Working professionally with Rails

Aug 2005

Okay, “paying substantial part of your bills” ist bei mir etwas schwer zu definieren, aber die letzten Wochen arbeite ich an cheap oakley sunglasses einem Projekt mit Rails und es zahlt definitiv einen substantiellen Anteil meines neuen PowerMacs :-)

Deswegen habe ich mich auf der Liste auch mal eingetragen: Working Professionally With Rails

Das ist der Grund warum ich Informatik studiere Informatiker werde. An spannenden Projekten mit coolen neuen Technologien spielen und dafür auch noch bezahlt werden. cheap oakleys Warum das Informatik-Studium an sich nicht so mein Fall ist liegt vermutlich zum einen daran, dass ich nicht gerne schwere Probleme löse und zum anderen, dass ich eine starke Abneigung habe, das zu lernen wozu ich “gezwungen” werde.

Die wirklich wichtigen Dinge lernt man natürlich nicht an der Uni: Projekt-Management, Umgang mit Kunden, wie macht man einen Vertrag, ein Angebot usw.

Auch so wenn mein Projekt weder Tags, RSS oder Podcast beinhaltet, mit Rails macht es trotzdem ne Menge Spaß. Ich denke als Freelancer hat man hier eine große Chance auch als einzelner viel zu bewegen.

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Wird Zeit …

Apr 2005

… dass die Uni wieder anfängt. Die fehlende Routine tut der Posting-Frequenz garnicht gut. Die Semester-Ferien als Inbegriff der Zeit- und Schwerelosigkeit. Trotzdem kommt man zu nix. Ich habe ein paar Projekte angefangen, aber nichts wirklich fertiggestellt. Wie gesagt, wird Zeit dass die die Uni wieder anfängt und ich Zeit habe die Projekte zu Ende zu führen.

Heute gabs noch ne Prüfung, die Seminar-Ausarbeitung muss nochmal überarbeitet werden, diese und nächste Woche ist Vorlesungs-Shopping angesagt (Allerdings eher DDR-like: Das, was man will gibts natürlich nicht).

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Dec 2004

D. J. Bernstein (of qmail und djb-isms fame) hat eine Vorlesung an der University of Illinois über Unix Security Holes gehalten. Viel erstaunlicher als die 44 gefunden Fehler (sehr lesbare Kommentare dabei) finde ich allerdings, dass alle Studenten dieser Vorlesung durchgefallen sind, da es Ziel der Vorlesung war 10 einzigartige neue Fehler in 3rd-Party *NIX-Software zu finden. Das ist schon hart:

We’re wholesale jerseys not blaming DJB for our failure. He told us we would fail if we didn’t find 10 unique holes. We didn’t find 10 holes, so we failed. It’s not hard to Cheap Football Jerseys understand. DJB is not the guy that goes back on his word. He tells you what he means and sticks with it

Das erinnert mich an cheap oakley sunglasses einen Prof, den wir nur den “Exmatrikulator” nennen und ich kann nicht verstehen wie sowas von allen akzeptiert wird. Durchfallquoten von 85% oder wie im DJB-Fall 100% haben weder was mit Lehre noch was mit Elite zu tun.

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Ausklingen lassen

Aug 2004

Die Hauptarbeit ist getan, nach den mündlichen Prüfungen gestern und heute werde ich das Semester am Donnerstag mit einer Marketing-Multiple-Choice-Klausur ausklingen lassen. Auch wenn mündliche Prüfungen im Allgemeinen besser für die Note sind, so schlauchen sie auch ne ganze Ecke mehr, was Buildup ray ban sunglasses und Nervösität angeht.

Hartes Semester mit Höhepunkt im Juli, der zum Glück nicht gar so heiß war: Seminar-Ausarbeitung und -Vortrag, heftige Praktikums-Aufgabe und die latente Drohung der Prüfungen im Hinterkopf, nich schön. Damit das im Wintersemester nicht ganz so heftig weitergeht, mache cheap nfl jerseys ich jetzt das zweite Uni-Praktikum als Blockveranstaltung über 8 Wochen in den Semester-Ferien (von wegen Ferien, von der drei Monaten vorlesungsfreier Zeit bleiben gerade mal drei Wochen Urlaub). Was natürlich auch meine Planung wieder ein interessantes und vor allem bezahltes Praktikum in Berlin zu machen über den Haufen geworfen hat.

