Titel ja oder nein?

May 2003

Noch so eine Sache. Der Titel.

Ich bin kein großer Freund der Titel. Den zum einen fällt mir immer nichts geniales ein und zum anderen schränken die den Eintrag immer gleich so ein. Deswegen habe ich die Titel bis jetzt nicht angezeigt. Die Einträge haben aber trotzdem einen, da das Archiv über die Titel arbeitet.

Da aber immer mehr Feed-Leser dazu kommen wird der Titel bald das wichtigste sein, denn wenn man mal 150 Weblogs im Newsreader hat entscheided man nach Titel. Das heisst man sollte schon ein bisschen Arbeit in den Eintrags-Titel stecken und wenn man das eh macht, kann man ihn auch gleich anzeigen.

Ich seh schon, es entwickelt sich die Zwei-Klassen Gesellschafft. Auf der einen ray ban sunglasses Seite der Weblog-Browser, der die gesamte visuelle Pracht, Kommentare, Blogroll und integrierte Quicklinks erlebt und auf der anderen Seite der Feed-Leser, der nur den puren Inhalt, schwarz auf weiss hat.

Ich bin eindeutig Ersteres ;-)

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May 2003

Beim planen und testen und ausprobieren meines neuen Designs (klingt gewaltig, ist aber noch nichtmal ansatzweise fertig) ist mir heute aufgefallen dass ich ja jetzt mal so richtig rein hauen kann mit Bildern usw. Denn wer auf Bandbreite achtet, der kann ja den Feed lesen. Außerdem sind Weblog-Besucher ja eh häufig wiederkommenden User, die demnach die großen Bilder im Cache haben. Ideal.

Das eröffnet mir völlig neue Möglichkeiten. theflow bald in der 200kb Version ;-)

I will always remember. I’ll do this, as long as I don’t have to wear spandex. We never put him in the spandex. But he did get used to hockey jerseys the high heeled shoes. Reporter: Now, smith and cheryl Wholesale Jerseys burke are trying to go for gold one more time. And now, from “dancing with the stars,” let’s welcome emmitt smith and cheryl burke. In most cases, these policies were structured as water demand offset programs. Communities worked to “offset” the projected water demand of new development with water efficiency measures to create a neutral wholesale jerseys jordan sale impact on overall water use. The new water use might be offset through both on site water efficiency measures for the new ray bans sale development such as recycling or green infrastructure Cheap mlb Jerseys and off site efficiency measures, like the replacement of inefficient toilets in older parts of the community.(i) Blocking of the IL 2R by monoclonal antibodies during the activation of naive TH cells in the presence of Cheap NFL Jerseys China 10ngml1 IL 2 for 5 days (n=6). Data are combined from three independent experiments.IL 2 drives GM CSF production independent of cheap oakley sunglasses proliferationIL 2 is known to drive TH cell expansion. The Aussie skipper surprised fans at the coin toss, announcing Maxwell to have been dropped alongside ODI specialist James Faulkner for the less experienced Travis Head and dumped Test all rounder Mitchell Marsh. The decision led to a wave of eyebrows raised in Smith’s direction questioning if Maxwell had been cheap ray bans dropped for his comments. Smith stood strong and assured it wasn’t cheap nfl jerseys the case, citing Head’s trailblazing Shield hundred for his selection over Maxwell.In a moment, I’ll hand the over hand the call over to Mike, Bruce and Pat for some introductory remarks, but first, I need to read you the following. On this call, we make statements that may constitute forward looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform ray bans sale Act of 1995. These forward looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual results to be materially different from those expressed or implied by the relevant forward looking statements.In her foreword to PINK BOOTS AND A MACHETE, primatologist Jane Goodall draws parallels between her life and Mayor me she loved being with animals when she was a child. Like That me she imagined herself trekking into far off wholesale football jerseys jungles. And like me she followed her dream until it became a reality She is still, vividly and enthusiastically, living and loving her childhood dream.


