Nichts bereuen

Feb 2005

Apropos Jessica Schwarz: Heute um 23:15 im WDR läuft “Nichts bereuen”. Schöner deutscher Film mit Daniel Brühl und Jessica Schwarz. Sehr empfehlenswert.

Other problems with this study are that even though they called up a thousand people, you’re still dealing Fake Oakleys with pretty small numbers of people with these conditions, you know, maybe a few dozen who were reporting dementia. So it’s hard to say, you know, what percentage of all these players might have the problem. And then, of cheap oakleys sunglasses course, this is a study that has not been published anywhere, and it has not been peer reviewed.2a that the hysteresis centre, estimated as the hysteric Out inflection Cheap Jerseys (Fig. 5a), also follows an dependence similar to TN, although the onset temperatures of the magnetic reflection are somewhat higher because of the two phase coexistence within the finite width of the hysteresis.As shown in Fig. 2a, for +1.8%, the evolution of TN qualitatively changes so that TN and T exhibit approximately a ‘parallel dive’ in response to reducing . This article is about Jerry Rice who is widely considered the best wide Receiver if not the best cheap oakley sunglasses player in NFL history. Barry Sanders, Gale Sayers, Walter Payton and Emmitt Smith are listed in this cheap nfl jerseys hub. Joe Montana, Brett FAVRE, Dan Marino and Terry Bradshaw are listed in this hub. Don Shula, Bill Parcells and John Madden are all listed fake oakleys in this sports hub. Pictures, polls, you tube videos, maps and commentary are also highlighted in this hub.Against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII, they showed remarkable resolve and fought to the very end before losing a classic.The Giants in 2007 and the Cardinals in 2008 underscored the razor thin edge between the very best teams in football and the merely good, as well as the hyperintense level of competition throughout the league. After all, <a wholesale Jerseys href=”” target=”_blank”>wholesale nfl jerseys sometimes you don’t want hand massaged braised duck kidneys. Sometimes you want the shit you used to get at the Quik Stop and eat in your car on the way to Steve’s house. Fortunately, there is an entire Wholesale NFL Jerseys industry catering to rich people who still have minimum wage tastes. They make things like .”And eight to 10 feet is cheap nfl jerseys close and what I saw was his head. If he’s gonna tackle me, he’s gonna tackle me at that point. And I looked down my barrel of my gun and I fired.” The last bullet struck the young man in the head. He fell and died instantly.Other species in the majidae family are known for using hooks in their shells to attach long strands of seaweed for cover. We know what you’re thinking: Could we oakleys outlet stick one of cheap football jerseys these in a tank full of jewels and shit and watch them confusedly dress themselves up like drag queens? Hell yes:


Feb 2005

I’m kinda crushing on you right now

Crush ist eines meiner Lieblingsworte im englischen und für mich der Anlasse, mal meine aktuellen Crushes im Film- und Serien-Umfeld vorzustellen. Netterweise lassen sie sich schön in Kategorien einordnen.

Linda Cardellini ist ganz klarer Favorit im Bereich der Serien. Von cute in Freaks and Geeks bis hot in der aktuellen Emergency-Room-Staffel. Wenn man beides gleichzeitg guckt, kommt man allerdings mit dem Alter etwas durcheinandern (und guckt euch lieber nicht die imdb-Fotos an)

Im Bereich des amerikanischen Films hat Natalie Portman für mich Kirsten Dunst abgelöst (obwohl, für zwei sollte ja auch Platz sein). Als Königin Amidala hab ich die echt unterschätzt. Übrigens lesenswertes Interview in der letzten Neon.

Und im deutschen Film ist es Julia Jentsch. Sophie Scholl hab ich noch nicht gesehen, aber allein die fetten Jahre haben mich völlig überzeugt. Wäre interessant sie mal im Theater in München zu sehen. Den Platz muss sie sich aber trotzdem mit Jessica Schwarz teilen :)

(Eigentlich wäre das ja der ideale Eintrag für ein paar Fotos, dazu bin ich jetzt aber zu faul)

