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fi weapons that they’re actually building” ‘If you had That asked Jon Martin wholesale jerseys a week before who his Cheap Jerseys best friend cheap oakleys on the team was, he would have said Richie Incognito,’ Tannehill said. . ‘The first guy to stand up for Jonathan when anything went down on the NFL Jerseys Cheap field, any kind of tussle, Richie was the first guy there. When they wanted to hang out outside of football, who was together? Richie and Jonathan. .Back training can often be neglected in favor of pushing exercises like chest presses and pushups. Tim Slominsky, general manager of Euphoria Health and Fitness and coach to NFL tight end Ben Watson, recommends performing two back exercises in your workouts. First up are one arm dumbbell rows, performed with one knee on a bench and the other foot on the floor. Row a dumbbell one handed up to your mid section. For the other exercise, wrap resistance bands around the top of a cable crossover, place a bar between the loops and perform pull downs while sitting on the floor. For each exercise, complete four sets with eight to 12 reps in each set.IZRAEL: Hey, hey. All right, so let’s get into this. It looks like the NFL is going to pay out millions Wholesale Jerseys mega, mega millions. They agreed to a settlement with former players over brain injuries. D. Z., Dave Zirin, you’re our sports guy. Who really wins here? Is this a victory for the players?Before finally honoring and expressing my entrepreneurial spirit, well into mid life, I spent most of my career as an employee in non profit leadership positions. Often referred to as “The Third Sector,” meaning neither business nor government, the non profit world can only exist because of government grants or the philanthropic generosity of those usually from the for profit sector.”He was captain of West Coast at 22, and a dual premiership captain at a time there were some once in a generation stars running around for that club. ray bans sale Yet he was the acknowledged leader. cheap oakley sunglasses That’s pretty unusual, and I think that tells you a lot about the bloke. He’s a guy well suited to the set of challenges we’ve got.”This June, the NFL will cheap ray bans hold another critical summit on concussions for team medical staffs and NFLPA representatives. This conference will be similar to the 2007 summit in that the NFL will invite independent scientists to present cutting edge research. Players, owners, and fans will be watching to see cheap fake oakleys whether the NFL amends the language of its pamphlet to players. If the NFL’s recent cheap MLB Jerseys concussion policy improvements serve as any indication, the new pamphlet to players will likely make full disclosure about the risks of sustaining multiple head injuries. Meaning, the league will hopefully reveal the findings of independent scientists like CSTE in the pamphlet itself.

The Joy of Text

Nov 2004

Hah, die Headline musste einfach sein ;-)

Grandioser Artikel über Texteditoren auf dem Mac: text.editor.addicts.txt.

Look, I’m only writing this for one reason: I want to know if there are lots of other people out there who are like me. Text editor addicts.

Der außerdem sehr elegant dem Emacs vs. Vi Flamewar aus dem Weg geht.

Sehr interessant ist auch Smultron, leider scheint die Entwicklung nicht ????????? mehr sehr aktiv zu sein, aber das könnte sich bald ändern. Sollte man auf jeden Fall im Auge behalten.

Ich tendiere immer mehr zu Textmate. Die 1.0.1 und aktuelle Betas werden immer besser (es wird sogar Preferences geben, whoooa) und vieles gefällt mir einfach an dem Programm. Zum Beispiel wie Cheap NFL Jerseys es Tabs für Projekte erlaubt, aber trotzdem mehrere Editor-Fenster. Durch den Fokus auf einen Editor für Programmierer, mit Syntax-Highlighting (Weiß auf Schwarz), automatische Einrückungen und Klammer-Zumacher und den Snippets ist z.B. Programmierung in Python die reinste Freude.

Nur das Icon gefällt mir nicht, aber immerhin besser als das von BBEdit ;-)

They were engaged over their cookery, when oakley products Monsieur Duparc arrived from the country; and Marie was awakened ray ban warrior sunglasses to take the horse he had ridden to the stables, factory coach outlet online to unsaddle the animal, and to give him his feed nike air max barkley of corn. Bang, bang, o’kay. Now we’re going to assume where these shots hit, just about here. What we need to do now that we know this gun put two rounds right there, the way it was when it was bore sighted. We’re going to adjust the scope which was aimed Cheap Jerseys directly here dead center and we want to move these cross hairs to where these shots struck the target. 5)Create activity zones in and around stadia and arenas. When we fought to “Save The Rams” in 1994 we had a plan for “Sportstown” an interactive set of rides and attractions which would be a Disneyland of sports, providing 24/7 use of the area proximate to a stadium. The more imaginative alternative forms of entertainment, including clever use of a scoreboard, gives fans something to do when there are elongated breaks in the action. It is fan experience that can assuage the pain of following a losing team.Escobar was personally responsible for over 4,000 deaths, which is roughly 100 times more people than you will ever meet. He ordered the assassination of cheap nfl jerseys a Colombian presidential candidate who supported an extradition treaty with the United States. Then he blew up a commercial airliner to cheap nba jerseys kill a man that wound up not even being on the plane, and leveled several city blocks in cheap ray bans the bombing of a government building in Bogota.New head coach Ken Whisenhunt is certainly the man to push Locker, as well as the rest of the offence but with few playmakers following the departure of Chris Johnson and once heralded wide receiver Kenny Britt, Whisenhunt’s job will not be as easy as it was in San Diego. The super cheap oakleys wealthy, like Stern and Wynn, often walked away from Trump’s ray bans sale rages relatively unharmed. But those of lesser means were sometimes crushed for simply doing their jobs. In 1990, Marvin Roffman was a little known analyst working at second tier investment ray ban sunglasses sale company called Janney Montgomery Scott. He specialised in appraising the financial prospects of the Atlantic City gaming industry. That spring, Trump’s biggest and by far most expensive casino, the Trump Taj Mahal, cheap nfl jerseys was set to open, and The Wall Street Journal examined its prospects. It called Roffman, who said the Taj would benefit from the publicity surrounding its opening but predicted it oakley outlet would struggle afterward. “Once the cold winds blow from October to February, it won’t make it,” Roffman told the paper. “The market just isn’t there.”

