Das Internet ist Böse, continued

Feb 2006

Der eigentliche Punkt, den ich mit meinem letzten Post ansprechen wollte: Die Verantwortung bei selbst installierten Scripts/Web-Applikationen.

Genau so wie man es heutzutage schafft, sich mit einem frisch installierten Windows innerhalb von Minuten einen Wurm einzufangen, entwickelt sich momentan Gefahr von Sicherheitslücken in populären (PHP-)Scripts.

Die gleichen Script-Kiddies und Würmer, die in der Windows-Welt für Probleme sorgen, nehmen sich auch immer häufiger Web-Seiten vor. Sicherheitslücken in populären PHP-Applikationen werden mit Hilfe von Google gefunden und gezielt attackiert. In den meisten Fällen lässt sich beliebiger Code auf dem Server mit dem Rechten des Benutzers oder Webservers ausführen.

Zum Glück ist das Ziel selten persönlich — Löschen von Daten oder Public Defacement sind schon lange out — sondern eines der folgenden:

Die Webhoster versuchen natürlich mit allen Mitteln solche Angriffe zu verhindern, aber je nachdem wie flexibel die Möglichkeiten des Accounts sind kann man nicht auf alles aufpassen (bzw. kann man schon, allerdings nicht automatisch)

Deshalb sollte man sich der Verantwortung bewusst sein und:

Denn schneller als Fake Oakleys man denkt, ist man selbst für einen Teil des Kommentar- und Mail-Spam verantwortlich.

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Google Groups Beta

Dec 2004

Ich glaube ich bin betaphob.

Warum musste Google in das Coca-Cola-Syndrom verfallen und gute Sachen, die perfekt funktioniert haben, neu erfinden. Vor einer Woche ist Groups-Suche durch die neue Beta-Version ausgetauscht worden. Als damals die Beta vorgestellt wurde, habe ich mir gedacht, gut dass das eine Beta ist, denn da muss noch viel getan werden. Umso entsetzter war ich dann, als Google die Groups-Suche jetzt mehr oder weniger unverändert einsetzt.

Ich denke, die Motive der neuen Groups-Suche zu verstehen: Man wollte das aktive Mitverfolgen von Groups vereinfachen (also eine klassische Newsreader-Applikation bauen) und die Cheap Jerseys yahoogroups ersetzen (man kann jetzt auch eigene Groups erstellen). Da ich dafür aber nen Newsreader verwende und die Gougle Groups nur zum Lesen und vorallem Suchen verwende, kann ich mich jetzt den ganzen Tag darüber aufregen.

Es gibt so viele Kleinigkeiten, die einfach gut gelöst waren in der alten Suche und jetzt weg sind. Und nein, es ist nicht nur die Umgewöhnung. Gewöhnen kann ich mich an die Seitenleiste mit den zuletzt besuchten Groups und gewöhnen kann ich mich an die neue Darstellung mit vereinfachterem Header und dem Strippen von zitiertem Text.

Nicht gewöhnen kann ich mich an den Proportional-Font. Usenet ist nun custom jerseys mal ein Plaintext-Medium und mit diesem Schritt hat man große Klassiker der Ascii-Art zerstört. Wobei rec.arts.ascii in Fixed Width angezeigt wird, sehe ich gerade, ein paar andere Newsgroups auch.

Außerdem kann man nicht mehr durch die Hierarchie wandern, indem man einfach auf Teile des Gruppen-Names klickt. Jetzt muss man umständlich About this Group und dann Categories gehen, wenn man einfach von comp.lang.java nach comp.lang.python möchte. Dafür kann man jetzt jede Newsgroup per Atom-Feed verfolgen, wenn das keine Neuerfindung des Rades ist.

Nachdem Google nach dem ersten Launch und den vielen Beschwerden erstmal wieder zurück zur alten Suche gewechselt ist, um wohl mindestens die Daterange-Suche und Deeplinks wieder einzubauen, läuft aktuell die Beta. Die Beschwerden werden aber trotzdem nicht weniger.

Bis jetzt kann man noch über die deutsche Groups-Suche das alte Interface benutzen, aber vermutlich auch nicht für immer.