It’s a good idea if you put the rod in the rod holder to keep your two free hands ready to go and you have got the last guide coming up here, one more and you come down to the spool. We have an empty spool right here as you can see because we are replacing the line and putting new line ray bans ale on this reel. While reading the confessions of professed pedophiles, which is not a fun hobby we would recommend, you start to notice that many of them talk about addiction. “I’m attracted to boys between 7 Cheap NFL Jerseys and 12, and I’m addicted to fake ray bans porn videos, photos and drawings,” says one anonymous pedophile. “I often want to say ‘stop,’ I erase everything I have on my computer, I cheap football jerseys go to dating sites, I try to be normal Fake Oakleys but it never lasts I crack again I re download and spend sometimes the whole night looking at this porn files on my pc.”Pittsburgh Steelers Vs. Denver Broncos Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer is tackled by the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Joey Porter during the third quarter of the AFC Championship game in Denver, Jan. 22, 2006. The next stop for Big Ben, The Bus and all those Terrible Towels will be the Super Bowl Cheap NFL Jerseys in Detroit, hockey jerseys thanks to a 34 17 dismantling Cheap NFL Jerseys of the Broncos.By that point, Seacrest was powerful enough to bid for the “American Bandstand” host’s prolific production company. Even as a teenager, he was goal oriented. In one oft told story, he was embarrassed by his pudginess, so he cut his lunch intake from a pair of sandwiches to a bit of fruit.Mr Tsipras’s meteoric rise came on the back of increasing Greek dissatisfaction with the status quo as dictated by the Troika. Already disliked in Greece (where anger over Germany’s behaviour in WWII is a cause of lingering resentment) the demands only exacerbated tensions as unemployment remained at 25 per cent and debt at 18 per cent of the nation’s GDP.Fairweather was a bust there’s not much you can do to train for chest deep confectionery snow cheap nfl jerseys but I knew I had tapped a new power supply with my off piste training cirque. My legs and ankles were stronger, I had less knee pain, and my aerobic capacity was boosted. The following year I swapped the boots and pack for my running shoes and began Fake Oakleys to run my off trail route.Hi my name is Sarah Stetner I’m an expert horse rider on behalf of Expert Village. I’m just going to show you how to do a basic easy pattern at the canter. It is called a figure 2017-02-20 8 at the canter. So I’m starting at my middle point right here and you cheap oakleys outlet want replica oakleys to get your horse to get attention to you.

No more Stöckchen

Feb 2005

Ich habe die ehrenvolle Aufgabe einen Meme zu beenden. Ich dachte ja, mich erwischt “es” nicht, aber nun wird es das, was jeder Blogger mit einem Stöckchen und Musik assoziiert auch hier geben. Da ich sicherlich der letzte in der Blogosphäre bin (der dran ist) nutze ich die Chance und stoppe das Ganze:

1. Wie viele gigantische Bytes an Musik sind auf deinem Computer gespeichert?

iPod zählt ja sicherlich auch, denn sonst könnte ich hier kaum was nennen. Da der iPod 10GB groß ist, habe ich auch nur 10GB Musik. Mein iBook hat leider nur eine 20GB-Platte; deswegen habe ich vor langer Zeit aufgehört die MP3s dort auch noch abzuspeichern, so dass meine komplette Musik-Sammlung (nunja, der aktuelle und immergute Teil) auf dem iPod ist.

2. Die letzte CD, die du gekauft hast …

Hmm, momentan fehlt mir die Inspiration für neue CDs, die letzte war demnach auch <a Cookies href=””>Has Been von William Shatner. Die nächste wird spätestens das neue Album von Wir sind Helden sein.

3. Welches Lied hast du gerade gehört, als dich der Ruf ereilte?

Bin am FM4 hören, das aktuelle (geschummelt, ist schon ein paar Lieder her) ist “Emanuela” von Fettes Brot. Hammersong, die Jungs überraschen mich immer wieder.

4. Fünf Lieder, die mir viel cheap oakleys sunglasses bedeuten oder die ich oft höre.

Schwer zu sagen, weswegen ich einfach mal ein paar Stellvertreter raussuche, die ich immer wieder hören und kann und die repräsentativ sind:

Gerne würde ich noch ein Titel aus dem Salsa/Latin-Bereich auflisten, aber das höre ich einfach nur gerne ohne wirklich zu wissen wer oder was da grad Musik macht. Das wird sich aber bald ändern.

5. Wem wirfst du dieses Stöckchen zu (3 Personen) und warum?

Neee, irgendwann muss auch mal Schluß sein. Deswegen erkläre ich diesen Meme offiziell für beendet.

