Oct 2002


Ich hab zwar kein Trademark auf theflow, aber etwas seltsam finde ich das schon.

“That’s the thing that I’ve always been very careful of, is that when I’m in the locker room, I’m there to play football, because that’s what I’m being paid to do, and if guys want to talk to me, I’m more than cheap oakleys happy to have a conversation, but I’m never gonna get in anyone’s face, I’m never gonna try and preach and forcefully convert someone, because that’s not what I’m there to do.”As the strongest cricket nation in the world, with a sturdy structure and a large pool of ray bans sale superb players, Cheap mlb Jerseys Australia has a Instructional chance to lead the way towards the respect between races and religions that has long been the primary aim of the broadminded. As far as drink and race are concerned, CA ought to be pro oakley outlet active.The Bucs forced four turnovers overall and sacked Cutler four times. Even though the Bears are last in the league in scoring, it was a confidence building performance for a defense that yielded 73 points and 1,087 yards including 857 passing in home losses to Oakland and Atlanta the previous two weeks.Then there was the small matter of ancestry. Mexican wholesale jerseys American quarterbacks have made the NFL play offs before, most recently Tony Romo last season for “America’s Team”, the Dallas Cowboys. But cheap China Jerseys for them, the fact was almost an accident. For Sanchez, whose great grandfather emigrated to the US from Mexico in the early 20th century, it was different.Getting paid in beer might sound like a pretty sweet deal for some of us, but many Cheap Oakleys are questioning Amsterdam’s new program that gives alcoholics beer to clean the streets. As odd as this sounds, Amsterdam officials say these people are actually consuming less alcohol per day now thanks to the program.Wide receivers Tavon Austin and Kenny Britt came out together first, with the move obscured by a smoke machine in the upper reaches of the Edward Jones cheap football jerseys Dome. Stedman Bailey, Jared Cook and Chris Givens all of whom throwback nba jerseys are black then came out and stood together with arms raised.I did not know oakley outlet the contents of Her Majesty’s handbag, but there was astounded merriment at Clarence House when the satirical magazine Private Eye suggested that she never ventured far without an ironed cheap china jerseys copy of cheap oakleys The Sporting Life, a packet of Marks Spencer chocolate eclairs, a ready mixed gin and Dubonnet in a hip flask, and a large number of 50 notes ‘just in case’.Do you get home from your hard day at work, say hi to your canine friend and then get the leash? Does your dog begin running around in circles, jumping up and down? You finally get the leash on them, get them outside and they dragging you out the door to reach the item they want to smell up close.

Gästeliste 29.10

Oct 2002

Endlich gehts wieder weiter, pünktlich zu meinem Semesterstart ist Harald auch wieder da, damit ich weiss, wann ich ins Bett muss :)

Diese Woche in der Harald-Schmidt-Show:

Die Profis wissen natürlich wer Michaela Schaffrath ist :)
Was mir aber ewig ein Rätsel bleiben wird, warum immer diese Kinder (am Freitag)? Die Göre vom (vor)letzten Dienstag war ja dermaßen schrecklich dass ich echt abschalten musste.

Subscribe to USA TODAYAlready a print edition subscriber, but don’t have a cheap football jerseys login?Activate your digital access.Manage your account settings. ET Nov. ET Nov. 28, cheap nfl jerseys 2016Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton (14) holds his head as wholesale Jerseys he walks along the sidelines during the second half of an NFL football game against the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore, Sunday, Nov. Smith was man of the match by the length of the straight. Aside from the aforementioned screamer he also completed a very sharp grab of a ball that had rocketed off the edge of Kane Williamson’s Wholesale China Jerseys bat towards him at first slip. The catch was was deserving of highlight reel status itself had it not been overshadowed by his other deeds.Top of pageResultsDonor’s age and sex, type of diabetes, duration of diabetes, presence or absence of arterial hypertension, retinopathy status, cause of death, and death to enucleation times are summarized in Table 3. Nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy was documented to be present in two cases cheap nba jerseys (Cases 1 and 2). The condition of the retina was unknown in three cases (Cases 3, 4 and 5). Let’s start with the obvious: His 106 catches (on 155 targets) rank second in the league and his 1,284 yards (he didn’t play in Week 17) slot cheap oakleys sunglasses him fourth. In fact, this is the fourth consecutive year that Brown has eclipsed oakley outlet the 100 catch barrier, tying an NFL recordset by former Indianapolis Colts great and future Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison. Hilton and Julio Jones. Green, DeAndre Hopkins, Kelvin Benjamin, Allen cheap nhl jerseys Robinson, Brandon Marshall, oakley outlet Brandin Cooks and Demaryius Thomas all have 15 or less.This time, the aliens are trying to steal Earth’s molten core to power their society. Once their mining beam penetrates deep enough, we’ll all find out what it’s like to be a candy shell without the chocolate. Luckily, at the last possible minute, we Randy Quaid them right up the asshole again, and the Earth is saved. Nobody ever expects to be Randy Quaided right up the asshole. It’s the perfect strategy.”When a man supports himself against a wall, and the woman, sitting on his hands joined together and held underneath her, throws her arms round his neck, <a fake oakleys href=”” target=”_blank”>wholesale jerseys and putting her thighs alongside his waist, moves herself by her feet, which are touching the wall against which the man is leaning, it is called the ‘suspended congress.’””We just felt in order to move forward and not look back, we oakleys outlet needed someone in place who shared the same philosophical compatibilities we shared,” Ireland said. “We didn’t really know the When guy that well. We were going to try to get someone that does share those things, and we weren’t completely sold that he did.”