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Password Generator Bookmarklet

Sep 2004

Geniale Idee: Mit dem Password generator bookmarklet werden aus einem Master Passwort, der Domain und MD5 einzigartige Passwörter für Websites erstellt. Praktisch für all die Foren, Shops usw. bei denen mal aus Faulheit immer das gleiche Passwort verwendet weil man es sich sonst eh nicht merken kann. [via Simon Willison]

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Gmail Invitation

Jun 2004

Jetzt habe ich das System durchschaut:

Erstens, Gmail wird ewig Beta bleiben, so kann keiner meckern wenn es mal nicht so klappt. Und Zweitens, es wird nie eine richtige Registrierungsphase geben. Nur Invitations. Denn so wird aus einem langweiligen Webmail eine spannende ultra-geekige Sache die jeder haben will. Und da sich die Invites epidemie-artig ausbreiten (jeder eingeladene erhält erstmal drei neue Invitations) müsste da nach Adam Riese bald die ganze Welt mit Gmail-Accounts ausgestattet sein ;-)

Ach, btw, ich hätte da drei Invitations loszuwerden ;-)

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info-Domains hinterhergeschmissen

Jun 2004

Nette Aktion von Afilias, der .info-Registry. Wer im Juni eine neue info-Domain registriert muss für das erste Jahr nichts zahlen. Also quasi ne Domain für umsonst, allerdings wird ja jeder der ne Domain registriert die länger als ein Jahr benutzen wollen. Danach gelten die üblichen Kosten.

Achja, nur 25 impact Domains pro Person ;-)

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Amazon Wishlist

Apr 2004

Das ist ja mal genial, so eine Wishlist könnte ich mir auch mal zulegen:

hicksdesign :: Amazon wishlists

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Mar 2004

Heh, ich will die Tabs bei Google wieder haben! Der Weg zu den Groups ist jetzt ein halbes Mauspad länger geworden und ist an dem “neuen Design” irgendwas besser oder alles nur ein bisschen anders?

Two new tower gates will custom jerseys be jordans for sale oakley outlet also constructed for the North and South End Zone, increasing the cost of the redevelopment to around $143 million.Miron Construction of Neenah, Wisconsin will be in charge of the works that will reach as high as the banks of light found at the South End Zone. Top of page Case reportA 22 year old female presented to our department with symptoms of ocular irritation. She was previously fit and well. On examination, visual acuity was 6/5 in both eyes with +1.50 RE and +2.00 LE. External inspection showed anterior blepharitis, consistent with her symptoms. Routine fundoscopy revealed peripapillary myelinated nerve fibres in both eyes. The right was more significantly affected, with myelination of the nasal peripapillary, up to half a disc diameter from the optic nerve margin. The left eye had a small area of myelination on the inferior disc margin (Figure 1). The ophthalmic examination was otherwise unremarkable including normal pupil reactions and full fields. These are up to half the disc diameters in the nasal peripapillary area fake oakleys in the right eye and small area Não of myelination to the disc in the left eye.This one has to get credit for going above and beyond Young Fritz up there. After all, that Cheap MLB Jerseys kid could have sneaked a cigar out of Old Fritz’s stash without him knowing. But, no, here they’re issuing a clear call to the terrifying old men of the world: “Find a young girl and make her drink beer with you.” Really, the most irresponsible part of NFL Jerseys Cheap the ad is that it doesn’t warn him to hide her revolver first.Develop a concept for your website. There are numerous fantasy football websites. Each has its own unique style and organization. Research the various styles to determine which you think is most effective and professional. Then develop your own vision for a website to make it different from the others. Determine a clear design for the site, including color and layout. Your fantasy football website should Fake Oakleys be easy to use and attractive to visitors.Subscribe to USA TODAYAlready a print edition subscriber, but don’t have wholesale nfl jerseys a login?Activate your digital access.Manage your account settings.My AccountLog OutWeek 2 in the NFL is here, and For the Win is making some predictions. And we’re going bold with them1. Blaine Gabbert gets benchedBlaine Gabbert gets benched for Colin Kaepernick and four other bold predictions for Week 2. Attend as many MLB tryout camps as possible. They are held in June and July around the country, are free of charge and are cheap oakley sunglasses attended by territorial scouts who work for all 30 of the Major League organizations. Pro baseball teams sometimes sign free agents to cheap jordans online fill out their minor league baseball roster when they didn’t sign enough players in the main draft.