On the Trail of the Long Tail

Shiite cleric” and killed at least 14 people. Reuters is reporting that at least 25 people died and another 100 or so were wounded.Other stories making headlines wholesale jerseys include:Houston Chronicle Sunken Rig May Put Large Amount Of Oil Into Gulf: “A drilling rig that burned for more than a day before sinking Thursday has fouled Gulf of Mexico waters with a potentially major spill of crude oil, officials said. Eli has been playing very well and it’s really nice to see Cheap Jerseys from china because he has been battered by the New York media. He was horrible earlier in the season and everyone was about to write him off, but the Giants have Cheap NFL Jerseys China come alive. They’ve won nine straight games on the road, and Eli Manning has <a wholesale Jerseys href=”” target=”_blank”>wholesale jerseys been really quite solid, quite good during these playoffs.Pass PlaysPersonally I find that shotgun plays usually give you Cheap NFL Jerseys the best chance of cheap nfl jerseys getting the completion. This gives you extra time in the pocket, and allows you to set a play up and find the right person to throw to. I think wholesale Jerseys also that shotgun passes tend to give you the best play setups, and the most exotic plays that allow people to get open. this makes it very easy to fool a defense, and to get that good yardage.So the question is: Who will be the biggest beneficiaries, and by extension get the most revenue accretive to earnings during the Baratas Ray Ban fall/winter quarters of the NFL season? If the Raiders or their opponents for the eight home games are in the mix for the playoffs, the animal spirits of every segment from big time football bettors to everyday die hard fandom will be released and the revenue harvest of this crop even with displacement factored in could be immense. Present cheap jerseys wholesale estimates say that the proposed Baratas Replicas Ray Ban dome would open in time for the 2020 NFL season, when it would be hoped that the Raiders would field a competitive team.Size is going to be the biggest concern moving forward for the athletic Engram, who stands only 6 3 and tips the scales at 227 pounds. He experienced in line and flexed, and can win with explosiveness where other tight ends simply cannot. Engram is an exciting route runner who shows excellent attention to detail in his patterns, but the Ole Miss playmaker might be even more dangerous after the catch, with nifty open field moves and the strength to run through arm tackles. I a sucker for move tight ends, but Engram is no slouch as a blocker in the run game either, showing the functional strength and tenacity to hold his own from an in line position. Should see a nice bump in targets with Laquon Treadwell and Cody Core off to the NFL.

Zum ersten Mal in meiner Karriere mache ich Quote

Feb 2005

Außerdem hört man am Theater unglaublich oft den Satz »Ich muss aufpassen, dass ich kein Zyniker werde.« Wenn ich so etwas höre, muss ich sofort den Raum verlassen.

Interview mit Harald Schmidt in der Zeit

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stakeout: Efficiently run a script on file changes on OS X with kqueue

We believe EA could strengthen cheap jerseys its economic moat in the next console cycle through an aggressive multipronged strategy. The firm plans to improve its competitive position by lowering development costs, improving its position in the sports game market, launching three new console franchises and expanding its presence in the mobile platform.Everybody also has ideas on how to stop it: Allow coaches to challenge every play. Take coaches out of the proceedings and make every play reviewable. Use new technologies Fake Oakleys to assist officials, such as chips to help determine the position of the ball (like a Find My Football app?) And, the old standby, make allofficials full time employees. Here are oakley outlet the problems with each:The Lion King scene is an Easter egg, but it’s supposed to say “SFX.” It was inserted by Disney’s special effects team, and good penmanship apparently isn’t their strong point. Aladdin telling teens to strip comes down to bad audio. He is in fact saying “Good tiger, take off, go,” but it sounds dirtier when you’re told in advance to listen for something else, especially if you’re a bored cheap mlb jerseys teenager or a hand wringing, possibly repressed moral crusader.The original Mobivity provided 5. SMS solutions via a simple, user friendly platform that CommerceTel felt was lacking in its suite. With Mobivity under its belt, CommerceTel was also able to streamline and enhance the platform with its own technologies and at the same time lower both companies’ base cost of operations.Given that Sony’s PS3 will face stiff competition from Microsoft’s Xbox 360, the chances that oakley outlet Sony will ray bans sale release its console at its production cost is slim. Under Wholesale Jerseys the assumption that the Xbox 360 is expected to sell at around $299, Merrill Lynch Japan predicts that Sony will sell each PS3 at the price of 44,800 yen ($410) in Japan and $399 in America. That would mean Sony would suffer a loss of more than 130 billion yen ($1.18 billion) during the first year of the PS3’s release.How much will it mean? Ask the question in three months’ time in India. Ask it again twelve months from now during the Ashes cheap football jerseys series. Australia were deserving winners of this Test match, but most of the real work was done again ray ban outlet by the tried and the tested. As the Australians took the consolation, they watched their oakleys outlet visitors take the main prize. Philander, with a handful of runs and a handful of wickets but cheap ray bans bushels of either, cheap jerseys was the man of the series. Australia’s earnest search for depth has taken but a first step. The South Africans are already there.

Fontleech: The Free Font Blog (via)

