the NRL at Parramatta.After failing to make the cut for Fiji’s Olympic sevens team for the Rio Games, it was widely expected the ex San Francisco 49ers’ NFL player would return to the Eels.However, according to Fairfax Media, Hayne met ARU boss Bill Pulver in Sydney on Wednesday to discuss the prospect of joining fellow code hopper Israel Folau at the Waratahs in Super Rugby.The meeting was convened at Hayne’s request despite the fact his Fijian allegiance rules him out of playing for the Wallabies.That would lessen the chances of the ARU, already under financial pressure, oakleys outlet topping up his Super Rugby salary unless a new precedent was set.”We have had dialogue with Jarryd and discussed the potential opportunities available to him in rugby,” Pulver said.With various materials like wood, wrought iron, leather, etc., there are many unique ideas, that one can come up with. The best part about them <a href="" cheap nhl jerseys target=”_blank”>NFL Jerseys China is that you can style them in absolutely any design and color so that you can match them with either your beds, wall colors, or bedroom interiors. These aren’t just a bunch of adorably foreign greasers adopting elements of another culture because it’s exotic, it looks cool, and “getting drunk on a hot rod” is a more satisfying hobby than elk wrestling Cheap NFL Jerseys (or whatever it is the Swedes do on the weekends). The raggare didn’t “adopt” the greaser thing as a bit of ironic nostalgia the ’50s never ended for them. They’ve been doing this for 60 years, and the subculture only grows in popularity with each passing day. A huge part of the scene is the raggare brawls organized honor based mass fistfights that rove from town to town, like a mashup between The Wild One and Street Fighter II.

nichts zu tun

May 2002

für alle, die nichts zu tun cheap nhl jerseys haben

day brew for every teamVAUGHN: A group of cheerleaders kicks off an event here at Windsor’s convention center. The NFL and Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis unveiled a special logo to commemorate this city’s hockey jerseys participation in Super Bowl XL activities in collaboration with Detroit. But during a recent press conference, Mayor Francis was forced to Cheap NFL Jerseys address concerns about border crossing cheap oakley sunglasses during the festivities.At Publishing, revenue was $218 million in the third wholesale football jerseys quarter, custom jerseys and OIBDA was $31 million, up 10%, as our expense rationalization efforts keep paying off. Just as with our TV programming, where digital continues to be a growing part of the business, wholesale china jerseys digital competition between Apple, Barnes Noble, Google, Amazon cheap oakleys and the rest has us well positioned in the e book space, giving our leading content. We had more New York Times bestsellers in this year’s third quarter than we did last year.It’s called “Witzelsucht,” which is hopefully German, or else somebody sneezed while typing up that entry in the medical dictionary. For five years, “Derek” would wake his wife up at night to berate her with stupid puns he thought were genius. She convinced him to go to a doctor, which must’ve been an awkward conversation. “Your jokes are so terrible that something is medically wrong with you,” is rarely received well.He was subsequently blasted by Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, who was trying to block the kick off the edge.The officials called offsides, which Sherman was, but they blatantly missed another foul.Dean Blandino, the NFL’s senior vice custom jerseys president of dyr officiating, tweeted that Sherman should have been flagged for unnecessary roughness for hitting Carpenter.”I went straight for the ball,” Sherman said on the field after the game. Opening the season in Jacksonville against the Jaguars is no joke and meeting the Giants, Cowboys, Redskins, Texans, and Seahawks among others, Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay will get the job done, especially since Jordy Nelson is back and healthy and Eddie Lacy is back to looking and playing like cheap nfl jerseys his old self. If last year taught Green Bay anything, they learned that their defense can play similarly to some of oakley outlet the cheap jerseys other top squads in the NFC. The Panthers caught fire and finished 15 1 in 2015. This is Green Bay’s year to make a similar run.According to Dr. Jonathan Wright, low potassium levels may play a role in poor hearing and hearing loss. Whether this is due to low potassium intake or poor functioning of potassium channels in your inner ear, Dr. Wright suggests that you supplement your diet and increase your intake of foods rich in potassium. Due to the high potassium content in a variety of fruits, such as apricots, bananas, melons and oranges, Dr. Wright suggests juices or smoothies to increase your potassium intake. Other potassium rich foods include potatoes, spinach, lima beans, milk and raisins.