Mozilla Branding

Feb 2004

Richtig gut gelungenSehr viel spannender als das neue Punkt-1-Release vom Firefox finde ich ja die ganze Geschichte, die Ben Goodger und das Mozilla Team mit dem Branding machen. So wie ich das sehe ist das der erste Versuch eines OpenSource Projekts ein richtiges Produkt im eigentlichen Sinne zu machen und wirklich den “Massenmarkt” zu erreichen.

Los ging es mit Steven Garritys viel beachtetem Artikel Branding Mozilla: Towards Mozilla 2.0, in dem er Vorschläge für Änderungen an der Marke und visuellen Erscheinung von Mozilla macht.
Kurz darauf war er Chef des Mozilla Visual Idendity Teams :) Dessen erste Aufgabe war es ein neuen Logo für Firefox zu gestalten, die Jon Hicks imo richtig gut gelöst hat (wobei mir der Firefox auch gut gefällt).

Die andere Sache war es einen neuen Namen zu finden. Da der “Streit” mit der OpenSource Datenbank Firebird eingeschlafen war, hab ich gedacht das mit dem Namen hätte sich geklärt. Stattdessen hat die Namensfindung das 0.8er-Release um mehrere Wochen verzögert und war laut Ben:

by far the most difficult problem Wholesale NFL Jerseys we’ve yet tackled in the history of this project.

Gründe und den Prozess der Namensfindung: Firefox 0.8 – The Browser, Rebranded. Warum Mozilla eine Trademark Policy braucht erklärt Bart Decrem in diesem Forumsposting.

Das das ein paar Auswirkungen hat, war mir anfangs nicht wirklich bewusst. So dürfen z.B. die inoffiziellen Builds und Builds, die man sich selbst aus dem CVS kompiliert nicht die offiziellen cheap oakleys Icons benutzen .Was dazu führt, dass die Nightlies momentan alle noch Firebird heissen und das alte Logo benutzen.

Ich hoffe und denke Firefox kann es schaffen und dem IE einen signifikanten Marktanteil abnehmen. Wie ernst es Ben ist erklärt er auch nochmal für alle die es nicht verstanden haben:

I am here to take this browser to the mass market, to steal as much market share from IE as possible, not to satisfy a relatively small number of people on forums. The project can only do that by being better than IE in every way

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Nackt im Internet

Feb 2004

Junge, junge. Ich hatte heute das Vergnügen mit einer frischen Windows XP Installation völlig nackt im Internet unterwegs zu sein (Router/Firewall ist kaputt). Kaum hatte ich mich eingewählt um die nötigen Updates und Treiber runterzuladen, Zack, mysteröse RPC-Fehlermeldung und Countdown zum Shutdown (der dann auch erfolgte).

Hab erstmal garnicht nachgedacht und alles wie immer auf Windows geschoben aber als es dann nach dem Rebooten und weiterem Downloaden nochmal auftrat wurde mir doch bewusst wie fucking gefährlich das ist.

Das heisst man schafft es mit Windows fast nicht die nötigen Updates zu installieren (und der Windowsupdate-Server ist notorisch lahm) weil man vorher mal eben nen Wurm installiert bekommt. Schöne Sache das. So hatte ich innerhalb von 10 Minuten Lovesan und Blaster auf dem PC und durfte mit der Installation nochmal von Vorne anfangen.

Wenn man die XP-Firewall einschaltet und den Messenger-Service deaktiviert klappt es dann auch ohne großes Risiko, aber ich hätte nicht gedacht das es so schnell geht bis man entdeckt wird.