Neues skandinavisches Kino

Nov 2004

Mein aktuelles Film-Thema ist skandinavisches Kino. Nachdem ich mir vor ca. einem halben Jahr mal verstärkt chinesische und taiwanesische Filme angeguckt habe, die mich zwar beeindruckt haben (da ich von der ausgeprägten Filmindustrie dort nichts wusste), aber nicht ganz mein Fall sind, werde ich mich jetzt — nach ein paar schönen Schnupper-Filmen — dem skandinavischen Kino widmen :)

Durch den täglichen TV-Tipp von empfohlen, war der Film Elling der erste, den ich bewusst deswegen geguckt habe und vorallem nicht bereut. Ist zwar als Komödie ausgezeichnet, aber eher auf dem gleichen Level Komödie wie Lost in Translation (oder vielleicht Amélie). Wird glaube ich abundzu mal in den Dritten wiederholt und lohnt sich wirklich.

Von Sascha mit

Man sollte allerdings ein Faible für Filme wie “Ghost World”, “The Ice Storm”, “Donnie Darko”, “The Virgin Suicides” und “Lost in Translation” haben

beworben, hab ich mir dann natürlich sofort Fucking Amal angeguckt und ,????? wow, ein echt gut erzählter, schöner Film.

Deswegen wird heute abend “Zusammen” und nächsten ray ban sunglasses Sonntang “Lilja 4-ever” angeschaut. Zwei weitere Filme des Regisseurs Lukas Moodysson.

Und wer jetzt auch angefixt ist, dem kann ich nur empfehlen das Gleiche zu machen ;-)

This blatant bait and switch is apparently a go to gift giving tactic of Trump’s. Roy Cohn had been Trump’s lawyer and trusted advisor for years, seeing to everything from prenuptial agreements to huge real estate deals. After one such questionable deal, Trump insisted on rewarding his faithful lawyer with some diamond cuff links . which, again, turned out to be fake and totally worthless. Man, this guy is good at lying to people. Simpson had before transitioning from beloved celebrity to America’s most hockey jerseys famous (alleged) wife killer is retroactively creepy, but this one takes the pudding cake. and several of the era’s hottest celebrities . plus a bunch of half naked women.But problems about officiating decisions have, in the past decade or so, become increasingly reduced now that there’s an avenue for calls to be overturned.This has not been the case, however, in soccer.”The NFL embraced technology early on, and it’s much more progressive than other sports, even in America, like baseball,” said Nat Coombs, a commentator on both sports for British broadcasters Channel 4 and the BBC, as well as ESPN.”With better camera angles and social media with armchair referees, there’s more pressure than ever for the officials to get it right, so it’s logical to embrace and adapt the technology,” he added.NFL’s stop start nature lends itself better to such a system, whereas in cheap oakleys soccer there has been a reluctance to fake oakleys introduce technology because of fears it could break up the game’s flow. Whether you will be playing offense or defense, the harder you train the better the results on the field. Training hard does not just entail constant and arduous scrimmaging. Exercising requires finding the proper football training equipment to prepare you and your team for a peak performance well into the depths of the fourth quarter.The cheap oakleys rapid shifters are awesome for trails riding when you hockey jerseys need to shift on the fly. It also comes with Tektro mechanical disc brakes that offer good stopping power even in mud and dirty conditions. The suspension is set up for around 100mm of travel on the front, so you’ll have cheap china jerseys a lot of fun with it. This is by far one of the top mountain bikes for under $500 that I’m reviewing here.Seriously, cheap ray bans their grand plan was to buy cheap nba jerseys Detroit. Then they were surprised to find Cheap nfl Cheap Oakleys jerseys there were complications? How long did they expect it to take to convert Detroit from an impoverished, crime ridden hellhole into this throwback nba jerseys futuristic engine of economic growth? Fifty years? A hundred? The stockholders were OK with that plan?

Sam Bradford completed 83.8 percent of his passes for 224 yards (1 INT), but failed to have a scoring throw for the first time since Week 7 last season while a member of the Eagles. Bradford has connected on 70+ percent of his passes Cheap Oakleys in four straight games tied with Teddy Bridgewater (Weeks 13 16 in 2014) for the longest single season streak in franchise history.”Challenges excite me,” Elway said. “That’s what it’s about. You Audio adjust. Things are going to happen good and bad. Wholesale Jerseys It’s all about cheap oakleys sunglasses adjusting and this game is about adjusting. The goal and the plan have not changed and that is to compete for world championships. We were there a Baratas Ray Ban year ago and there’s no reason cheap nfl jerseys why we can’t get back there soon again.”A cheap nfl jerseys total of eight big circles have been recorded in west central Jordan, between the Wadi el Hasa and the Wholesale Jerseys edge of the Shara escarpment. There is also a second group, made of four Big Circles, just north of Azraq Oasis. Pictured is circle J1, known locally as Qasr Abu el Inaya. It is wholesale nfl jersyes located 2.4 miles (4km) west of the Hedjaz Railway and Desert HighwayWrap it around on to the top cog, because that’s where I had the shifter at. Run it through here, and around. Like I said, some chains have a master link, like this one does, this KMC. Put one cheap oakleys link in there, surround those two, the other link in here, put the two together, and snap them in, and there you go. General manager Tom Telesco likely oakley sunglasses isn’t done fielding offers from teams that also want to snag the best offensive lineman, defensive player or skill position player in the draft. But if theydon’t find a suitable offer, the Chargers now havethe chance to alter the rest of the top 10 when they choose between offense anddefense. Just ten days before the NFL settlement was announced, the NCAA agreed to mediation.All this leaves the important questions unanswered: How dangerous is football? How serious are the head injuries?Since the initial filing of the concussion lawsuits, the NFL has funded over $100 million on numerous outreach and safety programs. 8. Although most schools offer Drama, most do not offer opportunities to write scripts for plays. ScriptWriting can be a great branch off activity from Drama club, with its own rewards and benefits. The sense Wholesale China Jerseys of accomplishment for a student who created the script for his friends to produce can be life changing. This may be a great activity for a student who is gifted in language.”He’s obviously very young, and this will be his fourth time as a pro,” Broncos coach Gary Kubiak said Wednesday. “He’s handled himself really well. . I think the good thing is he knows he’s on a good football team and tries to stay within himself and do his job. We’ve got a long way to go, but he continues to work at his trade each and every day.” Cheap Jerseys