May 2002

Der Kopf denkt, der Fuss versenkt

<div cheap jerseys from china id=”div_id_5610″>
11, 2016, in Seattle.(Photo: Stephen Brashear, AP)Four Miami Dolphins, including running back Arian Foster, took a knee during the playing of the national anthem before their game against theSeattle Seahawks on Sunday.The other Dolphins were linebacker Jelani Jenkins, wide receiver Kenny Stills and safetyMichael Thomas.”They say it’s not the time to do this,” Foster said after the Dolphins’12 10 loss.”When is the time? It’s never the time in somebody else’s eye, because they’ll always Questions feel like it’s good enough. Working as a TeamAnother, or to put it Cheap NFL Jerseys more accurately the most important reason that lions are able to find enough food is that they usually do their hunting cooperatively. They will stalk their victims for up to an hour, but fifteen minutes is more the norm before deciding to pounce. Normally, several lions circle around the herd they are attacking, slowly driving their victims towards some of their fellows hiding in ray ban sunglasses tall grass. These lions, usually females also known as lionesses then attack their prey from the sides or the rear. Cooperative hunting also ray ban outlet makes up for another significant problem that lions have in comparison with other predators, their lack of speed. By our standards of course, these mighty creatures are anything but slow, their top seed is around 30mph, but they can only sustain it for around a minute. Indeed, they rarely pursue a replica oakleys prey item for more than 100 yards. By working in groups they are able to tackle prey that would otherwise prove too fast or elusive for them.If you have only been missing a few hours, then it is highly unlikely that anyone is out searching for you with planes and helicopters. The pilots and passengers are not paying attention, and are cheap oakleys sunglasses probably Wholesale NFL Jerseys too high up for you to be more than an ant sized speck in the ray ban sunglasses forest.Diluted shares outstanding are expected to be approximately 127 million compared to 124 million in Q4 of last year. Non GAAP earnings per diluted share are expected to increase in the range of $0.87 to $0.89 from $0.76 last year. For the full year 2011, we anticipate that non GAAP earnings per cheap oakleys diluted share will be in the range of $2.01 to $2.03. Specifically, we anticipate that our gross profit rate will increase year over year primarily as a result of higher merchandise wholesale jerseys margins and some occupancy leverage. We also anticipate SG expenses to leverage in 2011.MARTIN: And, Lauren, I wanted to ask you, one of the things that I appreciated about the book is how you talked about how you also tried to be a mentor and a support to the younger players. I mean, there’s one player in particular who tragically whose mother was killed, and then he took charge of and took custody of his younger siblings. And that you backed him up by going to parent teacher Fake Oakleys conferences with him, for example, just to have another kind of set of eyes. You know, we often hear stories about young athletes messing up or just or dissipating their talents, going broke, fathering, like, numerous children out of wedlock, you know, sort of this kind of thing. And I just kind of wondered, did you feel you had a role to play in kind of mentoring these young ladies as well? wholesale Jerseys