We therefore tested whether this might contribute to the observed increase in the frequency of GM CSF secreting TH cells. We activated naive TH cells in the presence of IL 2, IL 7 or IL 15, cytokines known to cheap nfl jerseys promote TH cell expansion (Fig. 3a). IL 2 and IL 15 both induced strong GM CSF production in TH cells (Fig. To be fair, Kaepernick has never pretended to like either candidate. After the presidential debate at Hofstra University wholesale Jerseys this fall, the 49ers QB called both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump liars, stating that Trump campaign slogan America Cheap Jerseys great again is fundamentally flawed because America has never been great for people of color.Here’s a bit of folksy wisdom: You never know what something’s going to feel like in your butt until it goes in your butt.Also, it’s like Miss Manners always said: If you’re shooting an anal scene, you’ve got to clean out your butt first. And buttholes can be, well . This Canadian ice cheap oakleys sunglasses hockey player enthralled crowds and sports fans during his twelve year playing career from 1966 to 1978. ray ban outlet This greatly acknowledged defenseman had his NHL career comprising two seasons with Chicago Black Hawks and the Cheap Jerseys remaining part of his career with the Boston Bruins. He won the record of eight straight Norris Trophies, jordan sale thereby being titled as NHL’s best defenseman. He also won the title of NHL’s most valuable player after he lead Boston Bruins to three regular season first place finishes. On replica ??? oakleys retirement, Orr partnered with Paul Krepelka and Rick Curran and became a player agent.Ryan Tannehill threw for 319 yards, with three TD passes to Cheap Jerseys from china three different receivers; Tannehill cheap jerseys also had an interception returned for a touchdown, and his lost fumble in the final minute of the fourth quarter gave Cleveland a chance for the win. But Cody Parkey’s third missed field goal try of the game kept Miami alive, and hockey jerseys the Dolphins won it on their second possession of OT. Tannehill’s 32 yard pass to Jarvis Landry (seven receptions, 120 yards, one TD) set up Jay Ajayi’s game winning 11 yard TD run.There are six Cybex machines used for this workout. The machines you want to use are listed by name: Chest Press; Incline Press; Fly (depending on the Cybex model, this may be the same machine as the Rear Delt); Overhead Press; Modular Assist Dips (same machine as Modular Assist Chin Up); Arm Extension (targets Triceps).Back BicepsThis is an exercise plan to target your back and biceps. The AFC North and South standings are misleading. In the North, Baltimore have the only winning record but they have not convinced me yet that they have enough to remain there. Quaterback Ben Roethlisberger’s injury and subsequent return has hampered the Steelers but they’ll get it right in time. There is too much talent in Pittsburgh and they are coached well. The same could cheap oakleys outlet be said for the Cincinnati Bengals.


Dec 2003

Auch ne schöne cheap jordan Sache für Quicklinks/Linkdumps/Blogmarks ist del.icio.us. Auf den ersten Blick sieht man nicht gleich was es ist und wirklich gut beschrieben wird es auf der Homepage auch nicht. Also am Besten selbst ausprobieren.

Im Prinzip fake ray bans ist das ein zentraler Linkblog-Service, den jeder für sich selbst benutzen kann (inkl. RSS-Feed), aber durch die Zusammenschaltung dieser vielen gesammelten Bookmarks, die on-the-fly kategorisiert werden können, entstehen viele coole Features. Das Simpelste natürlich browsen durch die Kategorien, aber auch sowas wie Leute die diesen Link-gebloggt haben haben auch folgendes gelinkt. Sehr schick.

Nur stört mich, dass alle meine schönen Links auf deren Server gespeichert werden, auf den ich keinen Einfluss habe. Aber ein paar nette Ideen für die eigenen Quicklinks sind trotzdem bei rausgekommen.

Inquiry: Are you in work that suits you? Have you made choices that are not propelling your career path forward?Strategy Play to win. There were wins and losses, but it was always about taking the learning and moving to the next game by not reveling too long over a recent win or loss. Novo Nordisk outsold the competition over the last 10 years as well. I’m long Coca Cola (NYSE:KO), and while dividend is decent, revenue is going down, the payout ratio is going up wholesale football jerseys this can’t go on forever. It is looking to restructure and cut costs, but right now the stock more resembles a bond. Proctor Gamble (NYSE:PG) had the same problems and I dumped it. Part of the appeal of long term DGI stocks is the ability to collect dividends and sleep well at night. Companies that aren’t growing revenue and that are forced to restructure, cut costs, etc. are not swan stocks.Apparently, he’s shown enough on the practice field. Now let’s see, as the games get faster and more Baratas Replicas Ray Ban intense, whether he’s learned that he can’t be as reckless as he was in his last game actionor he’ll be right back in the infirmary.USA TODAYUSA TODAY Sports 2016 Super Bowl picks, MVP predictions and moreIf the playoffs were todayThe Bengals Wholesale Jerseys would be still trying to prove that they can get over the hump. League scouts are extremely active once students get to about Year 11 onwards. The Ioane boys, Rieko and Akira, I’m told, had the option cheap oakleys of signing with an NRL club when they were 15. Both stayed with rugby but many others won’t.Schools that offer full scholarships to promising rugby players are effectively running interference and anything that can keep league at bay is appreciated by the powers that be.It’s not a good enough reason, however, to keep turning a blind eye to school sports shenanigans. But, both the FFA, Fake Oakleys the investors behind Heart businessmen such as Peter Sidwell, Michael Catalano and Joe Mirabella cheap oakleys sunglasses and disparate elements within the local game believe there wholesale china jerseys is enough interest in soccer and enough people zu who didn’t buy into the Victory vision, to make the Heart a goer.Choose a football team that is popular in your area to feature on your football themed parade float. A professional football team or a city, high school or college team are all equally appropriate Wholesale Jerseys themes. Choose team colors <a fake oakleys href=”http://www.fakeoakleysaler.com/” target=”_blank”>cheap oakley sunglasses as the basis for your float. Feature a large foam core logo at the center of your float. You can also have a vinyl banner created. Feature the team mascot on the float. Have people dressed in team gear walking along the parade route handing out bumper stickers or other team gear.