Disclaimer: Dies stellt keine Rechtfertigung falsch verstandener Weblogging-Pflicht dar, ich hatte einfach keinen Bock und keinen Nerv, denn normalerweise blühe ich in der Klausuren-Zeit richtig auf ;-) Aber jetzt werde ich nach schwachem Juli mich in den noch schwächeren August flüchten um dann im September mit gegen Null laufenden Besucherzahlen wieder neu durchzustarten.

Ein paar Einträge hab ich aber noch :)

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Der erste Streich

Jul 2004

Huih, endlich kann ich das schon das ganze Semester auf mir lastende (du muss was fürs Seminar machen) Seminar abhaken. Mit meinem Vortrag heute (nur mit uncoolem PowerPoint, hat aber trotzdem geklappt) und der fertigen Ausarbeitung, die den Hauptteil der Arbeit ausgemacht hat, darf ich jetzt nun der Benotung harren.

Jedenfalls kann ich mich jetzt völlig frei und unbelastet dem bloggen der Klausurvorbereitung widem *doh*.
Und Pünktlich zu meinen cheap oakley sunglasses Klausuren wirds wieder richtig heiss, aber viel schlimmer als letztes Jahr kann es ja nicht mehr werden.

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Jul 2004

Den ganzen Tag nur mit DB2 (jede OpenSource-DB ist da besser) und Servlets/JSP rumgeärgert. Aber hauptsächlich DB2: von Type1 bis Type4 JDBC-Treibern, kryptische und falsche Fehlermeldungen, die einen nur noch weiter von der Lösung entfernen. Anforderungen seitens des Praktikums, die absolut keinen Sinn machen: Java Transaction API mit aller Gewalt benutzen. Mehrere Stunden gegoogelt und immer noch kein hilfreiches Beispiel gefunden, geschweige denn umfassende Doku (das ist eigentlich der Punkt wo man aufhören sollte und mit PHP weiter machen, oder so *g*). Gestresst und rumgeärgert.

Morgen gehts weiter :(

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Bla Fasel

Apr 2004

Puh, das 10-seitige Essay zum Thema “Informatik als Strukturwissenschaft” hat mich doch mehr beansprucht als ich geplant hatte. Bis man alle Quellen gefunden, gelesen und dann noch was halbwegs lesbares zusammengeschrieben hat ist man gut beschäftigt.

Aber fertig und im schönsten LaTex-Satz Sexual abgegeben, mit Fußnoten und richtigem Literatur-Verzeichnis (hab aber auf BibTex erstmal verzichtet) :)
So ist wenigstens ne Menge LaTex-Wissen dazugekommen, kann ich gut brauchen.

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Mar 2004

Hmm, John Gruber mit neuem Projekt: Markdown

Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers. Markdown allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, then convert it to structurally Indocin valid XHTML (or HTML).

Sieht mir irgendwie nach nem Textile-Ripoff aus, keine cheap jordan Ahnung warum das nötig sein soll.

Ich hab mich nicht wirklich mit diesen Konvertierungssprachen anfreuden können. Ist nur Balast und ich vergess sofort die genaue Syntax und mit Nachgucken ist der Geschwindigkeitsvorteil dann auch wieder weg. Schon bei meinem Wiki nervt mich das und obwohl ich die Idee immer sexy fand und es auch schon ein paarmal hier im Blog mit Textile versucht habe, es funktioniert bei mir einfach nicht.