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Verdammte Scheisse

May 2002

Verdammte Scheisse
ich hab das Lernen verlernt

Detroit Lions fans didn’t have much to cheap authentic jerseys cheer about over the last few years, as their team finished with dismal records from 2001 to 2003. The good news is that the Lions improved each year during that period. (Ok, so they only jumped from 2 14 to 5 11, but that’s still an improvement.)ROSE: McManus isn’t cheap nfl jerseys the only female voice on television that’s been amplified cheap jerseys by the NFL domestic violence story. Her ESPN colleague Hannah Storm aired her disappointment with the league in a much discussed commentary earlier this month. Rachel Nichols of CNN had tough questions for Commissioner Goodell last week. So did Jericka Duncan of CBS.Cheap Oakley Sunglasses His Michael Kors Purses mother ray ban sunglasses made Cheap Jerseys from china oakley sunglasses precisely Wholesale Christian Louboutin the cheap jordans air max shoes same coach purse remark. Oakley Sunglasses With ray ban sunglasses the Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Sale dessert nike air max shoes store there sale ray ban sunglasses online arrived oakley glasses a Oakley Sunglasses visitor, air jordan 5 Monsieur oakley sunglasses sale Fergant, Ray cheap oakleys sunglasses Ban 3025 Sunglasses 62Mm a coach purse relation cheap nike air max ltd of nike air max ltd Madame Louis Vuitton handbags Duparc s. But then I did. I raised my own children in an open household where we spoke about good things and bad. I was often outspoken and occasionally cursed. My kids were encouraged, and validated, and heard. I didn’t keep secrets and I tried to teach them to be honest but not in a hurtful way. They saw humanity at its best. They witnessed the propriety with which my in laws negotiated the world and the kindness with which they treated their sons and grandchildren and custom jerseys the worst as they watched both my parents belittle and Wholesale Jerseys neglect me, and by association, them.You go play to win. When you start tellin’ me it doesn’t matter, then retire. Get out! ‘Cause it matters.” Right now may be the most important game of your life. The results could have a direct impact on the rest of your life. This is something that is supposed to be taken seriously. Subscribe to USA TODAYAlready a print edition subscriber, but don’t have a login?Activate your digital access.Manage your account settings. ET Feb. ET Feb. 25, 2016Memphis Tigers quarterback Paxton Lynch (12) looks Cheap Football Jerseys down field during the game against the Auburn Tigers in the 2015 Birmingham Bowl at Legion Field.(Photo: Marvin Gentry, USA TODAY Sports)Corrections and oakley outlet clarifications: A previous version of this story cheap nhl jerseys misidentified what school Paxton Lynch attended.For many NFL teams and draft prospects, the scouting combine is more about confirmation that revelation.Drills act as one piece of the evaluation black process and won’t trump all the previous scouting and research.

hockey jerseys

Episode II DVD

May 2002

Bis Weihnachten haben wir die Episode II DVD, wahrscheinlich Anfang November Fake Oakleys (mehr Infos)
Die DVDs für Episode 4-6 gibts aber vermutlich erst 2005, also nach Episode III

Episode II Mistakes

MIKE PESCA, BYLINE: A baseball fan can only dream fake oakleys of being able to pick Hall of Famer Tris Speaker’s brain for tips on playing center field. It’s like getting to ask Teddy Roosevelt about the best ways to charge a hill. And cheap nfl jerseys Speaker did play during TR’s time in the White House. And Bob Wolff did get to ask Speaker about defensive positioning, which prompted Speaker to drop a name more casually than he ever did a fly ball.In 1890 Army had only one player with any real football experience Dennis Michie, in whose honor today’s West Point’s football stadium is named. As a result Army was trounced 24 0 by a Navy team that had been playing football since 1886. The next year Army hired a part time coach, played a series of early season games, and with Michie (who would die tragically in the Spanish American War) once again leading the way, Army avenged its earlier loss by a 32 16 score.Quicken and QuickBooks are both accounting applications created by Intuit. While hockey jerseys they possess some of the same capabilities, Quicken is limited in what it can do in comparison ray bans sale to QuickBooks. If you need to create and keep track of many different financial aspects of your business, such as receipts, financial statements and purchase orders, QuickBooks is capable of the job, where Quicken is not. If you need cheap ray bans to upgrade from Quicken to QuickBooks, you do not have to re enter your financial data. hockey jerseys You can export the data from Quicken into QuickBooks.Fujita, a linebacker with the Cleveland Browns, was suspended for three games while cheap oakleys sunglasses Hargrove, a defensive lineman now with oakley outlet the Green Bay Packers, got an eight game suspension.”It is the obligation of everyone, including the players on the field, to ensure that rules designed to promote player safety, fair play, and the integrity of the game are adhered to and effectively and consistently enforced,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement announcing the suspensions. The Wayzata player who delivered the blow that sent Jablonski into the boards was issued a five minute major penalty for boarding as well as a 10 minute game disqualification. Regardless of the intent or the legality of the hit on Jablonski, it was immediately clear that he was injured, Etats-Unis badly. After telling his coach that he had no feeling in his hands or feet, Jablonski was taken to a nearby hospital, just five miles from his 930 student high school.Thanks, operator, and thanks, everyone, for joining us for our Second Quarter 2010 Financial Results and Outlook Conference Call. With me today on the call cheap nfl jerseys are Mike White, our President and CEO; Larry Hunter, General Counsel; nfl jerseys cheap Pat Doyle, CFO; and Bruce Churchill, President of DIRECTV Latin America. In a moment, I’ll hand the call over to Mike, Bruce and Pat for some introductory remarks. But first, I’ll read to you the following: On this call, we make statements that may constitute forward looking statements within cheap football jerseys china the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual results to be materially different from those expressed or implied by the relevant forward looking statements.