Kategorie: Internet

Dec 2003

Wie krank ist es eigentlich eine Kategorie Internet in einem Weblog (oder noch schlimmer in meinen Quicklinks) zu haben?

Ich kann mich einfach nicht mit Kategorien anfreunden, ich finde nie die passende und wenn es ans Erstellen eben dieser scheitere ich auch regelmäßig. Siehe oben.

can patriots cover for new woes”Let’s fast forward to when Spider Man is 60 years old, so we can watch him fight crime as an old man after he’s already retired from being a superhero. We’ll set it in a bleak, ruined, twisted version of New York. It’ll sort of be like Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, hockey jerseys except it will also be exactly like that.”Thank you!A fascinating story worthy of telling from a truly inspirational winner! You are right, while Phuket doesn’t have the best beaches in Thailand many of the other islands can claim that Cheap Football Jerseys fame it does however have some very beautiful beaches, and is worthy of being listed up there in Thailand’s top cheap football jerseys 10. It s nighttime and I m about to grab four hours of sleep before I have to get up ?? for my first job (I cheap nfl jerseys have about five C I live in New York City). I decide to take one last look at Twitter. I see one of the sneaker blogs I follow has another tweet about Nike cheap jordan s BeTrue Pack, the one that celebrates gay pride and the LGBT community, so I click. I want to look at them again because for the first time, gay pride shoes are cool.During a particularly slow dinner oakley sunglasses shift, one of the regulars offered to help get me a better job. Her name was Amy and she was a massage therapist. Every Saturday evening she came in by herself and ordered vegetable green curry, extra spicy, and took her time eating it, her oversized black sunglasses never leaving her face. One night, on her way out, she slid into the front booth next to me and watched as Wholesale Jerseys I filled out my Stardust and Four Queens cocktail waitress applications.Over the past two decades, prevention has become the focus of employee conduct, health and wellness. Goodell controls, but has not deployed, the league resources that could help prevent criminal player behavior in the first oakley outlet place. While NFL player arrests peaked in the mid 2000s, most cheap football jerseys organizations would not sit back and accept that one in 40 of their employees is Fake Oakleys arrested each year mostly for DUI incidents.In this section I’m going to cover on freestyle swimming, is step nine. I just covered your breathing, which I hope you got. Remember, so the breathing again, is going to be just a nice, slight ray ban sunglasses little turn. So if you took your head, and just slightly turned it just one way, breathe, put it back it, breathe. You’re not on the hip bone. Reach that arm overhead, lift the legs. So, look what I’m doing. You can ray bans ale reach for the toes, if you want, but I like to chop that arm straight down in front of that thigh. So, you’re not on your hip bone, you’re on butt cheek.

DNS Störung

Nov 2003

Und ich hab gestern 15 Minuten mit meinen DNS-Settings rumgespielt und wieder alles auf den blöden Router geschoben, dabei war an der massiven DNS-Störung ZoneAlarm schuld.