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At the cable crossover which every gym has you are going to grab those grips that sit up high. They sit medium and they can sit low. So you’ll start off grabbing the low grips and you bring your hands together. And when you get done with say Cheap Jerseys a set of 10 of those you are going to go to the medium grips and then bring your hands together. Were some tight throws to be made, Garrett said. times we made some of those throws, other times, we didn At times we made some of the contested catches, other times we didn As we cheap oakleys go forward, we have to continue to improve in that area. Cowboys, who cheap jerseys already have secured a spot in the playoffs, finish replica oakleys with Tampa Bay, Detroit and Philadelphia. Although none of those teams has put up great defensive numbers, each is capable of a cheap nba jerseys strong performance on that side of the ball.It was a real fear. The examination would involve the ultrasound technician rubbing a gel over my genitals ray ban sunglasses and then stroking the balls with a humming ultrasound transducer a vibrator, basically. This would go on for 20 minutes. Surely, it would feel sexual, and my body would respond. What if the technician was a woman? What if it was a man? But of course, there was another, far more serious fear as well: What if they laughed at my pubic hair? Should I shave before the appointment? Or, gosh, maybe they’d then notice I’d gone out of my way to make myself pretty, and that would make things even more awkward!While Jack Dorsey might be a visionary, he only appears to use Twitter and the owned apps for social injustice issues. His latest tweets focus on the protest at Standing Rock or artist spotlights. The only vague discussion of the business during December was a retweet and slight mention of the Yes team joining Twitter Cheap mlb Jerseys with cheap oakleys sunglasses Keith Coleman becoming the new VP of Product.COX: Well, you know, there are a lot of elements to talk about with regard to sports and the intersection of politics. Let’s talk about cheap ray bans this one, first, though. Where are the leaders cheap jerseys the athletes as leaders who cheap football jerseys put themselves fake oakleys on the line for a cause? We know about Muhammad Ali and Arthur Ashe and Jim Brown and Kareem Stewart Abdul Jabbar where are guys like that now?The Gold Coast has a population of some 500,000 residents and is the holiday capital of Australia. Surfers Paradise (the centre of the Gold Coast) become a mecca for holiday makers in the 60’s when it began to showcase its stunning beaches and modern motels to the world. Since then it has become one of the fastest growing areas in Australia for both tourism and migration.

Don’t Panic Radio Show

Nov 2004

Da ja momentan wieder die ganzen hilfreichen Geek Gift Guides auftauchen, hier auch mal ein Tipp von mir:

There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the universe is for and why it is here it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarrely inexplicable… There is another theory which states that this has already happened…

Der “Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” ist ja ein Klassiker und wenn du — werter Leser — das Buch noch nicht gelesen hast, verlasse bitte sofort dieses Seite. Ja, wirklich ;-)

Ein enormer Spaß sind auch die orginalen Radio Shows der BBC, die ich mir die letzten Wochen angehört habe.
In dieser Form war der Hitchhiker’s Guide ja zuerst da und unterscheidet sich auch in kleinen Details Coxxx von der Version im Buch. Das macht es auch für schon-mehrmals-Leser des Buches interessant. Aber man sollte es auch sonst einfach mal gehört haben, der britsche Akzent und der Witz von Douglas Adams gehören einfach zusammen. Außerdem ist das Hörspiel erstaunlich gut gemacht. Und Marvin und Konsorten beim cheap oakleys Autofahren zuzuhören macht ne Menge Spaß, auch wenn es teilweise schon schwer verständlich ist. Aber auch wenn fake oakleys man nur über die Hälfte der Witze lachen kann, lohnt es sich.

The first ten-million years were the worst. And the second ten-million – they were the worst too… The third ten-million, I didn’t enjoy at all. After that I went into a bit of a decline.

Sehr interessant auch, das die BBC vor ein paar Wochen angefangen hat die erste von zwei neuen Staffeln (über die drei nicht vertonten Bücher) auszustrahlen. Die kommen als nächstes auf meinen iPod.

good persuasive speech topics on sportsSubscribe to USA TODAYAlready a print edition subscriber, but don’t have a login?Activate your digital access.Manage your account settings. ET Aug. ET Sept. 8, 2015Is Packers QB Aaron Rodgers ready to claim his second Super Bowl ring?(Photo: Jeff Hanisch, USA TODAY Sports)The free agents have signed, the rookies have arrived, the suspensions have been doled out and appealed to federal court and now the NFL’s players are back to work with training camps open around the Cheap Oakleys league. Granted, this code can only be seen with the aid of blue lights and magnifiers, but fake oakleys still, someone can read it. Companies including Xerox, Dell, Canon, Lexmark and others have all begun installing this technology. So when it comes time to type up your manifesto, probably best to do it from somebody else’s desk.Retired linebacker Ben Leber replica oakleys posted a quote attributed to Watt on his Twitterlast month that read, ‘I have a limited amount of time to build a career out of football and be the best that I can be at this job. When this job is over, I have the rest of my life to do what I want with my time.’But what happens to cheap football jerseys brown will cheap nhl jerseys now lay in the hands of the NFL. And the NFL says they’re reviewing brown’s case while John Mara who they signed to a deal this off season says he doesn’t feel duped by brown and won’t speculate on his phi tore. You expect the league to move swiftly on this. And finally, we now expect our net capital additions after 10 allowances to range between $132 million and $142 million. This represents an increase of $14 million from the previous range driven by one additional new store opening Cheap Jerseys and higher pre spend related to our 2016 store class. We are obviously very pleased with our performance to date and feel very comfortable with the revised guidance we have provided. That said we would like to highlight two factors that we expect will impact our cost performance in the last two quarters of the year.It cheap nfl jerseys seems to work. In 2013 she equalled the world record, shooting 74 out of 75 clays. In 2015 she won the European Games in Baku and followed that with victory in the World Cup final an invitational event for the 12 finest skeet shooters last October.She was raised in a Spanish dance family, and ray ban sunglasses spent much of her childhood dancing in bars (see? It’s totally a legitimate way authentic nfl jerseys to raise a fake oakleys kid.) After Hayworth, er, Cansino’s father moved the family to Hollywood, the 16 year old signed with Fox studios. She tried a few minor roles, but never got her big break. Fox studios decided not to renew her option.