Oct 2002

Nach dem harten ersten Studententag, Großeinkauf und SemesterStartPutz bin ich jetzt so dermaßen fertig, dass es nichtmal mehr zu nem gescheiten Eintrag reicht. Alse bitte gehen Sie weiter, hier gibts nichts zu sehen.

Designed by architect Henry Bacon (designer of a jordan sale little thing known as the Lincoln Memorial) in 1907, the base of each street lamp bears a plaque inscribed with a mysterious number. If you’ve ever noticed one of them at all, you probably assumed it was some kind of throwback nba jerseys serial number, or perhaps a running tally of how many times that particular lamp has been peed on by a random drunk.Jumping involves multiple movement patterns with the joints in the lower body, such as hip flexion and extension, and knee flexion and extension. Hip flexion takes place when you move your thigh toward your stomach. Hip extension takes place when you move your cheap oakleys thigh backward. Knee flexion cheap nba jerseys takes place when you bend your knee and move your heel backward, and knee extension takes place when you straighten your leg. This requires you to use major muscles like the glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings. Running the stairs involves progressive upward stepping with the fake ray bans legs. After regular bouts of training, your body will quickly adapt to this stress and you will not make any further progress. This is where added resistance comes into play. By wearing a weighted vest for example, your weight will increase, and this will tax your muscles with beställningar more emphasis. You also have the option of strapping on ankle weights or holding dumbbells in your hands. This will place more work on your upper body muscles as cheap nfl jerseys well.Apply play call variations in Cheap NFL Jerseys China the 5 3 defense. To create confusion for the offense in a 5 3 defense a team can call a full blitz one play and then fake oakleys full coverage the next. They key to creating confusion is to make sure the offense never knows what play call is coming on each play.Duke Johnson became the seventh player to throw a pass for the Browns this season. Just thought you were wondering.12. One person Johnson didn’t throw to was Taylor Gabriel. cheap nfl jerseys That’s because the Browns didn’t think he was good enough for their team and cut him in September. So Gabriel caught four passes for 75 yards and two touchdowns for the Falcons on Sunday.13. To make sense of that, consider the nuclear bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima. How much material inside that bomb do you think actually exploded? The answer is less than a gram. The amount of energy locked up inside Cheap Jerseys solid matter is incomprehensibly enormous. If you converted the mass of an entire adult human directly oakley outlet into energy, your biggest problem would be how to avoid leveling an entire continent. Never mind teleportation if we fake oakleys found a way to convert matter into energy like that, we’d probably sooner use it to build a bomb that would blow up the solar system.


Oct 2002

So viel Schokolade kann man replica oakleys garnicht essen um bei diesem Wetter nicht depressiv zu werden.