Star Wars OV

May 2002

Am Dienstag hab ich es endlich geschafft mir Star Wars in der Original-Version anzusehen. Besser gesagt Vincent mit englischem Ton, das Bild war deutsch.
Das Bild war aber diesmal zum Glück bedeutend besser und so konnte ich den Film nochmal richtig geniessen. Wer die Möglichkeit hat, sollte sich den Film auf jeden Fall in Englisch ansehen, gefällt mir viel besser.
Anakins Stimme ist im Original besser, nicht so Boygroup-mäßig. Frank Oz als Yoda, der aber auch jünger, kräftiger klingt (klingen soll), was imo in Episode I nicht der Fall war, merkwürdig.

Der Gesamteindruck ist auf jeden Fall stimmiger. Nochmal aufgefallen ist mir der geniale Score, mit den schönen Andeutungen des Imperial March und Vader-Themes.

Hier noch ein paar Easter-Eggs für die, die sich den Film nochmal ansehen.

Schade, dass es bei mir in der Nähe keine DLP-Kinos gibt, hätte doch mal gerne den Vergleich gehabt.

Jetzt beginnt das endlose warten auf Episode III :(

When asked that my final post be an advice letter to the winner and not a standard rundown, I was excited after my 10 weeks of recaps. fake oakleys But now as I’m sitting here writing this letter, dearest Eddie, I, for the first time, do not know what to say, so I will try my best. Granted I’ve been at this for only four years, but I do feel I’ve had a decent trajectory, and with that comes a decent amount of experience. Take my advice or not; I won’t be offended either way. Here goes.After having done some media monitoring I have singled out two types of thinkers. The first loves the idea of having a big international Cheap Jerseys brand in Australia, and the second will not set foot into “foreign” soil. Some articles have even said Zara is unhealthy, labelling it fast cheap oakleys outlet food am leaning towards the first school of thought. I do support Australian fashion; I think it is unique. However, the whole idea of fashion is that it should be up to date with the latest trends in the industry.”What I had to do was be the best No. 2,” says McCown, who became the starting quarterback throughout October and led the Cardinals hockey jerseys to two of their three wins so far this 3 8 season while Warner recovered from a groin injury. This month, Warner has been back on the field and McCown back on the bench.At the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal swimmers from East Germany won 11 of the 13 Cheap Oakleys events in the pool; in the 1990s, their coaches cheap oakleys admitted they had pumped their athletes full of steroids. The East German swimmers’ cheating wasn’t discovered but eight weightlifters were found to have bulked up on steroids.Bryan Altman, CBS Sports: Ravens. “This is a whole lot of points to Cheap NFL Jerseys be giving a 7 5 division leading team with the best defense in the NFL. I get it, it’s hockey jerseys the Patriots, they command that kind of respect, but I think the Gronk less Patriots will struggle here. Ravens pull the upset over the Patriots and expand their AFC North lead in the process, let’s say on oakley outlet a last second Justin Tucker field goal.”Off Sides: This is also misunderstood sometimes. Off sides is really not that hard to follow if you remember one thing; the puck always has Wholesale China Jerseys to be in the offensive zone before the offensive players. There is one exception; a defensive player can put the puck back into his own zone while the other team has offensive players in his zone. Off sides is waived off and the offensive players can touch the puck with no consequence.MARTIN: And I just want to mention that, you know, that’s a complicated issue, but we can talk about that in a minute, which I’m sure we will. But we should also note that both Arizona senators cheap jerseys Jon Kyl and John McCain support the immigration cheap jerseys from china bill. Now, here’s Senator McCain speaking on Fox News on Monday with Bill O’Reilly.