Aber muss ja auch nicht ;-)

“We’ve just found ways to win (against Carolina),” Henrique said. “They’re a young, fast team and they’ve been great at home for a while now. We knew it was going to be a tough place to play tonight, and since we were on a back to back, they’d try to jump on us. But we did a good job getting into our game, and it was big playing with the lead.”That’s almost certainly due in part to concerns about the long term consequences of the wholesale nfl jersyes sport. Recent research has found that youth football players hockey jerseys often experience head hits that Wholesale China Jerseys parallel those at the high school and college level, but whether head hits at a young age affect someone more than head hits later on is not entirely clear.Have the quarterback carry a football with him when he is away from the practice field. This is more oakley outlet commonly used to teach a running back not to fumble, but the quarterback needs to have the feel of the ball in order to throw it accurately. If the quarterback carries the football with him him two hours every wholesale jerseys day, it will go a long way toward getting him to be comfortable cheap jerseys with the ball under all circumstances.Interesting that it is the least organized of all professional sports, in other words you have all this alphabet soup of boxing agencies and yet in the case of the NFL you have one czar who could cheap nhl jerseys dictate that these things happen, McCain told The Guardian on Tuesday, referring to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.Yes, in a world where there are still children with no address other than “whichever bridge Bob the Rapist isn’t sleeping under tonight,” PETA decides the best use for a building specifically designed to house large numbers of people is to campaign for the imaginary rights of animals with nervous systems so primitive they can survive for several minutes after being cut in half.Standing at 7 feet 1 Wholesale Jerseys inch, Shaquille O’Neal was considered to be one of the most dominant players in NBA. Nicknamed as ‘The Big Daddy’ and ‘Shaq’, he won three NBA All Star MVP titles, in 2000, 2004, and 2009. In 2004 he was traded from the Lakers to Miami Heat following constant friction with wholesale jerseys teammate Kobe Bryant. He has been a part of NBA nfl jerseys cheap teams like Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics.FATSIS: Yeah. Well, there’s plenty of game stuff. ESPN’s popular “GameDay” show is on site even though the game is going to be shown on CBS. The fake ray bans average ticket price on one secondary market site as we speak is $961. But between the eye rolling over Manziel getting this wrist slap for allegedly taking money from autograph dealers and a report on Yahoo! Sports this week that a former star Alabama lineman, and players at other schools, took cash via NFL agents, it’s not so much about the football. And that rankles the football people. Alabama coach Nick Saban walked out of a news conference because reporters refused to abide by his demand to ask only about the game.

Unter den Lebenden

Mar 2004

Bin wieder unter den Lebenden. Zwei Wochen Klausuren – 4 Stück – sind schon arg schlauchend und menschenrechtlich gesehen sehr fragwürdig ;-)

Jetzt ist für mich das Semester abgeschlossen und ich hab Ferien Vorlesungsfreie Zeit. Die aber in einer Woche wegen einer Altlast, der Wiederholungsklausur von Internes Rechnungswesen, noch nicht so frei ist wie sie sein sollte. Ich hab garkein Bock mein Hirn mit sinnlosen BWL vollzupumpen.

ARPA E is modeled after DARPA, the Pentagon’s long running program to support innovative military systems research, which is credited with the advances in computing networking that paved the way for the Internet. Energy Secretary Steven Chu, long before he cheap nfl jerseys took office, was among a Thoughts vanguard of scientists who urged a similar concerted research program to spur advances in energy technology.The light may well betray their position, but it’s also their way of screaming “Eat me!” in the most derogatory sense possible. The thing about predators of dinoflagellates is that they themselves are prey to larger predators, and so on. So the dinoflagellates predator may devour them, but with the sudden flash of light announcing it, the predators have oakleys outlet now been illuminated to larger predators in the vicinity.The receiversQuestions galore here with the Cheap NFL Jerseys China graduation of Aaron Burbridge, Macgarrett Kings, and DeAnthony Arnett. Shelton. Last year he lined up in the slot a lot, a position the Spartans use frequently with jet sweeps and bubble screens. He was the second most consistent receiver cheap nfl jerseys last year behind Burbridge, and looks to become the next Spartan senior WR to have a big year.(For the record, he also didn’t stick around to shake anyone’s hand after the game, heading right for the locker room.)6. Funny, but all of a sudden, Broncos Cheap Football Jerseys fans want Peyton Manning’s foot to be better. Now.USA TODAYNFL playoff picture: With win, Jets hold onto wild card spot . for now7. ‘You Wholesale Jerseys don’t have a monopoly on history’: Millionaire UKIP donor Arron Banks becomes embroiled in row with Cambridge classicist Mary Beard after claiming the Roman Empire was ‘destroyed by immigration’Mr Banks said on Twitter that the Roman oakleys outlet Empire was destroyed by immigrantsMs Beard decided to intervene and said Mr Banks needed to ‘read’ on the topicUKIP donor said he knew about history because he ‘loved watching Gladiator’Twitter mocked Mr Banks, with one saying: ‘Next week he’ll teach Tim Berners Lee about the internet’ByHold down the two user bottons on the front of the oakley outlet machine for a few seconds while simultaneously plugging the power cord into the back of the machine. This will allow you to enter the therapy setup menu. Press the user button on the right to access the “Choose the Mode” screen on the display menu.With ESPN’s traveling college football pre game program set up at Clemson University, Murray dropped by to make his pick for the Top hockey jerseys 5 game between the No. fake ray bans 3 Clemson Tigers and No. 5 Florida State Seminoles set for Saturday night. Sporting a purple pork pie hat and a tie dye Piggly Wiggly T shirt, Murray also took a few authentic nfl jerseys hockey jerseys minutes out of his morning to hit golf balls at the ESPN crew.