May 2003

Lesenswerte Mac-related Interviews:

I probably wouldn’t hire anybody for anything unless they had a weblog.
Interview: Brent Simmons

Innovator Insight — A LiveWorx Chat with Brent Simmons

no one claims you’re in a “cult” if you prefer hamburgers from friday’s over those from mcdonald’s, even though there are a lot more mcdonald’s restaurants and wholesale nfl jerseys their food is cheaper.

john gruber, on apple and the web

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Gästeliste 27. Mai

May 2003

Ich schaff es nichtmal die Gästeliste rechtzeitig zu posten. Aber ist eh wenig spektakulär.

Diese Woche in der Harald-Schmidt-Show:

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May 2003

Obwohl ich ja weder großer MetaBlogger noch Konferenz-Junkie (ich war eigentlich noch auf garkeiner) bin, finde ich Konferenzen immer sehr spannend. Im Weblog-Umfeld, also aktuell Blogtalk und davor Etech, sind mir zwei Sachen extrem aufgefallen:

Einmal die AppleÜbermacht. Allerdings ist Rendevous ja auch die Konferenz-Killer-Technik The überhaupt und Apple baut gute Notebooks ;-)

Zum anderen dieses Instant-Live-Blogging. Also das man sich ein Panel anhört und dabei in sein Notebook starrt und ins Weblog hackt. Auf der einen Seite spannend da man als Leser Live dabei ist aber ich käme mir dabei sehr blöd vor.

Ich könnte ja mal meine Theoretische Informatik-Vorlesung live mitbloggen. Das klingt doch spannend oder? :)

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Pandora Tomorrow

May 2003

Cool, es soll jetzt definitiv einen Splinter Cell 2 geben. Genannt Pandora Tomorrow. Voraussichtlicher Termin 1. Quartual 2004. Schonmal nicht schlecht, aber ob da dann meine Grafikarte noch ausreicht?
Besser wäre es sie würden mal ein paar Zusatzmissionen rausbringen. Das Spiel war eh relativ kurz. Mir hats zwar gereicht, aber so langsam könnte mal was Neues kommen.

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feeling better

May 2003

The majority of bloggers feel Cheap Jerseys from china better afting having posted

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Sunlog Template

May 2003

Hrmpf. Gerade am Sunlog rumgebastelt um mein neues Quicklink-Feature einzubauen und bin mal wieder an meine Lieblingslimitation gekommen. Ich fasse hier ja im Template jeden Tag in so einer Box zusammen. Leider geht das mit dem Template-System nur über einen Hack, der ausnutzt, dass das Datum nur bei neuen Tagen ausgebene wird. Deswegen auch das leere div am Anfang (siehe Quelltext) ;-)

Nun wäre es sau praktisch, wenn man Templates wie start-day und end-day hätte. Allzu schwer sollte das ja nicht sein, habe es gerade schon versucht, aber mit meinen rudimentären php-Kenntnissen macht das keinen großen Spaß. Irgend ein Sunlog-Hacker da draußen der ne Idee hätte wie man das hinbekommt?

Oder andersrum: Ich möchte unter jedem Tag ein div plazieren.

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Gästeliste 20. Mai

May 2003

Diese Woche in der Harald-Schmidt-Show:

how to do a live stream from a ps3You know the story of the Ugly Duckling. A busted ass duckling gets picked on for looking mottled and weird, but then grows up to be a swan. Now, this is ostensibly meant to teach children not to bully people for their physical appearance, but oakleys outlet what it really boils down to is “Be careful who you call ugly in middle school, because they might grow up to be attractive.”Despite all this, Jesse isn’t satisfied: He dreams of a speaking movie role and hopes to be the next Jonah cheap jerseys Hill. Jesse’s days of receiving extra’s pay to stand awkwardly in the background may cheap nfl jerseys be over, though, because just <a cheap oakleys href=”https://www.oakleyscheapsunglasses.com/” target=”_blank”>cheap oakleys sunglasses recently he’s been approached by the porn industry, since apparently even the most rudimentary fame means jordan sale cheap ray bans that there’s a subset of humanity that want to see what you look like naked. Abrams’ Star Trek, perhaps as a subtle hint of Abrams’ plan to eventually take over every beloved sci fi franchise (look out for his The Last Starfighter preboot in 2017).When the skin is damaged, scars form as a natural part of the healing process. Scars are formed due to a variety of circumstances, including UPS disease, accident and surgery. Scars typically fade over time, minimizing the appearance of impurities. However, when scars are still obvious, there are some medical options available. Treatments available at your dermatologist can target old facial scars and make their appearance less obvious.It seems like people are more violent on Black Friday because the cheap jerseys national media doesn’t pay attention to violence at retail stores until it happens on Black Friday. Wesley Strellis walked into a Walmart a little after noon, picked up a metal bat from the sporting goods section, carried it to electronics and methodically destroyed 29 flat screen TVs. There’s the case of the 55 year old man who punched a 72 year old store greeter in the face for asking to see his receipt, and the guy who walked into a Walmart and pissed NBA Jerseys Cheap on a case of steaks. And who can forget the man cheap jerseys from china who lit three racks of clothes on fire in the men’s department when Walmart wouldn’t let him return an item. There are crazy people in this world who do crazy things. Often times at Walmart. CNN didn’t report on any of those stories because why would they?”Ho hum, just another March gunfight at the mall.”Half a century ago, pro football (the American version) languished in fourth place hockey jerseys among the country’s favourite spectator sports. Today, the National Football League has supplanted baseball as the true national TV pastime and become the richest sports league on the planet, cheap nfl jerseys with annual revenues of $9bn. For that astonishing success no single individual perhaps was more responsible than Steve Sabol.