Server Spaß

May 2002

Ich war heute mal wieder meinen Server besuchen. Ab und zu muss man da ja hin um ein bisschen Wartung zu machen. Es stand an: Kernel-Update (2.2.21), dist-upgrade (potato->woody) und ne zweite Platte einbauen, falls die erste mal verreckt (gute Anleitung zum duplizieren). Der neue Kernel kam ja zeitlich sehr passend, cheap nhl jerseys die Leute von Debian haben es aber immer noch nicht geschafft Woody endlich mal zu releasen. War mir dann auch wurscht, ist eh mehr als stabil genug.

One of the main tasks of the assistant general manager is to put into Sundhedspsykologi action the company’s vision and mission Cheap Jerseys statements. They will help the general managers with budgeting and allocating finances for the different sub divisions. The assistant general manager (AGM) will also interact with the accounts manager to come up with budget plans for a financial year. AGMs will also review the finances for every quarter and make changes to the budget if required.The game actually started off as a punting exhibition in the 1st quarter, as the Redskins scored the only points on a 16 yard TD pass to Jamsion Crowder. That drive included a long completion to ex Eagle DeSean Jackson and a few penalties that extended the drive. In the second quarter, the Redskins increased their lead with a 9 play, 90 yard drive that ended with a 13 yard TD catch for TE Vernon ray ban outlet Davis, who was playing for the injured Jordan Reed. The Redskins gashed the Eagles on the ground during that drive, in what would be become a cheap nfl jerseys theme throughout the game.Penn State’s Head Football Coach, James Franklin, was named the 2016 Big Ten Coach of the Year earlier this week. Franklin steered the storied football program to an improbable hockey jerseys 10 2 regular season, a Big Ten East Division title, and a spot in Saturday’s Big Ten hockey jerseys Championship Game against Wisconsin a remarkable achievement considering the crippling NCAA cheap football jerseys sanctions that have overshadowed oakley sunglasses outlet the program during recent seasons.0 5: Not too bad. You probably experience come and go bloat. One day you’re swollen, a few days later you’ve deflated again. The good news is that you can tame your tummy without making too many changes to your lifestyle. You should get some immediate gratification on the Four Day Anti Bloat Jumpstart.Using acting as a teaching tool allows students to gain more confidence in front of an audience and work together as a team. Give groups a skit assignment related to a concept you’ve been discussing in cheap mlb jerseys class. For example, a biology class might put on a skit about the body’s immune system, while an English class might dramatize key scenes from a book they’re reading. Give students class time to write cheap nfl jerseys their skit and make props from everyday items, such as aluminum foil, toilet paper, balloons and paper plates. Then, have each group perform their skit for the class.While Martin may need treatment and ray ban sunglasses there very well may be much deeper, underlying issues, the overriding problem lies in the obvious fact that his teammates, coaches, trainers, and the Miami Dolphins Organization did not do enough to help this young player. By their inaction, they, in effect, condoned the bullying and fostered it cheap oakleys sunglasses as a part of their culture.


May 2002

Ich bin der faulste Mensch auf diesem Planet!