Mar 2004

blöd wenn man merkt das der Stoff fucking zuviel für die verbleibenden Lerntage ist (Einzahl wäre hier angebrachter).

Ich frage mich ja immer noch wie die es geschafft haben 15 Übungsblätter durchzubringen. Ich meine, so lang war das Semester doch garnicht … Nagut, es ging genau 15 Wochen, aber trotzdem: 15 Übungsblätter!

3. Believe it or not, the rule mandating a year of college helps both the college and pro game. It gives the NCAA some extra star power, and it lets the NBA make some draft decisions based on something other than potential. They have a chance to see if the guys they want can really play. It also gives the NBA a fan base. Kansas State fans will tune in to watch Cheap NFL Jerseys Beasley play they wouldn’t bother if he went pro out of high school. I don’t care how good Beasley is, Manhattan Kansas couldn’t care less about him if he didn’t play basketball there for a year.Facing a potential sentence of 41 years to life in prison, Banks took his lawyer advice and pleaded no contest to one count cheap oakleys sunglasses of forcible rape. He spent more than five years in prison. Meanwhile cheap mlb jerseys his accuser, Wanetta Gibson, cheap oakleys and her family sued Long Beach schools and received a sizable settlement.NFL star Greg Hardy was arrested, cheap ray bans charged and found guilty of two counts of domestic violence against his Cheap china Jerseys then girlfriend Nicole Holder in 2014Hardy appealed case and conviction was overturned in 2015 when Holder refused to testify against him in court after they reached a settlementHardy was suspended for ten games by the NFL but that was later reduced to only four gamesThe Dallas cheap nhl jerseys Cowboys signed Hardy to a one year, $11.3million deal on March 18, 2015Earlier this week Hardy had the charges expunged from his recordA series of photos released Friday show the graphic injuries Hardy allegedly inflicted upon cheap oakleys sunglasses HolderHorrifying details about the night have emerged in records from the caseByIn this clip, we’re going to look at how to play volleyball, the basic overview of the game. First, there are 6 players on each side of the court. href=”” target=”_blank”>cheap jerseys cheap oakleys sunglasses A net divides the court into 2 sides, and the height can vary by gender or age. The official height is 7′ 11 5/8″ for men. 7′ hockey jerseys 4 1/8″ for women. The +540day, object of the game is to send the ball over the net and within the boundaries of the opponent’s court using a maximum of 3 hits and to prevent the opponent from returning. A team wins by reaching a certain number of points before the other team. We’ll talk about this more in our next clip. A team has a maximum of 3 hits to get it over the net. Usually, this consists of a bump, which is also called a pass, a set, and a hit, which is also called a spike. No one player can contact ray bans sale the ball consecutively, except on a block. If a ball hits the net, it’s still in play whether it goes over or stays on the same side, as long as it’s not the third hit if it’s on the same side. Players cannot contact the net or it’ll result in a loss of rally. A ball touching the line is considered to be in, but at the same time, antennas are considered to be out if the ball hits the antenna. It would be a loss of a rally.