verzweifelt nicht

May 2003

Chronisches Lebenschaos und Studium.

Aber verzweifelt nicht ;-)

five step bowling approach ray ban sunglasses for bowlingThe Giants 27 year old leftycontinued his absurd run of postseason dominance on Wednesday with a complete game shutout over the Mets in the wild card game to propel San Francisco to an NLDS matchup with the Cubs. It marked Bumgarner first postseason appearance since he threw five shutout innings in relief on two day rest in Game 7 of the 2014 World Fake Oakleys Series to earn World Series MVP honors and the third championship ring of his young career.But if mass starvation was on the table cheap oakleys (er . off the table? I think ray ban sunglasses I just created a Cheap Football Jerseys paradoxical metaphor), you can bet the military would get called out to help fight the insurgency. Colonel Couvillon seemed to view that as a nightmare proposition, “If you remember the riots in LA in the middle nineties . when they called the marines up from fake ray bans Camp Pendeleton, that was traumatic. That shook the military all over the place .” Deploying American soldiers to fight American insurgents would be several Old Yellers of magnitude more traumatizing, “. say you move a combat unit from, ah . Fort AP Hill . into New York, and 10% of your jordan sale army guys are from New York. And all of a sudden they’re facing possible relatives . do they turn more aggressive or less aggressive, what happens?”This doesn’t even cover the possibility of some members being people you may have actually served with. (More on that in a bit)”I’m keen to Cheap Football Jerseys play competitive cricket and that can happen only in England now. I’ve been negotiating with the Lashing Club and hopefully my contract will come through soon,” said Harbhajan, who will play for the English club for a month, before he returns to India in the first week of July ahead of the Cheap NFL Jerseys China Asia Cup in Sri Lanka.1. It’s 1987. It’s the AFC Championship game. There are 2 minutes left. The Broncos start driving down the Wholesale Jerseys field as time ticks down. They’re down in the red zone with only a few seconds left. Elway steps back to 05:10:19 throw when all of a sudden a squirrel runs replica oakleys across the field. The pass falls incomplete. The Browns are going to the Super Bowl! In what film’s alternate reality does this scenario take place?During a New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis Colts NFL Pre Super Bowl game on cheap authentic jerseys January 18, 2015, the Patriots defeated the Colts, 45 7, to earn their eighth Super Bowl appearance. However, controversy filled the Internet the next day. The NFL determined that the Patriots used under inflated footballs, which could have compromised the game, plus the balls were illegal per NFL specifications. This result led NFL officials to investigate how this event could have happened. Now, I am not the most knowledgeable football expert, though I am a scientist. And when there’s science in the news, I am on it! Within this controversial event, there are important aspects of football physics that require discussion.

da will man mal studieren

May 2003

Da will man mal studieren und dann wird man rausgeschmissen: In einem Projekt das wir in diesem Semester im Team bearbeiten hatten wir uns in die Uni-Bibliothek in einen Gruppen-Arbeits-Raum gesetzt und knapp ne Stunde gearbeitet als die Bibliothekarin kam und sagte, das sie jetzt schliessen. Na toll. Um 18 Uhr Cheap NFL Jerseys (die Informatik-Bib, in der wir dieses mal nicht saßen hat bis 19 Uhr auf) hört also der gemeine Student auf zu studieren. Ein bisschen arm ist das ja schon. Da sieht man Jahrelang Hollywood-Filme und US-Serien wo oakley outlet die Studenten immer bis tief in die Nacht in der Bibliothek sitzen und dann überfallen werden, aber hier wird einem das verwehrt.