CD des Monats: Oktober

Nov 2004

Aus der Kategorie: Mehr Musik in Weblogs!

Bin jetzt etwas durcheinander gekommen mit meinen Monatsgrenzen, aber damit hatte ich schon gerechnet. Da es diesen Monat eh keinen so klaren Favorit gibt, wird das heutige Album für den Oktober prämiert und die nächste Tage kommt dann nochmal was.

Fatboy Slim kennen ja sicherlich die meisten — denken die meisten — denn wenn man sich das neue Album anhört, ist der alte Fatboy Slim nicht sofort rauszuhören. Viel weniger Eletronic und cheap jerseys viel mehr Vocals. Die laut Laut fluffigen Songs kommen mir viel mehr entgegen als das Gefrickel des vorherigen Albums. Bis auf die erste Single “Slash Dot Dash” ist Palookaville ein schönes rundes Album — vielleicht nicht mehr ganz so Party-tauglich dafür viel besser im Auto hörbar. Meine Highlights sind “Don’t Let The Man Get You Down”, “Wonderful Night” und das “The Joker”-Cover, das hat irgendwie was ;-)

nba players now forced cheap ray bans to put some money into retirement fundN returning to the kitchen to oakley outlet go on with her work, the exhaustion against which Marie had hitherto fought successfully, overpowered her the moment oakley sunglasses accessories she sat down; her heavy head jordan sale drooped, her eyes closed nike air max breathe free ii in spite of her, and she fell into a broken, coach men shoes uneasy slumber. 6. EVER GAZE INTO ERIN ANDREWS’ EYES well, don’t. They are way too deep and mysterious for a man of means cheap jerseys like you, pal. You need to be focused at all times in this fast paced society in which we live. What if she were to come to your job site to have lunch cheap jerseys with you? And you of course, agree. You are taking her to a nice restaurant for lunch, but suddenly your eyes meet hers while you are driving and well, the consequences are bad. Just by glancing into her eyes.”He is a young talented playerand where we can we want to develop those boys. Daniel is still learning a lot, he’s 17 so that’s normal. We have a few other boys that are in the same situation and they are training with us, so wherever we can we will try to give them cheap china jerseys game time,” he said.The Colts were granted their worst defeat in the history of the franchise as cheap nfl jerseys they fell 62 7 to the Saints. This loss meant the seventh straight for Indy, a team that hasn found a way to deal with the absence of Peyton Manning, who will not be playing for the replica oakleys entire season, and who was replaced by Curtis Painter (the sixth overall pick from the 2009 NFL draft), who said that “We just didn play near well enough, we made a few too many mistakes in the beginning, and any time you playing a team as good as them, they going to make you pay. Kaepernick protest at 49er games has received both strong criticism and praise. At Thursday game, fellow 49er Eric Read joined Kaepernick in cheap jerseys his protest, going down on one knee as the anthem was played ahead of a the Military event Thursday.Italy Earthquake victims Coffins of some of the victims of the earthquake in central Italy are seen inside a gym in Ascoli Piceno, August 26, 2016.Credit: Adamo Di Loreto/REUTERSOx race Rider Michael Pfatrisch rides his ox named during the semi final competition race of the traditional sixth ox race in Muensing cheap jerseys near Munich on August 28, 2016. 29, 2016, in Durant, Miss.Sanders was charged with two counts of capital murder in the slayings of Sisters Margaret Held and Paula Merrill, both 68. The nuns, who were nurse practitioners, were found stabbed to death last week in their home.The idols are being prepared ahead of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival that celebrates the birthday of Hindu god Ganesha.Credit: Arun Sankar/AFP/Getty ImagesMigrants rescued Migrants, most of them from Eritrea, jumps into the water from a crowded wooden boat as they are helped by members of an NGO during a rescue operation at the Mediterranean sea, Events about 13 miles north of Sabratha, Libya, Monday, Aug. 29, 2016. Thousands of migrants and refugees were rescued Monday morning from more than 20 boats by members of Proactiva Open Arms NGO before transferring them to the Italian cost Wholesale NFL Jerseys guards and others NGO vessels operating in the zone.