Then, after eight years without a tie, it took just seven days for the next one. The Washington Redskins and New York Giants finished deadlocked at 7 7 in the infamous Gus Frerotte head butt game.3. There were 10 ties in the 1980s. Those back to back ties from the Eagles/Ravens and Redskins/Giants were the only ones of the 90s. A pregnant woman’s body even undergoes certain changes in the third trimester to prepare it for labor pains. Especially during the last 18 days of pregnancy, a soon to be mother’s pain threshold elevates as pain mitigating opioid receptors go on red alert Cheap Jerseys from china and levels of pain reducing hormones spike [source: Toomey]. In fact, even after the baby is born, a mother will continue to demonstrate a higher pain tolerance than women who haven’t had children, according to a 1992 study from the University Wholesale Jerseys of Western Ontario [source: Hapidou and DeCatanzaro].The Jets defence ranks number NBA Jerseys Cheap one in yards conceded per game (269.2), points conceded per game (15) and touchdowns allowed (9). Revis, who won a Super cheap ?????? nfl jerseys Bowl ring with New England before re signing withthe Jets on a five year, $70 million contract in March, has made a remarkable start to his second stint in New York, recording three interceptions and three forced fumbles in five games.So the next question the average Westerner asks is “Do the people there actually believe Kim Jong Un has magic powers?” Not all of them Mr. Lee grew up with a great aunt who had zero time in her life to take shit from the government. When wholesale nfl jerseys the loudspeakers started up, she’d say, “Oh there they go again, spreading their lies.” Mr. Lee’s family had never been counted among the party faithful, and by his teen years he realized that his national government ran on bullshit. He felt like most of his countrymen bought into most of the cheap football jerseys propaganda, but Michael cheap jerseys wholesale Malice (an American journalist who spent time in Pyongyang) had another suggestion: Most wholesale jerseys North Koreans know the propaganda is ridiculous, but they’re too scared to say anything. “When you are in the public space you’d better sound like a true believer. An actor immersed in a role is going to be better at it.”And ultimately, that ended up culminating in a phone call between myself and Nevin Shapiro, where I explained the same thing. Here’s what we’ve got. custom jerseys Here’s what we know about you and your impropriety. It’s now up to you to decide whether or not you want to take part in this reporting process. And a day later, he decided that he wanted to.

Nintendo=Masturbation Aid for teenage girls

Oct 2002

Nintendo=Masturbation Aid for teenage girls custom jerseys

According to Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys consultancy the iFranchise Group, businesses need to take stock of their viability as a franchise before going forward on that path. It identifies 12 predictive criteria for determining franchise success. Among them are teachability and transferability of knowledge, commitment to cheap ray bans building long term relationships and return on investment. In order for a franchise to be appealing and feasible to a franchisee, it must allow for profits in excess of any royalty fees paid. The iFranchise Group looks for a ROI of 20 percent in the second or third year of a franchisee’s operations as an “acid test” of viability.Mr. BELL: Yeah. The deadline for the CBA to expire is midnight Thursday night, as you mentioned. But I think the fact that we’re not in the middle of football season, it doesn’t really feel like a real deadline. And it Cheap NFL Jerseys won’t be felt, a lockout, some kind of work stoppage, until regular season games are cancelled or postponed. That’s when you’ll Cheap Football Jerseys feel it. But for all the business the NFL does during the off season, in addition toIn April of 1930, he was appointed as an Associate Judge to the New York Supreme Court by future president FDR. Life was looking up for Crater. He had a wife, a good job, a mistress and more potential for corruption than a Teamsters Union President could shake Fake Oakleys a stick at.One other amazing fact: In the NCFL, the National Coin Flip League, when a regulation coin flipping contest (or a “Glimity” in the strange terminology of the sport) goes into overtime (or as they call it “susicivus temous”) the contestants settle the tie by engaging cheap oakleys in a game of tackle football. cheap oakleys sunglasses Who knew?However despite the ratings roller coaster and two different analysts downgrading CBS’ anticipated earnings for the company this quarter, the deal still proved insanely valuable. in How so? Simple, it’s what you cheap jerseys didn’t see that counts. And that’s exactly why those same two analysts cheap nfl jerseys declared this deal a win for the network.If anybody could recognize and understand that spirit of segregation and prejudice, Paul could. He recounts his testimony in the 1 st chapter of this same book of Galatians: “For you have heard of my former conduct in Judaism, how I persecuted the church of God beyond measure and tried to destroy it. oakleys outlet And I advanced in cheap jerseys Judaism beyond many of my contemporaries in my own nation, being more exceedingly zealous for the traditions of my fathers (Galatians 1:13 14 NIV).”In 2010, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) started investigating. For three years, Chrysler argued the vehicles were not defective and that the investigation should be closed. Then, in June 2013, NHTSA sent a letter asking Chrysler to recall those vehicles tentatively saying there was a “defect” that presented an “unreasonable risk” of “burn[ing] to death in rear impact crashes.”

Java 1.4.1

Oct 2002

Ah, es tut sich was bei Apple: Apple Releases Java 1.4.1 Developer Preview. Wird aber auch langsam cheap oakleys mal Zeit, eigentlich sollte das ja mit Jaguar fertig sein.

Werds morgen mal ausprobieren.