It’s because you’ve made at least a marginal amount of yourself Fake Oakleys and you’re afraid of losing it. No matter the success we achieve, we never get rid of the insecurity that one day we won’t measure up to expectations. And unless you went to some hippie school, this is one place where everyone’s performance or lack thereof was evaluated in writing.’During the campaign. On cheap nba jerseys the internet. On TV incessantly. In paid advertising,’ she said using punctuated pauses.Conway pointed out that the Clinton camp used the ‘anti woman stuff’ on Trump in fake ray bans their television ads and in direct mail advertising for the Democratic candidate.’And replica oakleys you know how America’s women answered?’ Conway said. What a strange play call. Camped on the Patriots goal line, Russell Wilson’s three yard pass was picked off by Malcolm Butler to seal the cheap oakleys game 28 24. The Seahawks and their coaching staff have no one else to blame but themselves for this. The biggest question raised is why wasn’t the ball given to Marshawn Lynch.A nonprofit organization should have a written business plan like any other new business. This should include a Fake Oakleys mission statement, cheap jordans description of the purpose of the organization, marketing plan, budget projections, oakleys outlet staffing and operating plan, fundraising plan, and a list of key board members and employees. Corporations often purchase directors and officers insurance and a general liability policy. A nonprofit corporation will need bylaws, which outline how the organization will operate. Information in bylaws includes the procedures for electing or appointing board members, when meetings will be held, what constitutes a legal board meeting, how staff will cheap nfl jerseys be hired, limitations on the activities of the organization, a conflict of interest policy, cheap oakleys how votes of a membership will occur and the procedures the board must follow to change the bylaws.Brazilian players were in tears . at halftime. Coach cheap oakleys Luiz Felipe Scolari described it as “six minutes of nightmares”. Brazil. June.Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez caused a a worldwide uproar at the Fifa World Cup in Brazil, after biting Italian opponent Giorgio Chiellini on Cheap nfl jerseys the left shoulder during their Group D match. He’s an offensive lineman who’s written a book under that pseudonym. It’s called “NFL Confidential.” In it, he details his 2014 season, including training camp and his big break after a starting player gets injured. He’s worried about being fired, so 510: we’ve masked his voice. First, Johnny Anonymous says getting hurt is always on the mind of the player.

Bill fake oakleys Bumgarner: Getting started with Python on Mac OS X (via)

Family said he died suddenly at Connecticut home of natural causesPro Football Hall of Famer was an MVP in 1956 for the New York GiantsHad successful second career as a broadcaster on Monday Night FootballWife Kathie Lee, host of NBC’s Today, called him a ‘human love machine’They married in in 1986 and had two children together, Cody and CassidyMet four years before on set of Good Morning America and became friendsHe was married twice before and had three other children with first wifeDaughter with Maxine Ewart, Victoria, wed Robert Kennedy’s son MichaelGifford also hosted Wide World of Sports and covered several OlympicsPlayed in 1958 NFL championship game ‘The Greatest Game Cheap NFL Jerseys China Ever Played’Gifford played running back, defensive back, receiver Cheap NFL Jerseys and special teamsByIf I’m in my office, I am usually sitting behind my computer working on a manuscript, report, or grant proposal. Cheap Football Jerseys I spend too much time on administration, but it is a necessary evil. However, when I’m in the field, which is often for a week or more at a time, there is no normal day. Field biologists don’t really MYANMAR have a schedule of their own; they have to adapt their work to the activities of their subjects. Snakes cheap custom jerseys ray bans in the desert are usually more active at night, so we spend a lot of time in the field after dark. The hours are long, typically 12 16 per day, but it sure beats being in the office! The fieldwork is really why we do what we do.They had a futuristic looking boat, the noble intention of powering it with clean burning biodiesel and the goal of motoring around the world in record oakley sunglasses time. But the Earthrace expedition, its largely New Zealand cheap jordan crew headed by former oil exploration engineer Peter Bethune, abandoned its circumnavigation of the world on Friday.The Earthrace boat cracked after receiving a major pounding in the Mediterranean and the time it would take to haul it out of the water and repair it would have made it impossible for the team to make the dash to San Diego and beat the 75 day circumnavigation record set by British boat Cable Wireless in 1998.Following the race on the internet, I fake oakleys was relieved when the boat successfully passed through the Suez Canal and into what I thought would be the relative safety of the Mediterranean. The foremost example of this was the film’s classic character the Great Fake Oakleys Owl, whose introduction to cheap ray bans the audience includes crushing a spider, standing on a pile of bones and freakishly twisting cheap jordan his head around like something out of Hellraiser. And this is all done after it is made explicitly clear that he feeds on animals like, for example, the main character of the film. At this point making his eyes glow just seems like overdoing it.

YAML for ObjC (via)