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So now let me provide some additional comments Wholesale NFL Jerseys on the performance at our operating segments for the first quarter. And let’s start with the Cable Networks, where total segment EBITDA of $1.31 billion was up 26% on segment revenue growth of 7%. Domestic revenues increased 10% in the aggregate, led by affiliate fee growth of 11% and advertising increases of 4%. Compare that anonymity with the celebrity of NBA players. During “The Decision,” LeBron James had his own hour on ESPN, months of anticipation and analysis, and the undivided attention of the country. Is there any individual baseball star who could garner that kind of national press? Is there anyone left in the game that Americans care about the way they did for legends past? There was a time when Ruth and cheap oakleys sunglasses Mantle weren’t just in the sports almanac, but the American history book. “We were much improved in the second half without getting that goal cheap oakley sunglasses to put them under pressure. We kept going, kept fighting, and if we had got that goal back with say 20 minutes to go, it would have made for an interesting finish. We got into some really good positions without the cutting edge we have had in recent weeks.”. The Packers offensive line is not good. wholesale football jerseys china The Eagles defensive line should dominate this group, but that’s what everyone said about last week’s game in Seattle and it never happened. DE Conor Barwin should be able to beat LT David cheap jerseys Bakhtiari and the Packers are missing center JC Tretter and RG TJ Lang. The league has a two year contract with American Sports Network, which was supposed to begin with the delayed 2016 season. American Sports Network has syndicates all over The United States and showcases the majority of live college games featuring lesser known FBS conferences like the Big South or the Patriot League. This is the exact audience that is underserved in football coverage.. PESCA: The Andy mentioned by McNabb is Eagles head coach Andy Reid, whose own sons have come into cheap jerseys contact with the Cheap mlb Jerseys criminal justice system. One is currently in a state prison. One recently graduated from a drug treatment program. As it turns out, the NFL Preseason is one of the best times to bet cheap oakleys sunglasses on football. Winning edges oakley outlet can be found in deciphering the available information heading into the game giving the edge to the Tikker astute handicapper over the books. Information is key in the NFL Preseason and it’s the only time of the year when coaches are willing to reveal their game plans.. “Clowncest is absurdly common,” says Ken. These Bobo Bubbles hookups often happen in the car, right after the show. “Because of our tight schedules,” he says, “I’d say with confidence that costumes are mostly kept on. cheap Wholesale Jerseys nfl jerseys GAAP and non GAAP product revenue for Q4 was a $121.8 million compared to a $109.9 million in Q3 and $133.4 million in Q4 last year. GAAP service revenue for quarter four was $33.5 million, compared to $31.9 million in Q3 and $35.6 million in Q4 of last year. Non GAAP service revenue for quarter four was $35.1 million, compared to $33.8 million in Q3 and $35.6 million in Q4 cheap nfl jerseys last year..

Internationales Filmfestival

Nov 2004

Seit 4 Jahren wohne ich nun hier in der Gegend und endlich habe ich es mal hinbekommen zum Filmfestival zu gehen. Das International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg ist noch ein richtiges Filmfestival auf dem ausschließlich Premieren gespielt werden. Größtenteils Erstlingswerke von jungen Regiseuren, die dann vor dem Film auch kurz was sagen dürfen und danach noch Rede und Antwort stehen. Sehr ungewohnt, aber cool.

Wie der Name schon sagt, werden Filme aus Cheap NFL Jerseys allen möglichen Ländern gespielt. “Junges wildes Kino” steht auf der Homepage und ich denke das trifft es ganz gut. Die Filme werden in der Originalsprache mit englischen Untertiteln gespielt (Merke: in Kanada spricht man auch Französisch), was den Filmen richtig gut tut.

Wer die Möglichkeit hat, dem kann ich nur empfehlen sich mal einen Film anzugucken. Auch die Erfahrung einen Film zu sehen über oakley sunglasses den man vorher noch absolut nix gehört hat und kein Review gelesen hat ist erfrischend.

Einziger Wehrmutstropfen sind die Kinos (jedenfalls in Mannheim), in denen entweder Ton und Bild nur mittelmäßig ist oder man zwei Filme hintereinander aufgrund der Bestuhlung kaum aushält.

He employs sports psychologist Mike Gervais to work with his guys in areas traditionally off limits for a team shrink. Mike isn’t there primarily to help guys navigate through tough issues, although he does fake oakleys that, but rather to establish a positive mind set and a holistic approach to health. Meditation, yoga, visualization and positive affirmations have become a regular part of the Seahawks’ routine. The lesson: Conformity only guarantees conformity, not success. In a business in which today’s innovation is tomorrow’s commonplace, Pete doesn’t rely on precedent. He’ll experiment. He’s not afraid to learn from mistakes and change course, but he doesn’t do it haphazardly (see the next bullet).1 overall pick made his NFL debut Sunday in a 14 10 loss to the Dolphins. After he had a shaky preseason and sat behind the ineffective Case Keenum for the first 10 weeks of the season (while fellow rookies Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz got off to fast starts), people around the league Engagement started to wonder whether Los Angeles made a mistake in drafting Goff.It’s crazy to think that not even one season into a rookie’s career can go by without whispers of the dreaded draft bust label cropping cheap oakleys up.Goff was not the reason the Rams lost.40 things we learned in Week 11 of the 2016 NFL seasonCheap shots, undisciplined and foolish penalties, and lapses of concentration on defense allowed Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill to score two touchdowns in the game’s final five minutes.To be sure, Goff wasn’t spectacular.He completed 17 of 31 passing attempts for only 134 yards but did not throw any touchdowns or interceptions. Trees contribute cheap ray bans in a large way in maintaining the water cycle. They draw up water via their roots, which is then released into the atmosphere. A large part of the water that circulates in the ecosystem of rainforests, for instance, remains inside the cheap oakleys sunglasses plants. When these trees are cut oakley outlet down it results in the climate getting drier in that area. The groundwater cheap oakleys sunglasses tables are affected and soon get depleted. The trees help cheap nfl jerseys in Cheap NFL Jerseys prevention of running off of water and help the soil absorb the flowing water. When there are no trees, water just runs off, Cheap nfl jerseys leaving no chance for the groundwater tables to absorb more water. Thus, ultimately leading to reduction in water resources.Obviously, if the air has to squeeze through a small opening it will make a gurgling noise which can sound like you’re groaning in your sleep, so sleeping on your side is a good way to reduce the likelihood of the condition occurring. cheap oakleys Interestingly, studies have shown that many people who suffer from this sleep disorder actually play or have played a sport which required them to hold their breath (such as swimming) or to breathe more irregularly (such as running) and it’s thought that their subconscious is merely adopting this breathing pattern when they’re asleep.