Feb 2004

Da glaubt man ein alter Hase zu sein, was Klausuren im Studium angeht und wüsste wie das alles abläuft aber nein, immer noch muss man sich überraschen (und stressen) lassen:

120 Punkte waren auf 18 Aufgaben verteilt. Man musste aber nur 100 Punkte machen, so dass man für 20 Punkte cheap jerseys Aufgaben streichen durfte. Klingt simpel, war Wholesale China Jerseys es aber nicht.

Erstmal durfte nur die Aufgaben 7-18 gestrichen werden, die ersten 6 waren fix. Dann hatte alle Aufgaben unterschiedliche Punktzahlen, von 3 bis 8,5. Ja, 8,5, so dass man dafür eine korrespondierende Aufgabe finden musste damit man auf eine gerade Punktzahl kam, da man exakt 20 Punkte streichen musste, sonst würden einfach 7, 8 und 9 gestrichen.

Und natürlich war die Zeit wieder knapp und throwback nba jerseys ich hab genau die Aufgaben gewusst die keine schöne Kombination zum Streichen gebildet haben. Jetzt hab ich 20,5 Punkte gestrichen und hoffe die nehmen das mit dem exakt nicht ganz so wörtlich.

how to coach youth footballBy very frequently, I mean 3 4 times per hour, for a few minutes each time. The way in which some young infants are fed in our culture trying to get them to shift to a 3 4 hour schedule, with feedings of 15 20 minutes at a time, goes against our basic physiology. Broncos’ pass rushSolving Denver’s defense remains the towering hurdle for Carr and Oakland in the hunt for AFC West supremacy. Clearing that challenge may mean the difference between a second half surge and a reality check.Even with a league low 2.7% sack rate, Carr has been composed under pressure so far this season. Sling TV and Vue offer ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports Network, SEC Network and beIN Sports, some Cheap china Jerseys as part of higher tiers. Vue also cheap jerseys has Big Ten and Longhorn networks plus Fox channels devoted to college sports, while Sling TV has Campus Insiders and Pac 12. Neither has the CBS Sports Network. Vue also The has Comcast Sports; Sling TV will soon.In addition to the two murder charges, Hernandez has also been charged three counts of armed assault with intent to murder, one count of assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, and one count of illegally possessing the handgun used in the shooting. Three passengers in the vehicle with Abreu and Furtado survived the shooting, one of whom was injured.So why do we not know about either of these cheap ray bans guys? Well, Alcock and wholesale nfl jerseys Brown were HUGE celebrities . in Britain. But in America, they contracted what has later become known as “soccer syndrome,” meaning the United States just didn’t give a shit. It wasn’t until American Charles Lindbergh made the New York to Paris flight (in order to win 25,000 clams) that anyone on this side of the pond cared. And it didn’t hurt that Lucky Lindy looked like Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys he was dripping with Handsome Sauce:This is why Americans are action heroes and British men are disfigured villains.Part of this goes back to the stone age, when the first caveman wandered to a lake for a drink and saw his own handsome sloping brow reflected back at him from the water. Having no knowledge of optics at this point mankind’s still struggling with pointed stick technology it was a logical leap for him to believe that this reflection was a duplication of himself and shared a part of his wholesale jerseys soul somehow (though he probably wondered why that lazy fucker in the water never helped out with the fishing).I don like the plain lentil Wholesale China Jerseys soups that i tried. But I love this soup. The sausage gives it that kick of flavor cheap oakleys I was missing. My husband hates lentils and won even try plain lentil soup. But he did eat and enjoy a serving every time I served it. He didn love it, Cheap NFL Jerseys but hey, its a start. I used sweet turkey sausage as that is my preference, but other than that, made the recipe as written. I just ate some that I had previously frozen and honestly, you couldn tell you were eating something out of the freezer.

No degree?

Feb 2004

Ja, über Spam zu bloggen ist uncool und mindestens soo 2003, aber im labilen psychischen Cheap Jerseys from china Zustand, kann es schon sein das man für das hochindividualisierte und personalisierte Marketing der Spammer im genau richtigen Zeitpunkt empfänglich ist:


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Ich hatte den Hörer schon in der Hand …

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Feb 2004

1. Woran merkt man das Klausurenzeit ist? Man findet keinen Platz mehr in der Bibiliothek um bequem mit dem iBook im Internet zu surfen.