The hallucinations became more frequent and, as hallucinations are prone to do, they drove him batshit insane. Fortunately, his loving wife stood by him, Nash committed to a medication regiment and, over time, learned to ignore his hallucinations just in time to win the Nobel Prize in Economics custom jerseys and Crazy in 1994.3. Pittsburgh linebacker Vince Williams He wasn’t as spectacular as Fauria, but Williams put on quite the show for a rookie in cheap jerseys china the Steelers defense. Williams did a great job shutting down a reverse in the first half and cheap oakleys then closed quickly to stop a screen play in the second half. Both were solo efforts by Williams, who showed explosive quickness. Those were keys as the Steelers held the New York Jets to two field goals and forced quarterback Geno Smith into two interceptions and a fumble.So one of the big innovations responsible for the clothes you’re wearing now was Elias cheap nfl jerseys Howe’s lock stitch sewing machine. Well, according to members of his family, it finally all came to him in the course of a ludicrously violent and somewhat Cheap nfl jerseys wholesale jerseys racist nightmare. In the dream, he had been captured by cannibals. So now, instead of taking one or the other, I find myself carrying both, cheap football jerseys and by connecting them, Air Display makes the iPad less of a toy and more of a tool.The app works just the way Wholesale Jerseys adding a second monitor does. In fact, you are adding a second monitor, it just happens to be wirelessly over wi fi. On the consumer side, we launched a new hotel search experience in partnership with TripAdvisor, which offers details on hotel ratings, reviews, and photos directly on the search page. We’re also seeing that mobile devices are transforming custom jerseys shopping behaviors, and we want to leverage the power of mobile search and native ads to help advertisers connect with shoppers.Sunday’s Houston Texans Vs Oakland Raiders game was surely the most presidential going that’s unless Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were hanging out at the same NFL stadium. Bush and his son George W. Bush or 41 and 43 turned up to cheer on their team at Reliant Stadium in Houston, but their star power wasn’t enough to secure a victory, with cheap jerseys the Texans losing 28 23. soldiers and their families as part of Salute to Service Week.PHILADELPHIA, Oct 14 (Reuters) ????? Retired NFL players who sued the league over on the field concussions have overwhelmingly accepted a multimillion dollar settlement despite serious misgivings about some of the terms, lawyers representing the players said on Tuesday. District Judge Anita Brody granted preliminary approval to the deal in June after the NFL ray bans sale agreed to remove a $675 million cap on payments. Brody refused to sign off cheap nfl jerseys on the earlier deal because she worried the money set aside by the NFL would be insufficient.


Feb 2005

Wow, das ist vielleicht genau die Software, die mir bisher auf dem Mac noch gefehlt hat.

Ich habe mein iBook jetzt zweieinhalb Jahre und das Einzige mit dem ich noch nicht produktiv jordan sale arbeiten kann ist das Window-Management. Es mag daran liegen, dass ich Expose nicht gerne benutze, da es imho nur mit der Maus wirklich effizient zu benutzen ist. Oder an meinem ständigen Wechseln zwischen Windows und MacOS X, die ja sehr unterschiedliche Vorstellungen von Window-Management haben. Auf dem Mac habe ich das Gefühl ständig auf der Suche nach dem Fenster zu sein, dass ich jetzt brauche.

Enter Witch: Eine neue Software von Peter Maurer (of Butler fame), die es einem erlaubt durch alle offenen (und ray bans sale versteckten) Fenster zu wechseln. Also wie Cmd-Tab, nur für alle Fenster anstatt allen Applikationen. Im Prinzip bringt Witch die Windows-Methode auf den Mac.

Jetzt muss sich natürlich erstmal zeigen, ob mir das wirklich das bringt was ich mir erhoffe, aber der erste Eindruck ist verdammt gut. Was mir noch fehlt ist das schnelle Wechseln zweier Fenster unterschiedlicher Applikationen über Witch (also die Verwaltung der offenen Fenster durch einen Stack).

Update: Und schon geht mein Wunsch in Erfüllung. Mit der Beta3 kann man die Fenster nach “window activity order” sortieren, also das gleiche Verhalten wie Command-Tab.

here’s why you’re only hearing about it nowSo when this all started to unravel with the leaking of my being part of the group, the predictable firestorm started, and I said, “Are you guys prepared here? Do you understand what’s going on?” “Oh, yeah, we want you to be a partner, don’t worry, Rush, I would not have gone this far if I hadn’t wired this before I even spoke to you.” Now, remember, I did not seek them out, they sought me out. They came here to my home. So eventually when DeMaurice Smith and he may pronounce it DeMaurice, I’m not sure DeMaurice Smith is the new executive director of the National Football League Players Association, he sent a letter to the Commissioner Roger Goodell strongly objecting to my being anywhere near the National Football League on the basis that I don’t nba jerseys sales unify, I’m a divider and divisive cheap oakleys and this sort of thing.It’s pretty much a given that intimacy can’t be achieved very well without making use of the sense of touch. On the other hand, you’d figure it’s a given that you shouldn’t be trying to get intimate while wearing a poor man’s Freddy Krueger hand accessory on each finger, but not everyone rolls the same way. So cram these on your fingers and get Cheap NFL Jerseys the Emergency Room on speed dial.To get that extra billion, these owners are willing to shut the next football season down. This bit of executive extortion is now, no surprise, generating daily headlines in the nation’s sports pages. Need help understanding this greed offensive? You need Dave Zirin’s new Bad Sports: How Owners Are Ruining the Games We Love. So does his disgust at jordans for cheap the grasping owners of America’s professional sports franchises.And we mean everything. Your heartbeat, your blood flowing through your veins, even your eyes moving around in your skull once you come down with SCDS, you’ll be able to hear them all day every day, thus gaining a hell of a cheap oakleys lot of respect for what Daredevil goes through. You know, except for the whole “not being able to see” thing. That’s a whole separate condition, called “blindness.””At least I get to punch people to deal with the stress.”A fair and clear termination policy can be the difference between an exciting work environment that encourages growth, and whatever the Fake Oakleys opposite of that is. Nowhere is this 2?? clearer cheap authentic jordans than in the professional wholesale nfl jerseys relationship between the Decepticon leader, Megatron, and his subordinate, Starscream. As a service to budding executives and, more importantly, Megatron, we’ve combed through the entire Transformers catalog to find five examples of Starscream’s behavior that should not be tolerated by any executive.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Feb 2005