Introducing Java cheap oakleys 5 [Java and J2EE] – schöne Zusammenfasung

“There’s never been an African team in history of the Olympics to make it out of group play. So right now that’s our focus,” Voight said. “Because once you get it out of group play, it’s almost like the NCAA tournament. It’s single game elimination. Anything can happen in that setting.”.After two preseason games, the Broncos quarterback situation is not any clearer. The bet to win the job, Mark Sanchez, hasn been very good. Trevor Siemian looked to be running away with the job before throwing a woeful interception that was returned for a score. Paxton Lynch has impressed cheap football jerseys in mop up duty and Gary Kubiak says he has a chance to start Week 1, but we won classify him as a serious contender until Denver gives him a chance to run with first team.”We’re not trying to settle vendettas and things of that nature. They beat us fair and square in Week 6. You tip your cap to them for that performance,” Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin said. “Today was today. And it’s going to b?ng be the same going forward. EST, Fox (opening line: Cowboys, 4)Be an active participant. As a parent, it’s not enough just to worry about your kids’ safety. Learn about the game of football cheap oakleys and authentic nfl jerseys the safety measures that have been put in place to protect them so you worry less. Ask the tough questions: find out whether your child’s coach is Heads Up Football certified. Educate yourself about the symptoms of a concussion and other potential injuries so you know what to ray bans sale do and who to call. Heads Up Football and <a cheap jerseys href=”” target=”_blank”>cheap nfl jerseys USA Football put together this checklist for parents (available on the USA Football free app), which I make sure custom jerseys is with me and other parents on the sidelines of our kids’ games.See AT Wireless Revenue graph and statistics table below. If you just read T’s Q3’16 earnings press release, you’d never know there was a problem: consolidated revenue was up 4.6% YoY to $40.9 Fake Oakleys billion on the strength of its newly acquired DirecTV satellite TV business, operating income was up 8.2% YoY, free cash flow reached $5.2 billion, and the dividend was increased for the 33rd year in a row (by another 2.1%). But T has a long term growth problem. Selling wireless services and equipment comprised 56% of the company’s segment operating revenues in Q3’16. As you can see from the graph below, wireless revenue growth has been slowing for the past three years. That’s a result of price competition. In the mini table below the graph, you can cheap mlb jerseys see overall net wireless subscriber additions have slowed (a function of declining postpaid net additions). You can also see that churn is running at a higher level and wireless cheap nfl jerseys throwback nba jerseys ARPU has more or less hit a ceiling:

Weblogs im West Wing

Nov 2004

Ein imaginäres Weblog mit den Namen DistrictScene – Blogging for a progessive America hat es in die aktuelle Folge von The West Wing geschafft. Eine leicht prekäre Story über Josh Lyman wird gepostet und Josh — der die Story lieber für sich behalten hätte – tut das Ganze mit:

It’s not 2016-12-02 the end of the world, it’s a weblog not the Washington Post

ab ;-)

For the last few seasons leggings, sneakers and hoodies have enjoyed a designer makeover. But, the newest step on this style treadmill is to actually wear the same clothes you downward dog in to dart around town. See: Elle MacPherson in her reversible Monreal London bomber cheap nhl jerseys jacket. Cheap mlb Jerseys Hers is a piece that designed to take you from track to Tescos, from burning calories ray bans ale to brunch, from hiit training to the hanging with friends. You, get the gist.And Rodgers used last season’s NFC wild card win over the Redskins to dispel similar concerns cheap jerseys about his trajectory.Washington has a more favorable outlook in the rematch, as a revitalized defense is better equipped to defend Rodgers. Linebackers Ryan Kerrigan and Preston Smith lead a pass rush that will have to generate consistent pressure, and cornerback Josh Norman will be counted on to slow Jordy Nelson and the surging Davante Adams. Leaves, twigs, and rocks can help. Nothing to see here folks, move it along!Step 9: Disinfect.Most backcountry illnesses come from lack of proper hygiene. Take some soap with you and wash thoroughly after pooping, especially if you use the drenching method to clean yourself. Remember that it is the friction cheap jerseys that removes most of the organic debris, not the chemicals, so rub those hands together and clean cheap jerseys under your fingernails.Step 10: Debrief.There’s nothing like a successful poop in the woods. Yes, sure. I think you saw the news overnight, I think the NFL ratings were back to “normal last weekend”. I think some of the comments Wholesale Jerseys that were made around the Olympics and perhaps even bigger in oakley outlet part [ph] the election, I think were probably accurate. But from a Premiere League perspective, the Olympics did have an initial negative impact on anecdotally the there was a big six game playing another big 16 early on in August, same day as a gold rush in the Olympics in the cheap nfl jerseys UK and it had a 20% cheap jerseys impact on audience. So you can see how these things can carry through based on other events. But we’ve we are hearing the trend is good, not bad, so yes there have been some early impacts based on different channels picking up different times in terms of the number of subscribers they have, different match ups and then finally different timeslots that actually gives us an unclear picture at this point. But I literally have just come back from the Premiere League meeting and actually it looks custom jerseys like a trend back to similar levels in previous years. So it’s not something we’re concerned about.Draft your team. Your ray ban sunglasses draft will probably be on a set date so know when it is so you can be there, otherwise you may get virtually drafted and have a team you do not want. There are two typical kinds of drafts in fantasy baseball. The first is the auction system in which teams are allotted a certain amount of money and can bid on players. The second is a serpentine draft system where teams draft players in a determined order until all team rosters are filled.