Dann halt nicht!

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Pragmatic Programmer

May 2003

The oakley outlet Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master Das Buch. Noch nicht hockey jerseys gelesen, aber schon häufig empfohlen gesehen.
Dazu eine Interview-Serie mit den Autoren

how much federal taxes are taken out of paychecksHow to Start an Introduction for a Debate Research your part of the debate. Say for instance you are arguing for stricter gun control. You should already have your statistics on gun ownership, reasoning for stricter controls and what benefits that should have, and counter arguments against your opposition’s likely points prepared before you sit down to work on your introduction.That means that it doesn’t even comprise the majority of e commerce sales. It’s a matter of perspective obviously and that is not offered to diminish the value of the Amazon business, but rather to appropriate comparisons with relative facts. Penney does have ample amount of work to do with regards to delivering an optimal and long term growing e commerce business. Place the remote in Program Mode. The method of doing this tends to vary widely from one remote model to the next. Sometimes there’s a “Setup” button on the remote, and pressing it places the remote in programming mode. On other remotes you may have to simultaneously press and hold a combination of two buttons on the remote to enter programming mode. In many nfl jerseys cheap cheap oakleys cases there’s an indicator light at the top of the remote that either lights up and stays on or simply flashes, indicating that the remote is in program mode.So I’m into martial arts cheap football jerseys and I was surfing the net looking for hand eye and reaction time tests. I came across thisThe NFL and other sports trainers use it to either gauge or improve reaction time, it’s very popular among boxers and hockey goalies. I want one, but of course it’s outrageously oakley outlet expensive so I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how I could make something similar of my own. I was thinking of using LED lights and cheap jerseys some kind of pressure switch to register my touching the Cheap Jerseys from china light. the main problem Wholesale NFL Jerseys is I don’t have any idea how to make the lights blink ray bans sale randomly. if anyone has any Ideas I would greatly appreciate itAs usual, I cheap oakley sunglasses am skeptical, but let us give each of them a chance.”I look for long term themes, and I have a great one this week. I see a great chart for Banco Bradesco (NYSE:BBD). The YTD is strong and steady. Brazil is as tumultuous as ever, except this time they might be improving their banking system.”[Jeff] “How do you know about bank reform? Have you been fraternizing with those foreign models again?”[] “Would Wholesale NFL Jerseys you believe it is just a conclusion from the chart?”[Jeff] “Also, the CEO is under indictment for tax fraud.”[] “The chart tells you that the company and the market have moved past that issue.

Gästeliste 13. Mai

May 2003

Diese Woche in der Harald-Schmidt-Show:

Whether you’re going to a game, a camping trip, or, in Kelsey’s case, the roof of a building . you need a handful of essential techniques and tips to make your On the Go Grilling flawless. Kelsey enlists the help of New York master chef Floyd Cardoz on all things grilling. Great ready to take notes on the “on cheap jerseys the go” grilling grab bag and suggestions for the best meat, vegetables and fruit for grilling. Back in her kitchen, Kelsey preps for her own “on the go” rooftop feast. NFL Jerseys Cheap On her menu: Marinated oakley outlet veggie kebabs with halloumi cheese, sweet and sour picnic drumsticks, and a grilled strawberry cheap football jerseys shortcake with lemon cream.The Ravens have for a long time been known for their hard hitting defence thanks largely to linebacker Ray Lewis who has been with the franchise since the Ravens’ inaugural season. He was MVP in their last Super Bowl win and is looking for a Hollywood ending to his career with this game being his last after 17 seasons. cheap jerseys wholesale Along with the likes of Terrell Suggs, Bernard Pollard and Haloti Ngata they make up a formidable defensive unit who should give the young 49ers quarterback plenty of trouble (and pain).Peyton Manning receives $15 million in endorsements every year. After missing all of 2011 with window an injury, the number of endorsements could pick up this season. Also, perhaps Manning can get some regional deals of Denver wholesale nfl jerseys based companies on board. The season is far from starting but now could be the time to stock up on shares of Nike and Dreams before investors fully see the advantage of Manning’s new home.However, the strategy also may have alienated Democrats in the heavily blue leaning state. Polls found Harris’ lead slightly widening as the race went on. And Latino voters, who make up about one third of California’s electorate, gradually shifted from supporting Sanchez to supporting Harris. Fake Oakleys (If elected, Sanchez would have been the first Latina to serve in the Senate.) Many Republicans, meanwhile, said they would opt out of voting in the race all together.American football is believed to have begun in New Jersey in 1869. In less than a century, it became the sensation we know today. Football cars are but one of the myriad products the NFL has endorsed. The Internet is a great place to find football cars representing your favorite team.So, even though you technically can play the game for free, it’s going to take a toll both on your time and your wallet.”We oakley sunglasses always talk about how the cheapest way to play is to mail in letters,” Duncombe told The Huffington Post NBA fake oakleys Jerseys Cheap in an interview. cheap football jerseys “So why don’t we send 100 letters and see what we get back?”Despite the cost of postage and the human cost of writing the letters, Duncombe did the math and figured out that it was cheap ray bans cheaper for him to play the game this way rather than going to McDonald’s and buying a meal.


May 2003

Ich krieg momentan garnichts auf die Reihe. Nix wird fertig, nichts mache ich richtig. Ich springe von einer Beschäftigung zur nächsten nur um dann festzustellen das das auch nichts wird. Ich schaffe es einfach nicht mich selbst zu organisieren. Das fängt beim Nachbearbeiten und Übungsbögen für die Uni an und hört hier im Weblog auf. Selbst das lesen toller Bücher und das Anlegen schicker ToDo-Lists im Outliner hat nichts gebracht.

Karie’s going to take a seat on the chair for a starting position. For the easy variation, Karie’s going to rotate her palms so they’re facing away from her body. So as her heels go out, she’s going to drop her weight, keeping her back as close to the chair as possible, and then back up. PREVIOUS NFL WEMBLEY CLASHESSan Francisco 24 Denver 16 (2010)New England 35 Tampa Bay 7 (2009)New Orleans 37 San Diego 32 (2008)New York Giants 13 Miami 10 (2007)Kirkwood said: “We would sell 75 80% of our tickets directly around [the time of the] Super Bowl, taking advantage of BBC and Sky broadcasts at a time when cheap jerseys our sport is at cheap jordan its most relevant and highly watched.Both Deuteronomy and the Gospel of John are reflections on specific revelations the Torah and Gospel and both indicate that there is more revelation ray ban sunglasses to come. The Gospel of John’s language for the Spirit of Truth or Advocate is strikingly similar oakley sunglasses to Deuteronomy’s: “he will not speak on his own, but will speak whatever he Wholesale China Jerseys hears, and he will declare to you the things that are to come” (John 16:13, NRSV).BWLD is valued at 24 times this year’s projected earnings and 20 times next year’s consensus pretty rich for a restaurant stock. Insiders cheap oakley sunglasses have sold approximately 20% of their shares over the preceding six months. A prolonged NFL strike could significantly impact this stock in a negative way, in my opinion.Where will all the football money go? How much will help regenerate Leicester. The Leicester Mercury said the other day that Leicester was the second worst place to have bought a property since 2000, which doesn’t surprise anyone Cheap china Jerseys who lives there. cheap nfl jerseys Will Jamie Vardy being a superstar help Leicester become prosperous again and boost house prices on Melton Road?In order to prevent this, the Government has decided to continue with the Rs. 12 and Rs. 10 assured redemption prices, as applicable, beyond May 2003. However, US 64 investors would have to be provided tax breaks in order to persuade some of them to continue in the scheme. This would add hockey jerseys to the cost of bailout. Have you experienced the Redwoods yourself? If you have, share your experiences. And if you haven (and even if you have) click through for a glimpse at Cheap Jerseys the spectacular photo collage of 84 images that Michael Nichols created of one of the tallest trees. It an insert in the latest issue of National Geographic, and you can see more spectacular images here.The National Collegiate Athletic Association, or NCAA, operates three fake ray bans separate divisions. Division I sports feature the best players and highest paid coaches. Division I and II schools can offer athletic scholarships to players, while division III schools cannot. Division I programs attract elite players and coaches, garnering the most media exposure and financial support. Coaches at Division II and III schools often make a relatively comfortable living, but the biggest contracts go to the coaches at high profile Division I schools, where nationally neue recognized athletic programs generate the most money. cheap oakleys sunglasses