Conte’s side may yet rescue something from this.”So far it has not been the most auspicious of returns to Chelsea for David Luiz. First of all, Chelsea’s former and new centre back was complicit in leaving three Liverpool players unmarked at back post when Dejan Lovren opened the scoring, then he got a hefty smack in the nose from Sadio Mane’s head.’It’s already looking fake oakleys like a reasonably good game for John Terry, who’s sitting, injured, in the stands. Now, you need to understand, that my now golden retriever, Nikki, seems to think the whole world is out to play with her. She is only 1 1/2 years old. This gave me reason to reflect seriously about obedience training. Now, you may be thinking that because she is a therapy dog, fake oakleys she is a well behaved trained dog. And yes, she is. But even a therapy dog gets their moments when out and running lose. And for some reason, my dogs can be total pests at home, and total angels when visiting the seniors.Manning, Denver’s star quarterback, donated $5,200 last replica oakleys year to Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander, who ray ban sunglasses is up for re election in Tennessee where Manning played college football. In the past, Manning’s also donated to Republican presidential candidate and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson and to President George W. Bush’s 2004 re election campaign.The NFL has decided to reinstate Plaxico Burress to the league after hockey jerseys the receiver spent nearly 2 years in prison due to gun possession charges. The player, who used to be part of the Giants roster, is going to be visiting NY Coach Tom Coughlin tonight, and then he will be flying to Pittsburgh in order to meet with Coach Mike Tomlin from the Steelers as he is looking for job opportunities.From franchises to starting your own online business and everything in between, Internet make money schemes also land on our list of the top ten best frauds of all time. The wannabe entrepreneur invests money upfront and receives nothing as promised, or only receives an idea in a pamphlet like offering or a DVD telling them how to get rich usually providing not much information of value. While there are ray bans sale many legitimate affiliate marketing avenues you can follow, some are pure schemes where the only ones making money are at the top. Bright Hub offers up some legitimate make money online opportunities and before you invest find out if the company has any Better Business Bureau or government complaints against it before you lose valued hard earned money.See if the insect has wings. Some carpenter ants have wings, although not all. If the insect does have wings, confirm whether it is an ant or termite by looking at the wings’ shape. To Cheap Oakleys identify a red or black ant, look for two sets of wings. The top set are wide but taper inwards toward the upper half of the ant’s body. This set sits directly above a shorter set of wings. A termite also has two sets; however, the wings in the two sets are the same size. Termites’ wings are also long and narrow.

neue iBooks

May 2002

Die Rumors wurden bestätigt, die neuen iBooks sind da: 700MHz G3, doppelt soviel L2-Cache, größere Platte und am wichtigsten 16MB Radeon-Grafikkarte, damit Jaguar auch schön läuft.
Extremes Verlangen durchströmt meinen Körper :)

6 ridiculous myths about the middle ages everyone believesAnd finally, I would say in terms of Latin America, while we’ve had a terrific run the last couple of years, rest assured we think Cheap mlb Jerseys the best is cheap jordan yet to come. We have 3 levers, any one of which NFL Jerseys Cheap can help us drive success in Latin America. And we’ll share that more with you today.The initial all girl rodeos produced in early forties were more for exhibition than competition. Young ladies merely rode around on horseback, looking pretty, without competing. However, the trend changed in the coming years the Girls Rodeo Association (GRA) came into being in 1948 and standardized timed cheap ray bans racing for sponsored competitions, getting rid of the cosmetic contest.Poor play has resulted in the Rams posting a below average bang for the buck in each of the past five seasons. During the past five years the team’s relative productivity score, which measure wins per dollar of player costs, has averaged 49 (100 equals the NFL average). The Rams have not posted a winning season since 2003. Stan Kroenke purchased control of the Rams in August 2010 at a price that valued the team at $750 million. Kroenke currently owns 70% and will eventually buy the remaining 30% from the late Georgia Frontiere’s children, Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez.The commercialization that troubles me is what has crept into youth and college sports. In recent years, ESPN has broadcast the Little League baseball playoffs and World Series. It spotlights young pitchers who throw curve balls that significantly increase the risk of permanent arm and shoulder damage. Commercialization radically changes the economic benefit of winning for the young custom jerseys athlete, the coaches and parents. An adult can decide to risk cheap nba jerseys injury to his or her body; cheap jerseys an 11 year old should fake Oakleys not be pushed to use athletic techniques that create injury risks he does not understand.College football is big business, especially at the largest colleges and universities in the nation. Ticket sales, TV deals, memorabilia sales and free advertising all encourage academic institutions to invest heavily in their football programs. Increasingly, these investments include paying large salaries and bonuses to marquee coaches. fake oakleys The median football coach recept at one of the NCAA’s 128 top tier teams made about $1.5 million in 2014. The national average for college football coaches across all divisions was just under $100,000 per year.But the NFL can take some solace in the Night Football data. The 18 million viewers who watched the Cowboys top the Eagles in overtime was in line with the cheap ray bans last six games that aired wholesale china jerseys against World Series contests. Out of the cheap nfl jerseys seven Sunday night games that have had series competition, the Cowboys Eagles contest ranks third, according to Nielsen data.