Ts, erst eine fast sinnlose Personal Firewall installieren und dann mein Internet kaputt machen, das haben wird gerne …

12.Elliott wasn’t arrested. Terry Chavez, spokesperson for the Miami cheap nfl jerseys Dade State Attorney’s office, told USA TODAY Sports the case was not forwarded to prosecutors for review. Chavez said there’s no record the accuser pursued charges on her own.USA TODAY Sports does not cheap football jerseys identify alleged victims of domestic violence.It’s unclear whether the NFL, which continues to investigate the July allegations against Elliott that were reported to police in cheap oakleys Columbus, Ohio, is aware of the previous allegation in Florida and whether it could influence a decision on potential discipline under Wholesale NFL Jerseys the personal conduct policy, given the report was filed before Elliott was drafted in April.NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said ray bans sale the league doesn’t comment on active and ongoing investigations.USA TODAYCowboys wholesale jerseys RB Ezekiel Elliott, accuser had violent incidents, prosecutor believesElliott, who was in South Florida training for the draft at the time of the February allegation, told police the woman “became angry over a social media incident and upset because she was asked to leave his apartment, and go back to Ohio,” according to the incident report.When the woman refused, the situation escalated, Elliott told police, according to the report. Omnichannel You know, on an empirical level, we have seen what’s happened to the league and to the players as far as the medical science behind it, how bad Cheap Oakleys concussions are. But also as you indicated before, conceptually, I mean, the team doctors wear team apparel. You know, it’s hard for a player cheap authentic jerseys to feel welcome and feel safe in a medical culture where their doctors are employed by their employers, and the doctors kind of are beholden to the men who pay their paychecks.Last week: 23. WR Julian Edelman, New England Patriots (5 points): His numbers are modest (18 catches for 180 yards plus 30 yards rushing). But consider that he’s also probably been devoting plenty of practice time to the possibility he might Fake Oakleys have to jump in at quarterback for the undefeated Patriots. This one always seems like the obvious one, but it’s worth reiterating. The helmets, shoulder pads and even bum protection won’t be a sight commonly seen on the rugby field. Barring a thin layer of protection across the shoulders for the smaller man in the 15 man game oakley outlet Baratas Replicas Ray Ban all players will have a gum shield, a bit of tape here and there and nothing more, or they’d risk the ridicule of their team mates after the full time whistle.Considering I am in the online video industry, some may say I am crazy for not wanting to follow the bandwagon that wants to shout from the top of their lungs that TV is all but dead. Yes, I get the impact online video is having on traditional broadcasters on many fronts, but when folks like the NY Times publish articles proclaiming that “TV is becoming obsolete”, then the industry is setting everyone’s ray ban outlet expectations incorrectly. TV is anything but obsolete.

Service-Tipp: Flatrate

Oct 2003

Service-Tipp: Flatrate
Das Kapitel Tiscali ist jetzt für mich auch endgültig geschlossen. Ich habs doch erstaunlicherweise fast ein ganzes Jahr dort ausgehalten aber jetzt wurde es zuviel. Also wer eine DSL-Flatrate sucht, geht bloß nicht zu Tiscali, der Preis ist zwar verlockend (9 EUR weniger als der Rest), aber you get what you pay for.

Es scheint regional sehr unterschiedlich zu sein, ich hatte fast keine Probleme mit der Einwahl, auch http und ftp liefen immer flott, sonst wäre ich auch schon früher weg. Cheap NFL Jerseys China Der Kündigungsgrund ist die sogenannte dynamische Portregulierung, mit der P2P einfach keinen Spaß mehr macht. Und wenn man es trotzdem schafft zuviel Traffic zu verursachen kommt man in die Powersauger-Kategorie, wo dann alles gedrosselt wird. Und da war dann Schluss mit Lustig, der Tarif heisst nicht umsonst Flatrate.

Nunja, zu dem Preis ist wohl eine richtige Flatrate nicht finanzierbar. Das Marktlevel liegt momentan bei 29 EUR für den normalen DSL-Anschluss:
Entweder die böse Telekom bzw. T-Online, darf natürlich nicht unterstützt werden :). Also oakley outlet bleibt der Telekom-Reseller Kamp und Freenet oder AOL (jeweils mit eigenem Backbone). Zu AOL kann man als Profi natürlich nicht gehen, obwohl jetzt sogar Zugang über DFÜ (und damit auch Router) ohne AOL-Software möglich ist, aber mit dem Image kann ich nicht leben.