Die ersten brauchbaren Bilder von dem Film, der sich dieses Jahr der größten Erwartungshaltung stellen muss. Wie sicherlich viele Tolkien-Fans der Verfilmung von LotR sehr skeptisch gegenüber standen so sehr fragt sich jeder Geek und Douglas Adams-Fan ob man den Hitchhiker’s Guide überhaupt verfilmen kann.

Leider ist der jetzt veröffentlichte Trailer auf Amazon verdammt klein, so dass man zwar einen ersten Eindruck bekommt jordan sale (Der Cast für Arthur Dent ist imho perfekt), aber einem so schöne Details wie sie Martin aufzeigt kaum auffallen.

Für den Film spricht auf jeden Fall, dass das Screenplay noch aus der Feder von Douglas Adams stammt. Die Erweiterungen von Karey Kirkpatrick scheinen gut zu sein. Nach dem Lesen dieses sehr interessanten Interviews von und mit ihm bin ich da wesentlich zuversichtlicher.

Gegen den Film spricht, das Adams mit dem Film mal wieder eine andere Version des Hitchhiker’s Universum vorstellt. Cheap Jerseys Die Veränderungen von der Radio-Version zum Buch und jetzt zum cheap oakleys sunglasses Film sind zwar absichtlich, machen es aber nicht wirklich einfacher für den Fan.

Stephen Bickford, soccer: Bickford laments life in the closet. Quotation: “What would my coach think? Would he not play me because I’m gay? Would I be cut from the team? These thoughts were almost unbearable. It’s a weight on an athlete’s shoulders that nobody should have to experience, but it happens every day to thousands of closeted athletes playing team sports all over the world.”Look, cryptology is hard. Cheap NFL Jerseys Really hard. And despite the fact that this fine website boasts the brightest and best minds of North America, we can’t seem to get past King Vitamin’s maze on the back of his cereal box. ray ban outlet Why on earth would a job as complex and mentally exhausting as cryptology advertise itself to Wholesale Jerseys the average web surfing 4Chan addict?Refined table sugar (sucrose) is processed in our bodies by insulin, which is produced by the pancreas. Honey is about 55 Wholesale NFL Jerseys per cent fructose, a fruit sugar that’s processed by the liver. Despite the chemical difference, our bodies still react to honey in much same way cheap football jerseys as it reacts oakley outlet to refined sugar with a blood sugar spike.I have been to multiple cheap oakley sunglasses Home Depot stores and have always been impressed. They are clean with wide aisles and have good pricing. The company is growing, so if there isn one wholesale jerseys in your area right now, there very well could be a short time down the road. As with most major sellers, there is an online website, where you can make purchases and have them delivered. Take a look and see what you think; I don think you will be disappointed in the selection, name brands, or price.Tuesday was the deadline for teams to use a franchise or transition tag. By choosing the non exclusive franchise tag, the Redskins allow Cousins to talk to other clubs, but Washington would be allowed to match any offer or receive a pair of first round draft picks as compensation should he leave.Whilst Newton does not have the same throwing ability as Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady, he is developing the consistency to carry his team to victory, and this has been made evident by Carolina’s unbeaten record. Having led his team to five consecutive wins, the Panthers could find themselves with a first round bye should Newton continue to play at his best.Some of the more well known and popular cue makers and cue companies today include Joss Cues, Meucci Cues, Pechauer Cues, and Lucasi Cues. One of the most famous American cue makers, George Balabushka, died in 1975, but his cue designs are still produced by another cue maker, Richard Helmstetter, who also produces his own line of cues. Many other pool cue makers exist, and it Cheap Football Jerseys is wonderful to see an industry thriving on both ends of the spectrum.

Panic – Transmit 3 – The next-generation Mac oakley outlet OS X FTP client! – stimmt schon, der Mac ist _die_ Plattform für FTP-Clients

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Feb 2005

Da mir unter OS X noch ein guter grafischer SVN-Client fehlt bin ich momentan viel auf der Kommado-Zeile unterwegs. Drei Tipps, die das Leben einfacher machen:

Subversion benutzt zwar intern überall Unicode, aber wenn man es aus dem Terminal aufruft kann es zu Problemen mit Umlauten in Commit-Messages kommen. Einfach folgendes in die .profile schreiben:

alias svn='env LC_CTYPE=de_DE.UTF-8 /usr/local/bin/svn'

damit ist nur Subversion auf UTF-8 umgestellt, macht man das nämlich global gibt es überall unschöne Effekte im Terminal.