May 2002

Na, das wird ne anstrengende Woche. Soeben, erster Betatest des neuen Sunlogs. Dann kommt am 24. die neue pMachine und das von Roland entdeckte Nucleus wollte ich auch ausprobieren. Ne Menge Arbeit also :)

Journalist Joel Garreau on Tuesday recalled meeting Minsky in 2004 at a conference in Boston on cheap oakleys the future evolution of the human race: “What a character! Hawaiian shirt, smile as wide as a Wholesale China Jerseys frog’s, waving his hands over his head, a telescope always Cheap nfl jerseys in his pocket, a bag full of tools on his belt including what he said was a cutting laser, and a belt woven out of 8,000 pound test Kevlar which he said he could unravel if he ever needed to pull his car out of a ravine.”Syndication remains a huge growth driver for Lions Gate’s television segment. The company owns the syndication to “Family Feud” and “The Wendy Williams Show,” which both have seen strong sales to television channels. An announcement on the syndication of “Nashville” is expected soon and that could be a huge revenue boost for the syndication segment. Along with “Family Feud,” Lions Gate could also see game show success with the upcoming “Celebrity Name Game,” which Cheap Jerseys has already been sold to 90% of the country.But despite what Big Space wants you to believe, the vast majority of our solar system is still uncharted and unknown. The area between Mercury and the sun is too bright to see, and the area beyond Uranus is too dark. Scientists are still finding new objects in theasteroid belt by the hundreds of thousands. Oh yeah, and some cheap football jerseys of astronomers think there might be a second sun. Nothing NASA says can convince us this isn’t Galactus.Marty McFly rode his model sideways, like cheap oakleys a skateboard. The hoverboards on the market, however, are rode straight on, like a segway. Then, of course, there’s the fact that the Fake Oakleys new models don’t actually hover above the ground. They get from one place to another with the help of two wheels and, in some cases, gyroscopic controls.In the mid ’90s, an email started circulating around the oakleys outlet world warning of a study by a scientist named Nancy Markle that definitively linked aspartame with diseases as broad as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, and even Gulf War syndrome. Gulf War syndrome? They must’ve been drinking the shit out of Diet Coke over there.UBER acts as a portable power supply for cross species engineering by supplying autonomously regulated amounts of T7 RNAP for transcription of genes controlled by T7 promoters. We measured its capacity using a T7 promoter to express either a green fluorescent protein (GFP) reporter or a three enzyme terpenoid biosynthesis pathway in E. coli DH10B, P. putida KT2440 and B. subtilis ray bans sale 168; these strains feature substantially different plasmid compatibilities, metabolisms and growth conditions (Methods). While the copy number ?? of the UBER system and the T7 promoter driven output modules varied across hosts, we measured comparable levels of expression and metabolic production titers cheap nfl jerseys (Fig. 1b). In particular, UBER driven expression of the pathway in E. coli DH10B resulted in a threefold higher product titer, compared with expression of the same pathway by either the PlacO1 or PBAD inducible promoters in E. coli MG1655 (ref. 40). After transforming eight UBER variants into cheap oakleys both E. coli and P. putida, the rank order of their GFP expression levels was also found to be preserved (Supplementary Fig. 2), indicating that the expression capacity of UBER is preserved among species Fake Oakleys with similar growth rates. The above data provide evidence that the host independent UBER can be ported between unrelated species without loss of function.