5m home hits the marketDuring his stint with the White Sox, Jackson promised his mother, who was battling colon cancer, that he would hit a home run for her upon returning from his surgery. Although Jackon’s mother passed away before he could fulfill his promise, Jackson did hit a home run in his first at bat following his surgery. According to Jackson in the ESPN documentary, Jackson had the home run ball encased in acrylic and bolted to his mother’s dresser Cheap Football Jerseys in her bedroom.Recently, quarterback Alex Smith was fined for wearing a San Francisco Giants hat at a post game press conference. Smith broke a league rule stating that players cannot wear non NFL sponsored discount football jerseys team gear until 90 minutes after the end of a game. The rule specifies competing cheap nhl jerseys leagues so, as Smith pointed out, he could have worn other brand logos and not have been fined. cheap nfl jerseys It is cheap nfl jerseys easy enough to put take off a hat, but what about a tattoo? I cheap nfl jerseys am sure there are plenty of tattoos on NFL players that express messages or even represent leagues that are not sponsored by the league. Should players cover up their offending tattoos until 90 minutes after the game?It is always better to do the cheap football jerseys homework properly before applying for the military debt consolidation. There may Ireland be several alternatives available and the best option should be chosen. First, the interest rate has to be checked. The revise in the interest rates is an option available in all forms of loan consolidation. Photo / ThinkstockThe largest confirmed sighting was a 5.5m giant spotted 10 nautical miles north of Gannet Rock on Waiheke Island in 2003. Duffy said the latest sightings were likely great whites, not makos, which NBA Jerseys Cheap were rarely seen in the harbour.On December 18 at Okakari Pt, near Leigh, a family spotted a shark “as big as a tractor” breaching.And Te Atatu man Mike Fleming also had a close encounter with a 4m giant just off Kauri Pt on Friday.He, his son and son in law were in their 5.5m cheap mlb jerseys vessel in about cheap oakleys 15m of water when they had heard a huge splash behind them. One of the biggest criticisms of BMI is that it doesn’t take into account gender or race, or lifestyle, or muscular build, for that matter. “Men have more muscle and tend cheap jerseys to be taller than women, yet there is just one BMI formula,” says Miller Kovach. Also, keeping muscle in mind, it doesn’t account for weight distribution. For example, a 5’10”, 220 pound sedentary accountant has the same BMI as most NFL running backs. But despite BMI’s apparent drawbacks, it is still the recommended method of determining possible health risks.

OS X: Where to install applications

Oct 2002

OS X: Where to install applications

The all time Eagles Seahawks series is even at seven wins apiece, with Seattle winning four ? of the last five meetings. In the last two games between the teams, in 2011 and 2014, the Seahawks ran for 362 yards and forced six takeaways in winning both by a combined 55 28 score. A win on Sunday would give Seattle cheap jordans three straight wins in the series, something neither team has ever done to date.The washed leaves were dried to the touch with a paper towel and weighed. The presence of lolines was determined with thin layer chromatography as previously described (Blankenship et al., 2001), except Wholesale NFL Jerseys that dragendorff reagent (Sigma Aldrich) was used to visualize the spots. Samples containing lolines were further analyzed with GC to measure the total concentration of the cheap jerseys wholesale alkaloids (Yates cheap oakleys oakley outlet et al., 1990), which were normalized per gram of leaf weight.Top of pageResultsIsolation of loline catabolizing bacterial strainsLoline catabolizing bacteria were readily isolated from the tall fescue phyllosphere. The game of football invokes mixed reactions in the hearts and minds of the spectators. There is a great deal of involvement among spectators to follow the fortunes of their favorite team not only in home matches but also in away games. This great game that is played in all the American cities has the action and builds up the suspense in the spectators especially if the game is a close one. The popularity of this game can be gathered by the fact that it has spawned a whole industry that is geared at marketing merchandise that is related to this sport and the teams that play this great game.2. Football clubs hold charity events oakleys outlet and functions from time to time. This is the perfect opportunity to socialise with your team. Contact the football club or check their website regularly for details about these Cheap mlb Jerseys events. They are sometimes formal lunch and dinner functions, which allows you the opportunity to cheap oakley sunglasses dress up nice and also cheap nfl jerseys book a Cheap Oakleys table with friends. In this atmosphere you’ll be in a room full of the players for a few hours, so all you need to do is be your friendly self!I’ve wished for a while that they’d embrace the hate, never more so than today. Go full heel, us versus them. Unfortunately, the owner cheap nfl jerseys is still too concerned with what “them” think. There’s nothing to lose by going scorched earth on the rest of the league except for Goodell’s good favor and the precious approval of his fellow owners.Also a fumble recovery, a fumble is when the ball is knocked out of an offensive and/or defensive players hand while they have wholesale jerseys possession of it, in which case the opposing team picks up the ball and runs the ball into the end zone that would be a fumble recovery for a touchdown.