Auch wenn mir das CLI grundsätzlich nichts ausmacht, eine grafische Visualisierung der Diffs ist mir schon lieber. Apple liefert mit den DeveloperTools das ganz brauchbare FileMerge mit, das sehr schön die Unterschiede von zwei Revisionen einer Datei anzeigen kann (die Merge-Funktionalität geht glaube ich in Subversion nicht mit externen Tools ). Man muss einen kleinen Wrapper schreiben um es über Subversion benutzen zu können:

exec /usr/bin/opendiff $6 $7

Einfach als irgendwo ablegen, ausführbar machen und dann in ~/.subversion/config als diff-cmd eintragen. Wenn man als Editor die Kommandozeilen-Tools von SubEthaEdit, Textmate oder BBEdit einträgt kann man auch die Commit-Messages bequem über einen grafischen Editor eingeben.

Und falls man mal eine falsche Commit-Message angegeben hat, kann man die auch nachträglich ändern. Dafür muss man im Repository-Verzeichnis das hooks/pre-revprop-change Template umbenennen und ausführbar machen. Danach kann man mit:

svn propedit --revprop -rSOME_REVISION_NUMBER svn:log

die Log-Message ändern.

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LaunchBar 4 – Release Notes – Wow, hätte ja nicht damit gerechnet das die das noch irgendwann schaffen. Endlich ein Launcher, der keine Beta mehr ist ;-)

Never an explanation [from the officials], Beckham said after the 24 10 Giants loss. always, it just my fault. That all I look at it as: It my fault. I just have to understand if I sneeze the wrong way, it be a flag, it be a fine. If I tie my shoe the wrong way, it might be a fine or a flag.One is a mysterious masked cowboy, the other a contemporary superhero most recently portrayed by the guy from Knocked Up. wholesale jerseys The Lone Ranger and Green Hornet are owned by different companies now (and their movie rights are held by competing studios), but the original radio shows aired on the same Detroit station in the 1930s and shared one character Dan Reid, the Lone Ranger’s young nephew in the Wild West. Dan also appeared as an old man in the Cheap Jerseys other show (set in the ’30s) because This Fake Oakleys was basically the same character played by Tom Wilkinson in the recent movie.Gambling: A biggie. Golfer John Wholesale Jerseys Daly, Iverson, Fake Oakleys Tyson, Gillespie, George Best are among those whose fortunes were splashed across the tables. Jail: An even bigger biggie. Prison kills celebrity and earning power come in Tyson, world champion athlete Marion Jones, former NFL star Michael Vick (US$100m in earnings) and former baseball star Lenny Dykstra who, in 2008, was worth US$58m. Even Michael Jordan couldn’t resist a comeback that diminished him, and everyone knows what happened to Muhammad Ali. Some, though, have managed it. The undefeated Rocky Marciano was one. Pete Sampras, who quit after winning the 2002 US Open, was another. And, most pertinent to Manning, there’s John Elway, cheap nfl jerseys another legendary Broncos quarterback who retired in 1998 (the wholesale oakley outlet nfl jersyes same year Manning was taken as first pick overall in the NFL draft) after his second successive Super Bowl win, a game in which he was named Most Valuable Player.FATSIS: Well, by conventional metrics cheap jerseys it is as dominant as a begrüßt sports league has ever been. $10 billion a year in revenue, by far the biggest audiences on TV, billions spent on gambling and fantasy. But I and think a lot of other people now see the NFL as sort of two entities. There’s the product the games and everything around them and then there’s the other NFL that intrudes on the product the real world consequences of a violent sport. And this split personality NFL has existed for years, but never as sharply defined as now.Despite what some of you may have heard, Katherine Webb and her Fake Oakleys boyfriend AJ McCarron have not broken up. Webb wholesale nfl jerseys discount football jerseys is a model, beauty queen and TV personality. She gained the attention of much of the country when appearing in the crowd during the 2012 BCS National Championship Game. The former Miss Alabama’s appearance was significant after being presented as AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, who is the star quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide.