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May 2002

blogfreies Wochenende
nix geschafft dieses Wochenende. Nur vorm PC gesessen, iBook-Reviews gelesen, nach nem DVD-Player gesucht, vom Heimkino geträumt, dem Esel zugeguckt, Musik gehört, …
Stop, ne Stunde biken war ich noch. Das Ganze stand unter dem Motto, entdecke deine Umwelt. Jetzt wohn ich schon fast zwei Jahre hier und hab erst heute den römischen Gutshof entdeckt. Jetzt kenne ich mich dafür ganz gut aus, aber das muss ich wahrscheinlich mit Muskelkater bezahlen :)

aikman becomes the nfl’s richestI oakley outlet did the world first 5.15 and it literally took me seven years to push my limits to become a good enough climber to do that 15b. It an exponential difference. Working on a climb that would be 15c is something that has never been done. And you just have to work really hard toward it. Living in Spain is my laboratory. I have all these different projects near my house. I have an unlimited amount of time to work on them.SHOULD visitors from Mars have witnessed proceedings here this week and they have come from just about everywhere else they could be forgiven for asking one simple question: big game, what big game?The endless round of press conferences, media events and publicity stunts have not so much preceded tomorrow’s Super Bowl as swamped it. Certainly a custom jerseys lot of the players have given the Cheap Football Jerseys impression that they came prepared for two wholesale jerseys battles: a sporting one and cheap china jerseys a media one (and that maybe the first was easier than the second). ‘This weekend, you know . . . it seems like Friday,’ groaned an already weary Jeff Wright, the Cheap Jerseys Buffalo nose tackle. ‘And NBA Jerseys Cheap it’s only Tuesday.’You’ll at least have the football pants. Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to take the pads that go in the girdle which are the two hip pads, the tail pad and the two thigh pads and we’re going to put those into the girdle. So to do that we’re going to just turn this girdle inside out and Cheap Jerseys that’s really the way you do with all the football pants. The New York Giants play the Los Angeles Rams in Twickenham Stadium, the home of England’s rugby team in southwest London, to cheap jerseys begin a slate of 13 games Sunday. It’s the first London NFL game not being played at the national soccer stadium, Wembley, since the league started staging regular season contests in the British capital in 2007.There is a lot on the line Sunday, perhaps as much as home field advantage in the NFC playoffs. But there are also a lot of respected ties between the two teams, including Quinn bringing his upstart Falcons to Seattle to battle his former mentor for an early pecking order in the conference.For direct evidence that 4 expressing striatal projection axons are unmyelinated, we performed EM and immunoEM analysis. The fascicles of striatal projection fibres in the striatum and SN were composed of a large number of unmyelinated axons (Supplementary Fig. 2), and the cheap nfl jerseys unmyelinated axons were labelled by anti mSCN4B C (Fig. The Giants It offense goes as far as their passing game takes them and that’s due wholesale nfl jerseys mainly to Odell Beckham Jr, who has the third most receiving yards in the NFL cheap jerseys china with 1,173 yards and 10 TDs. Victor Cruz is toast, but Sterling Shepard has 7 TDs on the season. They will absolutely dominate the Eagles CBs. The Eagles pass defense has given up the third most pass plays of 20 yards or more (52), the most pass plays of 30 yards or more (24) and are tied for second most pass plays given up of 40 yards or more (13). Expect all three numbers to go up this week. As an amusing side note, Jalen Mills and Beckham went to LSU together. Don’t expect to see “the finger” from Mills this week.