2. Woran merkt man das man zu wenig lernt? Siehe 1.

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HU Berlin

Jan 2004


Ich suche Kontakt zu jemandem der Informatik an der HU-Berlin studiert. Wenn das auf dich zutrifft oder du jemanden kennst und es dir/ihm nichts ausmacht ein paar Fragen zu beantworten wäre es echt nett wenn du mir mal ne Mailadresse zukommen lassen könntest.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit :)

Mr Roberts, who is now single and jobless, says he has decided to keep his clothes on for the sake of his children, Rebecca, 24, Mark, 19, and Georgie, 15. “They said it’s time you finish. When I suggested The X Factor they said, ‘Dad, please don’t do that, my friends watch it’.”Most moving was Keith McCants, six years an NFL linebacker, who also attended a preview showing arranged by the magazine. “This touched my soul. I watch this movie and I know we were paid to hurt people. We were paid to give concussions. If we knew that we were killing people, Cheap NFL Jerseys I would have never put on the jersey.””I think an F1 driver needs to be somebody who is looked up to, a hero and a gladiator, and I’m not sure if we actually want to have too many kids in race cars because they won’t be as inspirational as some of the older, more established ones,” says Wolff. “Nevertheless, I think that extraordinary talent needs to have access to Formula One.The official reason given for this explosion in the number of children being removed from their families by social workers in only four years is that 2008 was the year when the nation was shocked by the events leading to the death of Baby P later named as Peter Connelly.It was a bad sign, sure, that Ponder couldn’t beat out Matt McGloin for the backup job to Derek Carr, but Ponder does have plenty of experience as a starter and is comfortable playing in a system that relies on its running game.Matt Flynn: The journeyman backup quarterback was released by the New York Jets on Sept. At any rate, there’s a reason the FDA likes its scientists to run the results of their wacky lab experiments past their peers before they take to national television to share them with the world. 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Oct 2003

Diesen Montag hat dann auch in Rheinland-Pfalz das Wintersemester begonnen. Der Semesterstart ist ja für den Studenten wichtiger als zum Beispiel Silvester. Vorsätzemäßig mein ich.

Man nimmt sich vor, diesmal alles richtig zu machen, Vorlesungen nachzubereiten, zu Vorlesungen überhaupt hingehen, immer die Übungsbögen machen usw. In der Wohnung nimmt man sich vor, nicht unbedingt immer die maximale Nicht-Spülen-Zeit auszureizen (bei mir 5 Tage) und vielleicht mal öfter das Bad zu putzen.

Am Anfang klappt das auch noch einigermaßen. Wie das halt mit Vorsätzen so ist :)
Ich hab zum Beispiel meine Wohnung schön geputzt, alleine 1 Stunde lang gesaugt (und das für gute 30 m²), Schreibtisch aufgeräumt, Küche umorganisiert und sogar meinen PC aufgeräumt. Auch das Auto war mal wieder mit einen gründlichen Innenreinigung dran (so gründlich, dass ich noch eine 2DM Münze gefunden hab).

Nun, das Semester hat ja noch nicht richtig angefangen, in der ersten Woche geht es erstmal darum die Vorlesungsräume zu finden. Die BWL-Profs fangen eh erst eine Woche später an.

Aber sobald der Verfall einsetzt werde ich davon berichten ;-)