SubEthaEdit 2.1

Nov 2004

Schicke neue Features und Verbesserungen bringt die Version 2.1 — gefällt mir echt gut. Ein praktisches Feature ist das Exportieren von Code-Snippets als XHTML und der neue Weiß-Auf-Schwarz Modus ist auch cool. Auch wenn mir das Syntax-Coloring immer noch zu langsam ist, ist SubEthaEdit der beste “für umme”-Editor für den Mac, sogar wenn man das Collaborating nicht braucht.

Aber das wollte ich eigentlich nicht schreiben. Viel besser gefällt mir die Homepage, die auf der einen Seite das Thema Cocoa-Interface als Website auf die Spitze treibt (im positiven Sinn) und auf der anderen Seite herrliche Spitzen gegen Textmate enthält:

We believe in preferences
[…] For your one-stop customization of everything and all the rest, visit SubEthaEdit’s preference panes, located in “SubEthaEdit→Preferences”, just where they should be

Überhaupt würde ich dieses Release als Textmate-Konter bewerten: Vom erwähnten Weiß-Auf-Schwarz-Modus bis zu den noteworthy printing features :)

green bay packers fans must reap what they’ve sownLike Manami, Takako held many titles such as the All Pacific Championship (three times), the AJW Championship, the AJW Tag Team Championship (twice with Mariko Yoshida), the IWA World Women’s Championship, the UWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship (with Yumiko Hotta), and the WWWA World Tag Team Championship (five times, four with Kyoko Inoue and once with Mima Shimoda).To battle LG’s OLED UHD Cheap Oakleys advantages, Samsung has boosted the colors and black levels on its new JS9500 series S UHDs using a technology Cheap Oakleys called quantum dot. Instead of boring you with the OLED vs. LCD details here, here’s a piece exploring all the technologies UHD TV wholesale Jerseys makers are employing to combat LCD’s inherent flaws.Test your ball skills. For a receiver and running back, it is not enough to have speed. You must be able to catch the ball and handle it effectively. Run 10 yards downfield, turn around and have your partner throw you the ball. Make sure the throws are high and low and cheap nfl jerseys not always easy to catch. If you find you able to catch the majority of them, you may have sufficient ball skills to be a cheap jordans nfl jerseys cheap receiver oakley outlet or running back. An effective wide receiver sometimes is lacking in cheap ray bans speed, but he is able to catch even difficult throws.There were not a lot of previous cases in pregnant women occurring at the same time. If only 5 cheap jerseys from china percent of those infected have children with microcephaly, it would take lots of infections to have the abnormality both detected and related to Zika. Why do we see it now? Because there are so many cases occurring in an area where people are recognizing the disease. If it’s occurring in a rural area in central Africa,it may not be recognized even though it’s occurring at a low level.Vincent’s comments come with first team All American defensive lineman Michael Sam poised to become the first openly gay player in NFL Fake Oakleys history. Sam told his teammates at the University of Missouri that he was gay before the 2013 season and then came out publicly in February 2014 during interviews with The New York Times and ESPN. He is currently preparing for the 2014 NFL Draft.For a list of those factors, please refer to the front of our 10 Q. All cautionary cheap jerseys statements we make during this call should be understood as being applicable to any forward looking statements that we make, wherever they appear. You should carefully consider the risks described in our reports and should Wholesale Jerseys not place undue reliance on any your forward looking statements, which we assume no responsibility for updating.

Factory-Pattern in Python

Nov 2004

Ich glaube man muss aufpassen, wenn man aus der Java-Welt kommt und den dort üblichen Pattern-Overkill auf Python überträgt. Zudem viele Standard-Pattern aufgrund der Dynamik der Sprache nicht unbedingt gebraucht werden oder es bessere Lösungen gibt.

Nichstdestotrotz hatte ich mal wieder einen Wow-Effekt, beim Versuch eine Factory für meine Klassen zu bauen. Nachdem ich einige Zeit mit Modulen und Packages in Python gekämpft hatte — das ist halt doch etwas anders als in Java — hatte ich ein Modul Bookmarks, in dem meine Klassen für die Bookmark-Repräsentation der unterschiedlichen Browser gesammelt waren (Safari, Firefox und Camino). Die Factory-Methode ist als Funktion des Moduls implementiert, also keiner Klasse zugeordnet und soll mir eine Safari-Klasse geben, wenn ich sie mit dem String “Safari” aufrufe. Nichts leichter als das;

def factory(className, *args):
    aClass = getattr(__import__(__name__), className)
    return apply(aClass, args)

die erste Zeile mit dem getattr-Aufruf sorgt dafür, dass ich über einen String die Objekt-Referenz bekomme. Der komische erste Parameter gibt mir die Referenz auf das Modul, in dem ich mich gerade befinde, sonst müsste ich von außerhalb des Moduls das getattr aufrufen und die Factory dann mit der Referenz auf das Objekt aufrufen.

Die praktische apply-Methode erzeugt mir nun meine Klasse mit allen Parametern, die ich als zusätzliche Parameter übergebe, z.B.:

importer = Bookmarks.factory('Firefox', firefox_file)

Das rockt ;-)

Apropos DesignPattern: Aus der Head-First-Serie von O’Reilly ist ein Titel über DesignPatterns erschienen. Sieht sehr vielversprechend aus, denn das Head First Java und das ganze Konzept der Serie hat mir gut gefallen. Und die Literatur über Pattern ist eher mau. Das GangOfFour ist nicht mein Ding, das freie Thinking in Patterns von Bruce Eckel ist bisher mein Favorit.

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Formulare mit HTML_Quickform

Nov 2004

Da ich gerade ein Bestellformular basteln muss, hab ich mich mal nach dem ultimativen Formmailer umgesehen. Eigentlich ja ein sehr simples Script, aber ich wollte PHP, sicher (Empfänger-Adresse nicht als Post-Variable) und gutes Templating. Also keine 5 Seiten ans eigene Design anpassen nur um ‘Vielen Dank für ihre Bestellung’ und Fehlerseiten zu bekommen.