Design und Funktionaliät

May 2003

Mein schon länger geplantes Redesign geht mir nicht aus dem Kopf. Ich hab zwar immer noch keine geniale Design-Idee aber es scheitert momentan an der Funktionalität. Was ich nicht will ist dieses typische rechteckige, 2 oder 3 Spalten-Layout mit lauter Kästchen. Einfach zu oft gesehen.
Auf der anderen Seite ist das Kästchen-Design einfach das funktionalste für Weblogs. Denn man muss ja ne Menge Features unterbringen: Kommentare, interne Links, Blogroll, Quick-Links (der Megatrend, bald auch in dem Weblog ihres Vertrauens), …

Aber das muss es doch was Besseres – oder wenigstens Anderes geben. Papascotts Quick-Links-Lösung gefällt mir schonmal ganz gut, vorallen weil die Links nicht auf der Seite verloren gehen.

Außerdem die Frage des Tools. Weiterhin das Sunlog (wann kommt die neue Version?) oder die heißen Kandidaten textpattern (wann kommt endlich die nächste Beta?) und Nucleus?

She said as much in an email written to The Charlotte Observer on Thursday:I really appreciate his comments and his respect for my thoughts, and I was impressed with the sensitivity and graciousness with which he spoke. I am sorry I didn’t understand him better until this week. It is clear from his remarks oakley outlet that he recognizes his leadership role, both on and off the field, and that he truly cares about the kids watching him. “A lot of people are crowding into the marijuana industry because they think they are going to be able to sell a legal good at illegal prices,” Klieman said. “Competition’s not going to allow that. Legal cannabis is going to be dirt cheap, and I think a lot of people are going to lose their shirts trying to sell it.”But any type of face mask grabbing that happens just momentarily there is usually a minor infraction, which results in a five yard <a ray bans sale href=”http://www.cheapjerseysupplyforyou.com/” target=”_blank”>NFL Jerseys China penalty. Usually oakley outlet that’s just call grasping the face mask. However, the more serious infraction is where there is actually grabbing, and pulling or torquing as sometimes is said on the face mask itself. cheap nfl jerseys AEG spent $27 million on a 10,000 page environmental impact wholesale nfl jerseys report for its Farmers Field proposal in 2012, company officials estimate, and another $50 Cheap NFL Jerseys million on the now scrapped project all told. While the Inglewood and Carson plans have many costs that aren’t disclosed in campaign Oklahoma filings from architects to lawyers to land deals both saved similarly big bills because of a new state law that exempts projects proposed by ballot initiative from the environmental impact review process.Pain in the groin when the legs are squeezedThere are several factors which will play an important role in determining the fake ray ban sunglasses recovery time. The first and the foremost factor is the grade or level of injury. cheap football jerseys The next is how immediately the treatment started and the nature of treatment. At the most, and at its worst, it can take around a month or so to recover completely from a groin strain. Depending on the severity of the tear and pain, the groin strains are graded cheap oakleys sunglasses as follows:Friends and team mates insisted, however, that in more recent times, Taylor had mellowed, most obviously since the birth of his young daughter, Jackie. Redskins receiver James Thrash said: “He’s really got his wholesale jerseys head on his shoulders and has been doing really well as far as just being a man. It’s been awesome to see that growth.”The 4 player, or the power forward, they’re going to be doing a lot of rebounding. They’re going to take up a lot of lay ups or short stops from underneath the basket. Generally, they have to be a very strong player and a very Wholesale NFL Jerseys physical player, because when you get underneath the basket, there’s a lot of shoving that goes on.