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a plague of penalty flags rains down on the nflO’Keefe then tried to bust Patrick Moran, oakleys outlet the director of field operations for a congressional candidate’s campaign, for encouraging his employees to commit voter fraud. It seems the one thing O’Keefe doesn’t have in common with Michael Moore is that O’Keefe has apparently never been right about a single goddamned thing in his entire life, which is what happens when you invent lies about things that you don’t like.They hosted the first game in AFL history. A 13 10 cheap ray bans loss hockey jerseys to the Denver Broncos on September 9 1960 at the Boston University field. They finished with a 5 9 record that year, fake ray bans The next year, in a ray ban outlet home game against the Dallas Texans, a man dressed in a trench coat, jumped on the field and deflected a pass away from a Texan receiver. Two years later they were in championship contention until the winless Oakland Raiders upset them on the last Sunday of the season. In 1963, they won the Eastern Conference with a middling 7 6 1 record. They lost to the San Diego fake oakleys Chargers 55 10 in the AFL Championship Game.The growth of mobile users in the last half decade has outstripped the growth of conventional desktop users by a gigantic margin. The numbers for the period between 2008 and 2011 show growth in the percentage of adults accessing the internet increasing from 54% to 62%. By contrast, adults daily accessing the web via mobile devices over the same period grew from 4% to 26%.The NFL remains the most popular sports league in America, and it commands a premium. If the average NFL fan thinks the cost of attending games is already cheap ray bans too high, how about paying ever higher prices to watch games on ESPN and the NFL Network? Cable and satellite TV providers pay Baratas fake oakleys Replicas Ray Ban ESPN an average of $6.04 per subscription per month, more than double from 10 years ago and dwarfing the likes of CNN (63 cents) and TBS (72 cents), according to SNL Kagan, a market research firm. ‘We are excited to unveil an expanded plan that will bring a world class sports and entertainment district to Hollywood Park,’ Stockbridge founder Terry Fancher told the LA Times in a statement. ‘We are committed to working with [the Kroenke Group] to build a project cheap jerseys that will put Inglewood back on the hockey jerseys map as home of the truly great sports and entertainment venues.’When watching your calorie intake, stick to meals that contain between 500 and 700 calories. Breakfast ideas include 1 1/2 cups of cooked oatmeal with a cup of blueberries, 1/2 oz. of pecans and a cup of low fat milk; two eggs scrambled with two slices of whole grain toast and 12 oz. of orange juice; or a whole wheat bagel with 2 tbsp. of peanut butter and a glass of low fat milk. For lunch, try a sandwich made with 3 oz. of deli ham or turkey, lettuce, tomato and mustard, with a low fat yogurt and carrot sticks. You could also have 4 cheap ray bans oz. of lean beef on a whole grain roll with a baked potato and green salad. For dinner, opt Hiring for 3 to 4 oz. of broiled, grilled or roasted fish, lean meat or poultry with 1 cup of brown rice, quinoa or whole wheat pasta and a generous amount of steamed vegetables. You might consider subbing beans or tofu for a meat meal once or twice a week for good health.

peter_zaitsev: MySQL: Upgrading MySQL 4.0 to 4.1 (<a href="" title="Photo Matt &raquo; PETITS Unlucky In Cards”>via) – schwieriger als erwartet

If you’re really in need, though, all you have to do is Cheap mlb Jerseys get a job as one of the hundreds of crew members who work at his film shoots. When Reeves isn’t buying breakfast and lunch for the crew or surprising them with Cheap NFL Jerseys Harley Davidsons, he’s giving away $20,000 so they can pay off their debts.I’ll abstain from telling you the story, all right, robin. Russell Wilson says god spoke to him asking him to leave the relationship Jesus’ way and wholesale jerseys take all that other stuff off the table. His girlfriend Ciara is super hot and he says cheap football jerseys china their decision has not been easy. Take one super bowl champ and one sexy songstress. oakley outlet Some of them also have extra pockets on the front if you want to put your thigh pads in cheap nfl jerseys those. And that is the way that I usually recommend to do them, because once you put on your pads your pants, and your pads, and you are working out here in the heat, and in the wet your pants start to droop, and fall down, and replica oakleys it is actually better if you get those thigh pads in here. Showing off her enviable figure in a daring slinky red dress with plunging neckline and thigh high split, Bella was leaving little too the imagination in this number. Red is always a definite show stopper but add in both cleavage and leg and you got a seriously sexy look. We not sure if anyone else is going to top this Wholesale Jerseys one tonight! Bella dress is by Alexandre Vauthier, a brand she favoured on the red carpet before and part of the brand SS16 couture collection.I mean, like I said in my speech, football raised me, taught me about hard ray ban sunglasses work, discipline and team work. Reporter: Last Wednesday Sam attended the espys, honored with the Arthur ashe award for courage. Arthur ashe was not just brilliant, he was great too. He put all the wisdom of the world in three short sentences. Pike River Coal’s receivers say it could take up to four months to re enter the mine in which 29 workers died in an explosion last month.The draft plan was prepared by a panel of technical experts including company staff, mines rescue personnel from New Zealand and Australia and other subject expertise.As he left the meeting a representative for the receivers said it could be up to four months before re entry to the mine was possible.Police spokeswoman Barbara Dunn told NZPA tonight the plan had been given to Police Commissioner Howard Broad and would be peer replica oakleys reviewed.”Every man and his dog will look at it.”The plan contains two phases, say police. The first relates to work currently underway to try and stabilise the mine hockey jerseys environment.It suggests some additional work around sealing of cracks in the ground to help reduce the flow of gases out of the mine.The second phase sets out plans to enter the mine to recover the remains of the 29 workers. This phase is dependent on the mine environment being stablised to the extent that it can be Wholesale NFL Jerseys safely re entered.