Dead Silent

Oct 2002

Interessanter Artikel: How To Build a Dead Silent PC.
Nen Pentium4 2.8, ne Geforce Ti4200 (OC) usw. absolut leise. Wow, Respekt, auch wenn ich das nie machen würde. Leise ist immer gut, muss ja nicht gleich so extrem sein.

Meine kleine Turbine rechts neben mir könnte ich auch mal etwas leiser machen, aber da müsste ich ne Menge austauschen, das lohnt sich vermutlich kaum. Beim nächsten PC dann :)

how to get ripped like a bodybuilderLess than two years after the Manchester based City Football Group splashed out more than $11 million to buy Melbourne Heart and rechristen it Melbourne City, and just five months Cheap Jerseys after putting together a W League team, the club is enjoying the taste of success after winning its first piece of Australian soccer silverware.10. Vicente Saldivar: Saldivar was a brawler but he still set things up with the jab and he was consistent with his body attack which helped him score several late round stoppage wins. He is widely considered one of Mexico’s greatest ever world champions and one of the best Featherweight champions in history as well. Saldivar is a two time Featherweight World cheap ray bans champion. Saldivar beat many solid champions and top contenders cheap oakleys such as Johnny Famechon, Jose Legra, Howard Winstone, Sugar Ramos, Raul Rojas and Ismael Laguna. Saldivar left the sport with a record of: 37 3 with 26 knockouts. 6 Ingemar Johansson (1961) Patterson went down twice in the first and Ingo was also dropped hard in the first. In the sixth Patterson put Johansson down and out. 14 Flash Elorde (1966) Ortiz fought a pitch battle with Elorde with both boxers taking the lead during the wholesale Jerseys early and middle rounds. In the 13th round Ortiz rocked Elorde and in the 14th he rendered the scorecards useless. 11 Luis Rodriguez (1969) Fighting in his home country of Italy, Nino put on a show of will and heart as he was shaken several times and down on the scorecards when in the eleventh round Benvenuti landed a thudding left hook and boom the bout was over. 5 Ingemar Johannson (1960) Patterson was wobbled several times before rallying to cheap oakleys floor Johansson twice in the fifth round, the second time for the count. Patterson became the first man in history to regain the heavyweight championship.This peer reviewed paper details one attack by an ultimate pit viper on a troop of white faced capuchins: At some point in the resulting standoff, a auf branch fell off of a dead tree, and wholesale jerseys onto the snake. One of the monkeys apparently remembered the beginning of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Wholesale fake oakleys NFL Jerseys immediately seized upon the branch. The monkey then used the wood to beat cheap nfl jerseys the snake, cheap nfl jerseys and it is simply astounding that this sentence isn’t about masturbation right now.I began kettlebell training and using a completely functional philosophy with my training about eleven years ago. Prior to this, ray bans sale I had done a lot of sport activity such as martial arts, cycling and field sports. At this time all of my strength training was done body building style. What I mean by style is that instead of focusing on movement, my strength training was all about training the muscle. Strength training in this way felt more like a chore than anything. I never enjoyed it, but kept it up as a counter to my highly active lifestyle. After a few years of muscle isolation, mostly in the backyard gym with my friends, I started questioning our approach. It wasn’t that I didn’t see results, I did see my muscles cheap jerseys increase in size, but I never felt like I was challenging my body in the way I knew I could.

Extended-Display Hack

Oct 2002

Woooha, Kudos und fette Props an Klaus, der es geschafft hat die iBook limitations zu umgehen. Beim iBook hat Apple die Grafikkarte softwareseitig so eingeschränkt, dass es externe Monitore nicht mit mehr als 1024×768 betreiben kann, außerdem ist nur Mirroring und kein Dual-Display möglich. Die Grafikkarte ist die selbe wie im alten Powerbook, also fähig ist sie dazu allemal

Mit diesem Hack ist es nun möglich das auf den Late-iBooks (ab Mai 2002) teilweise auszuhebeln. Teilweise heisst, dass jetzt der Dual-Display Betrieb geht, also ich kann zwischen dem internen LCD und dem externen Monitor die Fenster hin und her schieben (und auch höhere Auflösungen fahren).
Der Clamshell-Mode geht leider noch nicht. Dabei klappt man das iBook komplett zu und arbeitet mit externer Maus und Keyboard am externen Monitor. Aber daran wird gearbeitet.