As a lifelong baseball fan and it’s illustrious history, I feel that Babe Ruth was more than just it’s greatest player ever. If you look into his life, he was America and everything it represents. His Cheap Jerseys acts of kindness, wholesale jerseys humanitarianism, and heroism inside and outside of baseball are unparalleled. For all that agree to this great honor for Babe Ruth, please contact your senator and urge them to act upon this. Only a handful of baseball players have got this ultimate honor. It is about time the Babe got his too!Whether you are trying to improve your agility for athletics or every day functioning, doing exercises that improve your balance will help you become more stable on your feet. Balance exercises range from very simple to more complex, and can help those who are elderly, recovering from an injury or just trying to improve their balancing skills. By incorporating these exercises into your daily routine, you will gain strength and reduce your risk of injury.Fortunately only 266 of the 450 plus economy seats are occupied on this flight, so a few passengers have managed to nab whole rows to sleep on. The passenger who wasn’t feeling well in business class earlier has returned to her seat.8.42 am Over the Indian Ocean oakley outlet nearing the Maldives 5005 km to destinationThere’re dealing with a minor medical incident in the business class cabin. As of previous announcements, we’ve included both adjusted net income and adjusted diluted earnings per share, as we believe that in assessing the true comparative financial performance of the business, it is usual to strip out the distorting impact of items that are unrelated to the underlying business, and then to apply a normalized tax rate of 35% both the current prior periods and we provide a reconciliation of this in the earnings release.The brand, who frequently feature scantily clad models in their commercials, enlisted the help of running back and Rookie of the YearTodd Gurley for their latest ad and it is getting them all the wrong sorts of attention.Todd, who was drafted last year by the Los Angeles Rams, is welcomed to his new home in the commercial by actorJay Mohr, playing Todd’s agent in a sort of return to his Jerry Cheap Jerseys Maquire character, and a meal in the form of a Carl’s Jr ‘California Classic’ hamburger.Diving in: The ad shows Todd (right) being toured around a swanky office by actor Jay Mohr (left), playing Todd’s agent, before he is offered ???????: a hamburgerThe pair are seen walking through a swanky Los Angeles office, when Jay offers Todd the burger from a bag, which he pulls out at a sideways angle, yet it magically emerges immaculately formed.Before digging in, Todd is interrupted by cheap nfl jerseys a pair of beautiful women looking to take a picture with him.Then, the quite clearly superimposed image is made even more obvious when Todd goes to take a bite from the burger and the image remains perfectly static with both his fingers and mouth hidden behind it.Not only is the image clearly not the real burger being bitten, but photography website PetaPixel muses that the image is likely a still photo.The ad has been watched on YouTube more than 130,000 times since being posted two weeks ago, and it didn’t take long before viewers were pointing out the obvious editing fail.’If he was so hungry you should have fed him a real burger!’ said one user on YouTube, while another added: ‘That CGI burger is as inflated as your prices.’One joker asked: ‘Did you guys have a hamburger wear a motion capture suit for that shot?’Other users insinuated that the use of a fake burger means that the real thing isn’t anywhere near as good looking.’Do your Burgers look that bad that you fing needed to pay someone to make a CGI BURGER? [sic]’ said one user.The mockery continued on various social media websites before the brand finally felt the need to reply to the criticism.Happened cheap jerseys before? Previous ads from the brand suggest that this is perhaps not the first time that the prettier burger was substituted inIn fact, Carl’s Jr went ahead and released footage confirming that the burger in the final cheap oakleys edit was a fake, showing Todd taking a bite out of the real burger to confirm that the football star did, in fact, eat the burger.’Hey, a lot of things in SoCal are enhanced but Todd really did eat A LOT of Cali Classics,’ the brand tweeted on June 10, along with the gif of the real video.Previous ads by the brand have also gained plenty of attention, though mostly for their use of scantily clad models such as Heidi Klum and Charlotte McKinney seductively fake oakleys munching on their burgers.Yet, with the new fake burger controversy now raging, a look at previous ads by Carl’s Jr also provoke questions of how they might be guilty of subbing in the prettier sandwich in post production for more than just one of their commercials.Most watched News videos Meryl Streep uses speech to call out Trump for his actions Donald Trump mocks disabled New York Times reporter in 2015 Man uses Yellow Pages to call repairer for his Goggomobil Sickening moment schoolboy is kicked in head and left on ground Heartbreaking moment horse cries at owner funeral Met Office: Cold weather and snow sweeps across Europe we can Celebrities share moments from Wholesale NFL Jerseys Obama presidency Mark hockey jerseys Hamill reads Trump tweet in wholesale nfl jerseys the voice of Joker Five inmates injured during prison brawl at Chicago jail Underground passengers show off their undies for No Pants Day Hammerhead shark bites whaler in half as fisherman reels in Student mocks Donald Trump in epic presidential graduation speech

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