Bin also bei Freenet und bis jetzt sehr zufrieden. Alles funktioniert wie es sollte und das ist schon was :)

Among them was a form requesting parental permission for my 12 year old daughter, Evie, to be given a vaccination to protect her from human papillomavirus (HPV), which can cause cervical cancer. ‘What parent wouldn’t want their daughter protected from that?’ I thought fleetingly, before slipping the signed form into her school bag. Like millions of mothers, I trusted oakley outlet health professionals implicitly despite controversy over the MMR and its possible links to autism, claims which are still being debated today, though they have been largely discredited.”It’s as simple as that. I’m tired of our guys getting hit. I’m nobody to complain because I don’t run it, but it’s personal for me because I care for those guys. I don’t like seeing them get hit like that. Point blank, period. Somebody’s got to say it. I’m gonna say it.”Browns coach Hue Jackson said it’s possible Kessler may need extra time to recover from his second oakley outlet concussion since Free Oct. What CEOs do in those companies is to insist upfront on high standards of behavior but, importantly, they also Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys set up credible, independent individuals cheap jerseys or committees to investigate and to mete out punishment. Their intention is to keep the administration of cheap nfl jerseys corporate justice as fair and as consistent as possible, trying to protect the integrity of the company’s reputation while also trying to avoid favoritism or cronyism in the way its employees are treated. CEOs purposely stay out of cheap oakley sunglasses the middle of individual disputes.The move calls into question the various roles Google plays in the digital advertising system it dominates. Google is the operator of the largest ad exchange, AdX, while also operating a leading DSP, namely, DBM. Pressuring ad buyers to use them together raises questions about fair play since Google custom jerseys can effectively use access to AdX to limit competition within the DSP market.WHEN Jimmy Johnson was asked what advice he would give Barry Switzer, the man who succeeded him as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, he said: ‘Leave well alone.’ The response contained a veiled insult, but Switzer knew too much about his sport to ignore its truth. Adopting the cheap nhl jerseys guise that now seems Wholesale Jerseys obligatory for virtually all former NFL coaches television commentator Johnson watched the team he built overwhelm the fake oakleys Steelers 26 9 with some naggingly familiar winning patterns.Manchester City targetVirgil van Dijk and William Carvalho as Pep Guardiola steps up search for Vincent Kompany and Yaya Toure replacementsSouthampton defenderVirgil van Dijk has excelled at St Mary’s this seasonPep Guardiola wants to strengthen his leaky defence in the near futureThe need to bring in Sporting Lisbon’sWilliam Carvalho is less pressingThe return to the Manchester City side of Yaya Toure has been a boostRead Brian Lee’s betting column for Manchester City vs ChelseaBy

Wir sind gegen Spam

Oct 2003

Schon merkwürdig, was die Leute vom Open Root Server Network da machen. Verschicken Spam-Mails und schreiben dann folgendes in die Mail:

Ihre E-Mail Adresse ist NICHT bei uns gespeichert (z.B. Mailinglist). Wir sind gegen Spam! Diese Mail erhalten Sie nur ein einziges mal.

So macht man sich beliebt und zeigt Kompetenz.