Auf jeden Fall ein großer Schritt und eine große Freude für mich :)

Achso, ausprobiert hab ich es natürlich schon und auf den iBooks ab Mai 2002 sollte es problemlos funktionieren, wobei ich es nicht auf nem älteren versuchen würde.

Thanks to the Disney movie, Pocahontas has today become the definition of an “Indian princess”: Cheap Football Jerseys a strong, dark haired beauty in ??? fashionably cut buckskins who talks to trees, paints with all the colors of the wind, and cheap oakley sunglasses teaches the white man to live in peace with the natives. cheap oakley Fake Oakleys sunglasses In the process, she falls in love with Captain John Smith, a storybook ending if there ever was one.Fetal liver cells from individual Nf1 +/+ and Nf1 / d13.5 gestation embryos were transduced with either vMSCV GRD pac or vMSCV pac supernatant and cultured in semisolid media containing puromycin to select Cheap Oakleys for colony formation from transduced CFU GM. Nf1 / CFU GM oakley outlet transduced with the reporter gene only were hypersensitive to GM CSF analogous to untransduced Nf1 / CFU GM. Mystery Beer 15 (Solved by drbj)MillerCoors has recently introduced their new home draft system to bring you even more ice cold refreshment. This 5.7 liter (1.5 gallon) plastic mini keg was designed to bring you frost brewed refreshment at your demand on tap. The question is What two different beers from MillerCoors comes in this exciting new state of the art container? (The correct answer is Coors light Lite beer from Miller)Before the snap, you must read the defensive alignment and shifts and anticipate the opponent’s play call. Then you read the play as it unfolds and adjust on the fly. Great running backs not only see would be tacklers, they learn to Fake Oakleys sense them. Former NFL star Marshall Faulk demonstrated how oakley outlet outstanding field vision pays off. “Some guys have tunnel vision, but Marshall sees everything,” former Rams running backs coach Bobby Jackson once told ESPN. “I think he sees not only the guys approaching him, but the guys behind him.”Genes that were designated oakley outlet as absent as per the GCOS were discarded from further analysis. Normalized data were imported in the significance of microarrays (SAM) program (Tusher et al, 2001) and a false discovery cheap fake oakleys rate of 5.0% was used to determine statistical significance between strains. The Netaffx Gene Ontology Mining Tool was used to statistically determine whether a particular functional category was over or under represented in experimental groups.Real Time Polymerase Chain ReactionQuantitative real time polymerase chain reaction (RT PCR) was performed on selected genes using RNA from animals other than those used for microarray analysis. But the truth about dating on “The Bachelor,” as in Cheap nfl jerseys life, is that often the person you spend a few fun hours under a waterfall with is not the person you want to build a life with. And at a certain point, the wrong date just becomes infuriatingly annoying. “I want to die if I have to hear ‘it’s OK’ one more time,” Andi told Juan Pablo. Who ray ban sunglasses among us hasn’t had that very feeling when you begin to realize that the person you’re out with is so very wrong for you? Chris Harrison proclaimed that this season of “The Bachelor” is the “most controversial,” but I’d argue that it’s the most banal. There is nothing “controversial” about wanting to break up with a sexist man who thinks women shouldn’t argue and has little regard for their needs or interests. Last night, we were all Andi Dorfman.

Geiz ist Geil

Oct 2002

Was soll eigentlich dieser ‘Geiz ist Geil’ Schwachsinn?