Nachdem ich in den Myriaden von grottigen PHP-Scripts der Script-Archive die Nadel im Heuhaufen nicht gefunden habe und relativ schnell auf das HTML_Quickform-Package von PEAR aufmerksam geworden bin, habe ich meinen Formmailer halt selbst gebastelt.

HTML_Quickform ist eigentlich kein Formmailer sondern ein Sammlung von Klassen um Formulare zu generieren. Also mit

$form->addElement('text', 'email', 'E-Mail: ');

bekommt man ein Input-Feld für die Email. Viel genialer sind allerdings die Rules. Mit denen kann man angeben, ob ein Feld required ist, eine bestimmte Länge hat, eine Regex matcht oder eine eine gültige Email-Adresse ist:

$form->addRule('email', 'Bitte eine gültige Email-Adresse angeben',
    'email',  '', 'client');

Damit bekommt man Formular-Validierung quasi geschenkt und hat keine Ausrede mehr :) Die Validierung geschieht wahlweise per Javascript oder Serverseitig.

Das ganze Package ist sehr gut konfigurierbar, ich musste nie den Source-Code Cheap NFL Jerseys anpassen und habe alles realisieren können was ich wollte. Man kann auch Smarty als Template-Engine benutzen, was in meinem Fall aber etwas Overkill wäre. Da die Standard-Ausgabe des Formulars Tabellen benutzt (kann ich mit leben) hat man hier aber einen guten Einstiegspunkt.

Um jetzt wieder zum Formmailer zurückzukommen um den es ja eigentlich ging — schließlich habe ich bisher nur ein Formular: Die Formular-Daten sind bei erfolgreicher Validierung mit einer process-Prozedur verarbeitbar und mithilfe des Mail-Packages von PEAR hab sogar ich es geschaft, die Daten per Mail zu verschicken. Die Daten in eine Datenbank zu schreiben wäre aber genau so gut möglich.

Alles in Allem eine sehr gute Entscheidung. Ich muss mich nie mehr nach Formmailern umsehen, mein Formular wird sogar validiert und alles wird in einer einzigen PHP-Datei gemacht, d.h. ich kann alles inline anzeigen und muss nicht mehrere Dateien ans Design anpassen.

Es gibt zwei sehr gute Tutorials, die einem den Einstieg erleichtern:

Die Dokumentation ist sehr umfangreich und eine fake oakleys Präsentation des Autors gibt weitere Einblicke.

The story, according to Gawker and other news outlets, is the girl went to a party where she was given a drink that left her able to stand A senior on the high school football team, Matthew Barnett, raped her, while another male raped her 13 year old friend and a third male filmed the event.”I know it may surprise some people that I’m donating my brain,” Weatherford wrote in a statement provided to The Huffington Post. “But it’s going to a great cause, and hopefully it’ll help everyone realize that they need to be healthy and take care of their brains like they need to take care of their bodies.””I don’t think you can take away collective bargaining to any union and not destroy Cheap Jerseys from china the union, because collective bargaining is essential to cheap oakleys what unions do,” Feely says. “I support the ??? Wisconsin unions in that respect. I think you can deal with the budget issues without trying to break the union without trying to take away collective cheap nfl jerseys bargaining, which will strip them of any power at all.”GREENE: We don’t have a couch in here. But my childhood is when I started loving the Pirates and Steelers. My mom was a big fan and I have these amazing memories of being in Pittsburgh. And it was like the whole city the day after a big win you fake oakleys could just feel sort of the uplifting emotion. And after a loss, I mean it was a state of depression.Mickael added: ‘He then demanded that I call the media, which I did. From then on the cheap oakleys phone in the store never stopped ringing. It was mainly journalists. I told them now was not the time. My son started to cry he wanted to go home. He said the terrorist was a bad man.PESCA: Jones said the following fact did not surprise him because football players don’t look at stats as well they shouldn’t, but here goes. If you were to take the most dire moments in the Ravens’ post season run trailing by that touchdown in Denver, with 30 seconds left; down 6 Wholesale Jerseys on the road, in New England; in the first cheap jerseys round game against the Colts, that wasn’t decided until late and then calculate their Cheap NFL Jerseys cumulative chances of winning all three games, you get the following number.”During stoppage in play while on field officials were fake oakleys in the process of administrating penalties, the unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant and team physician requested video from the spotters and reviewed the play. They concluded there were no indications of a concussion that would require further evaluation and the removal of the player from the game.”The players’ union, which in July jointly announced with cheap jerseys the league potential discipline for teams violating concussion protocol, might have more to say.”We are reviewing the matter,” union spokesman George Atallah told USA TODAY Sports.Stewart insisted his brutal blow wasn’t intended as a shot to Newton’s head and said he’d appeal any fine.

RAM Delivery Day

Nov 2004

Heute sind 1,5 GB Ram per Post bei mir eingetroffen. Ein weiteres GB für den Server und mehr RAM für das iBook. Etwas, das ich schon vor zwei Jahren hätte machen sollen, nämlich gleich 512MB reinpacken anstatt der 256 zusätzlich, die ich damals gekauft habe.

Ich habe etwas länger überlegt noch Geld in mein altes iBook zu investieren, jetzt wo es schon zwei Jahre alt ist und die neuen so Scheiß-Billig sind. Aber da ein Upgrade eigentlich nur Geldverbrennung ist — im Prinzip reicht mir mein iBook noch aus — und ich ja auf nen PowerMac spare und mir gesagt habe keine unsinnigen Hardware-Upgrades mehr zu machen, muss das iBook noch mindestens ein Jahr halten. Und das wird es :)

Da ich gerade wieder etwas intensiver mit dem iBook arbeite (schöne Spielchen Cocoa-GUIs) brauche ich das zusätzliche RAM mehr als dringend. Doof nur, dass ich jetzt das alte 256MB-Modul hier rumliegen hab. Sowas braucht ja auch kein Mensch mehr.

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