haddin confident of gloving aussie spotAnd though Klinsmann never lost his energy, faith or enthusiasm for his planned makeover, his penchant for tinkering with lineups and formations, often forcing players into unfamiliar positions and roles, fueled Wholesale Jerseys a slide that bottomed out earlier this month. in danger of missing the quadrennial tournament for the first time in 32 years. Worse yet, the team appeared to quit in the second half of the 4 0 loss in Costa Rica, something that may have sealed Klinsmann fate.The Raiders were brought back down to Cheap Jerseys earth with a crushing defeat to Parramatta, with a couple more injuries to boot. 2017-01-21 Is their depth being tested just six weeks into the NRL season? And have we set the bar too high? They are set to take on the Cronulla Cheap NFL Jerseys China cheap oakleys sunglasses Sharks at Canberra Stadium on Sunday afternoon, but will have to battle another team too, with the GWS Giants returning to Canberra for their second AFL match of the season.World of WarcraftWorld of Warcraft is a “Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game” where players select a character and enter into the fantastical realm of Azeroth. When choosing such an avatar, players have to decide if their character will be part of the Alliance or Horde and then choose between humans cheap nfl jerseys fake oakleys or dwarves ray ban outlet for the Alliance and orcs and trolls for the Horde. Once you select your cheap oakleys avatar, you encounter other characters, battle monsters and explore the realm. If you want to play simultaneously with or against a friend on a separate computer, each player needs to have this game installed on his computer. At that pont, to play simulataneously, each person needs to log in at the same time using one person’s log in data.GOLDMAN: Is he our hero or what, Scott? Eight five, happy and healthy, doing what he loves instead of retiring coming back for more. And he still gets jazzed by the game. He admitted that the Dodger’s turnaround this season from last place early on to where they currently sit atop the NL West with 10 1/2 game lead, he said that energized him. He’s coming back. Great news for Dodgers fans.Unfortunately, history’s pansies won out in the end and . On early Old English manuscripts, an “F” looked very similar to an “S,” and since the “FN” phoneme was too balls in your eye awesome for the average reader, they assumed that “fneosan” and “fnese” were “sneosan” and “snese.” Eventually, the word modernized, and became cheap ray bans the present day “sneeze.”(3) Gaining a Following As Street Articles progresses, there are going to be more and more ways for you to acquire a following. If you are looking for get a large scale following in fake oakleys a certain vertical (niche), then writing regularly on the news topics and things that are oakley outlet of interest to you (and you have an opinion about) is going to lead to a lot of people following you. When you have a following, every single article you write will get an instant surge of traffic and cheap oakleys sunglasses more than likely get an instant reach across the net.

one and one

Oct 2003

1&1 startet nun auch in den USA ihr Hosting-Geschäft und heisst da natürlich One and One. Sehr praktischer Firmenname bzw Logo (wobei ich ihn ehrlich gesagt noch nie verstanden hab)

Das Ganze startet erst in 2004 offiziell und bis dahin gibts mal Cheap Football Jerseys eben ein Promotion-Angebot. Den $30 Account für drei Jahre umsonst. Das nenn ich mal aggresives Marketing.

“And that’s one thing is that I can’t control other people’s opinions. I’ve just got to do what I can do and that’s putting in the hard work and getting ready for the next chapter. People are always going to have their opinions and say what they want to say.”NFL Commissioner Cheap Jerseys Roger Goodell struggled with the pronunciation when announcing custom jerseys Mariota as the No. As he prepared for the rigours of another NFL season last July, Dan Marino was in ruminative mood. “It starts to hit you,” he said. “Next year you might not be playing. Obviously, I think I’m going to be. But one day you’re a little kid, seven years old, and then all of a sudden the thing you love is over.”It was one of the few early highlights for the home side in front of an expectant Wellington crowd of 35,000 and contrasted, of course, with the injury to first five Cruden, who was carried from the field while wearing a neck brace. The game clock was stuck in the 33rd minute for so long while Cruden was being tended to that the All Blacks were forced to go through a warm up drill to stave off the chill wind.In my view, Wholesale Jerseys VFC posted a solid quarter, especially considering the troubled economy. Growth in China, improved margins, a 21% dividend boost, and continued integration of the Timberland acquisition together offer a compelling justification to buy this company. Also, Increased margins not only support management’s reaffirmed guidance projections, but also the cheap oakleys overall strength of VFC’s brands, which to me offer a high caliber mixture of recognizable names. Because of VFC’s Q3 report, shares can be bought, not sold off as we have seen.The phones left side holds the rather short volume rocker and camera shortcut key, while the right side has the 2.5 mm Wholesale Jerseys head phone jack. which means you’ll be needing a special adapter to plug in wholesale Jerseys a personal set of cheap oakley sunglasses earphones, and the microSD card slot(at least it’s hot swappable). Those same reporters, including this one, are now stuck trying discount football jerseys to figure out not how high the NFL’s ray ban outlet ratings can go, but why they’ve dropped 12% across the board this Fake Oakleys season. The problem is, everyone’s trying to put their finger on a single cause. But it’s not one issue as dominant as the NFL is in TV, there might not even be a single issue big enough to really hurt it Wholesale China Jerseys it’s a perfect storm of them happening all at once.Joining me in Burbank today are Bob Iger, Disney’s President and Chief Executive Officer; and Jay Rasulo, Senior Executive Vice ??? President and Chief Financial Officer. Bob will lead off followed by Jay, and then of course we’ll be happy to take your questions. So with that, I will turn the call over to Bob, and we’ll get started.