cbs ceo leslie moonves on q2 2016 resultsWe read in the 2 nd epistle of Peter. Bear in mind that our Lord patience means salvation, just as our dear brother Paul also wrote Fake Oakleys you with the wisdom that God gave him. He writes the same way in all his letters, speaking in them of these matters. His letters contain some things that are hard to understand, which ignorant and unstable people distort, as they do the other Scriptures, to their own destruction (2 Peter 3:15 16 NIV).” “All letters” jordan sale would include Galatians.This is a Pilates position with your legs. We are going to take an inhale in to Fake Oakleys prepare. On the exhale you are going to float the right leg cheap nfl jerseys up to table top. Imagine like it’s light as a feather and you just float it up. Take another deep inhale and exhale to float the left leg Cheap NFL Jerseys China up. The Holy Spirit was His life line to God. It was the power of His Resurrection! His earthly, flesh and blood body now glorified is in heaven. You are part of the Cheap NFL Jerseys Body of Christ if cheap nfl jerseys you have accepted Him as your personal Lord and Savior! The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead now lives in you! (Rom. 8: 11) That was the whole reason He came down to reconnect your spirit to the Spirit of God. This is almost too awesome to fathom!The star goalie is certain she will be proven innocent when she faces trial in November on charges of domestic violence assault involving her half wholesale jerseys sister and 17 year old nephew. This act goes beyond the bounds of human decency and, as such, I stand united with all replica oakleys the women affected and am exploring every option to protect my privacy. In addition, while I understand that the public desires more information regarding the allegations against me, I continue to maintain my innocence against these charges. And, once all the facts come to light and the legal process is concluded, I am confident that I will be fully exonerated.”When I talk about understanding cheap jerseys who you are and the assets you have, I design am really talking about focused introspection. The first three questions really focus on looking inward and getting a sense of who you are, what you are about, and what you bring to the table. Before you can make a series push oakley sunglasses to get out there and make your next career move, you need to have a firm handle on your Values, Intrinsics, and Passions or what I like to refer to as your VIPs. Consider the fact that:So, go ahead and cut it in a little bit, Brian. And now, what he’s got is he’s got an inside technique and Chris is closing in on him but by this time, the ball should be delivered. So, go ahead and let’s bring it back. Now, fake oakleys the post route is a very essential route because if you can split the defenders deep a lot of times, there’ll be two safeties it’s wide open.

Tiscali Flat

Oct 2002

Nachdem es die erste Woche mit der Tiscali-Flat völlig befriedigend normal lief, scheints jetzt loszugehen. Seid gestern ist die Verbindung mehr als bescheiden. US-Server total im Arsch und deutsche Server so etwa mit ISDN-Geschwindigkeit. Ab und zu bekommt man dann doch noch 30 KB Download. Hmm, ich bin geduldig, aber lange sollte das nicht mehr dauern.

Warum machen die eigentlich ein Flatrate-Angebot das EUR 10 unter dem T-Online Preis liegt und sind dann vom großen Ansturm total überrascht?

Tiscali DSL Flat so langsam wie eine Schnecke

Update: Es funktioniert jetzt alles wieder ganz normal, mal hoffen das das anhält

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Oct 2002

Hmm, ich müsste mal ein bisschen meine Blog-Ablage abarbeiten. Ich hätte hier noch Film-Reviews, Musik-Reviews, Gentoo-Linux, djbdns

Aber keine Lust zu schreiben :)

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Oct 2002

Schöne neue XML/RSS-Buttons jetzt auch hier in diesem Weblog.

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Oct 2002

Die kurze Nachklausurbedingte Pause ist nun zu Ende. Nächste Woche gehts dann wieder richtig los, ja ganz genau, nächste Woche. Manche Studenten haben eben noch mehr Ferien (geht das überhaupt) :)

Und ich war im Bett gestern *g*

”It was very difficult,” Osweiler said about leaving Denver. ”I’d be lying to you if I said anything else. I had a tremendous four seasons there in Denver and those are four years that I’ll always hold close to my heart. But bottom line coming to Houston was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.”So, it takes an awful lot of trust. Fairway Woods actually bring the ball up in the air quite easily if you trust it. It’s when you get into a mindset of trying to lift the ball into the air or to hit down onto the ball to make contact, that’s when cheap oakleys sunglasses we get in trouble with our Fairway CNN Woods. Sacking the coach would have been tantamount to the Labor Party changing leaders cheap nfl jerseys next week. It might provide a “bounce” for a week or two, but the club like the federal ALP Cheap mlb Jerseys has structural and institutional failings that require more than the silver bullet of a sacking. Sacrificing Neeld on Monday <a hockey jerseys href=”” target=”_blank”>cheap nhl jerseys would not have seen Melbourne’s midfield suddenly become Geelong’s, any more than a caucus beheading of Julia Gillard cheap football jerseys would suddenly solve all of Labor’s demographic and identity crises or seen Wayne Swan speaking with the pithy command of Paul Keating.Testosterone boosters and supplements are used by body builders and those who want to gain muscle, even though there is no testosterone deficiency. On the other hand, these boosters should be taken to compensate for testosterone deficiency in men. Body builders use it for enhancing lean muscle mass, bone formation, and to get massive muscles. Overall it enhances the masculine traits, sex drive, and energy level in men. They apparently also affect the overall health of men. Now that we have a fair idea of what these testosterone boosters do and how they work, let us take a look at what are the possible side effects of this hormone and whether they are safe or not. There is a wave of opinion that they work, with cheap jerseys china negligible side effects. These are specially great for those who want to develop lean cheap oakleys sunglasses muscle mass and build muscles. They are even more beneficial for those who are lacking in energy and vitality on account of hormonal imbalance. Also, some medical resources say that these boosters may also help in reducing weight by decreasing fats in the body.Hi, I’m Amy Newman, fitness expert, creator of The Perfect 10 Workout, and I’m going to show you some easy resistance band workouts. We are going to slide onto one elbow. Bend the bottom leg. Stick your Wholesale Jerseys foot in the stirrup of the one part of the band. And stretch the leg out. From here, make sure your neck is nice and tall and start to circle the leg around. Breathe deep into your body. Little circles. Little circles and you can start to speed them up. Then go in the opposite direction. And you’ll start to feel it on your outer thigh. Now, to get the abs and the hamstring in it lets bring the knee in. Exhale, squeeze the abs. Then, push the foot back through the heel and tap the floor. Bring the knee replica oakleys in. Push the foot back, tap the floor. Bring the knee in, push it back and tap the floor. Little taps on wholesale football jerseys the floor help fake oakleys to work the back of your leg, the hamstring and your buttocks. Also working the obliques at the same time. Very easy. And that’s what we are about. Some easy workouts with the resistance band. I’m Amy Newman, thanks for joining me.


Oct 2002

Diese Woche kein Harald Schmidt wegen Herbstferien. Also nicht fälschlicherweise aufbleiben und dann ärgern :)

The is the second arrest of an Olympic boxer on charges involving sexual assault within four days.Police took Jonas to the Bangu penitentiary complex west of the city, Agencia Brasil oakley outlet said. Jonas, a light welterweight who competes in the 64 kilogram class, has a boxing bout scheduled for Thursday.Mario Andrada, spokesman for the Local Organizing Committee, said the Cheap Jerseys committee is aware of the arrest.”He has been detained by the local police under the charge of sexual assault,” Andrada said. “Brazilian law needs to be respected.”Saada, 22, was arrested and detained under a temporary warrant at the request of the Rio de Janeiro police. The warrant is valid for 15 days.Saada’s wholesale jerseys attorney, Paulo Freitas Ribeiro, said his client denied wrongdoing during an official statement to the local police.Saada, a light heavyweight, was scheduled to fight Saturday against Turkish boxer Nadir fake ray ban sunglasses Mehmet Unal.Ribeiro tried to obtain a release order to enable Saada to make the fight, but Saturday’s boxing results showed the 23 year old Unal was declared victor in a “walkover,” meaning he won by default after Saada did not appear for the contest.In the arrest warrant, Judge Larissa Nunes Saly said the detention was necessary because the athlete doesn’t have a fixed residence in Brazil.Nourddine ben Abdelnbi, head of the Moroccan Mission at the games, said the alleged incident happened when maids were cleaning the room where five boxers were staying.Saada contended their only interaction occurred when one of the maids asked him for a Moroccan flag, Abdelnbi said.Abdelnbi said that while Saada is in Brazilian custody he is not formally arrested on charges. He is in what Abdelnbi described as “interrogation sessions.”The Moroccan delegation believes cheap oakleys sunglasses Saada is innocent and is awaiting the results of New the investigation, Abdelnbi said.Now, another thing that we love to do, well, everyone does it, is running. If you want to run faster, you’re going to have to run. But, not just any particular run. We don’t want a 5K every single day in order to get better at a 5K. One thing we’re going to have to do is heel sprints. It not just about working hard in the weight room, doing oakley outlet long distance runs and sprint workouts and hitting a blocking sled. Football players who want to train hard and get better at their job can train in the pool, too. Go to the area of the wholesale football jerseys pool where the water Wholesale Jerseys is thigh high. Spring 25 yards one way and then 25 yards back. Take a one minute break, then repeat the drill. By the end of the second two lap run, you will likely hockey jerseys feel exhausted but do your best to maintain your speed.Stand in water that is waist high. Bend your knees at a 45 degree angle, and jump up as high as you can. When you land, immediately repeat; jump like this 15 times. Take a one minute break and then repeat the entire drill. The resistance provided by the water will help you build strength and explosive jumping power in your legs. Kicking the ball high and far Fake Oakleys is not just about explosive strength in your legs and hips. Much oakley outlet of a kicker power comes from your abs and core muscles. Grab the underside of the starting blocks at the end of the pool. Pull yourself up so that your feet are off the bottom of the pool. Point your toes, then lift your legs so your body is forming the letter “L”; Hold wholesale football jerseys this position for two seconds. Return to the starting position. Do this maneuver 15 times, take a one minute break, then repeat the set.